J & J Diner

17440 E Hwy 412, Springdale
(479) 751-4797

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This hasn't been T&T for a couple years. It was bought by Barnett's from Siloam Springs. They raised the prices, changed the suppliers, changed the shakes, refused to take phone orders if they weren't $50 or more...... Basically ran off all the long time T&T customers that tried to give them a chance. I drive by twice a day going to and from work. All of a sudden the other day all their signs are gone and they are CLOSED. This is what happens when you run off the customer base the prior owners had for years and treated with respect. Come back T&T!!!!!! We love you and we'll support you like we did before!!!!!

Random Tuesday

Paid $30 for couple sandwiches and fries that could have come from any school cafeteria. I will say the crinkle cut fries were good but not worth the price at all for something my air fryer can do. Bun crumbled completely away from my burger. Nothing interesting about this place. Everything was dirty and sticky. The "condiment bar" was equally as sad. Hit the food trucks practically next door instead. Looks like Barnett's bought this yet the menus and credit card receipt still have old restaurant name. Guy at front counter said he did not have enough help to offer breakfast but was unwilling to say how much he would pay even after we told him we know qualified candidates. I hope the $30 lasts the rest of your days because it is the only money you will ever get from us.

Aron Mcfadin

Deep fried premade frozen food . Not horrible but not worth 30$ for two people .


Food was good, but the 4 people next to us (friends of the cook) were rude, and making fun of the other staff member. Allowed the Disrespect. Wouldn't recommend this place if that is acceptable behavior from friends.

Jacque B.

HIGHLY OVERPRICED! Cheeseburger was $7, side of tots was another $4.50. Order of frozen and then dropped in vat of dirty grease to be fried mushrooms, was another $6.50. A medium malt was $5.50. It's an old run down joint not worth your time or money. Kids working were nice enough....but just keep driving by. Trust me.


I don't know how this place stays open. There are hardly any cars there. I tried to call in an order at 6:50pm for a chicken fried steak dinner and was told by the girl that answered they were out of gravy because they were getting ready to close even though their own website says they close at 8pm. That's over an hour and they can't make a little gravy???

Carrie Bell

UPDATE January 2022:Would give 0 starts if that were an option. I meant to do this update a few months ago, just to let people know.... They will NOT accept any call in orders under $50 according to a sign on the drive up window. When we got our last shakes a few months back that sign was the final straw for us. We have not and will not go back. When this was T & T we called in our orders all the time. It was great. Just call and by the time we drove up it was almost ready. Pay our bill and back home to eat. They didn't even bother to try long enough to realize all the regulars use the call and pick up service! Now we drive by and never see the amount of cars that there used to always be there. Such a shame..... They bought a great business and ruined it.July 2021:It's been almost a year now since the new owners took over and all the changes seem to be in and set. We are saddened that we have witnessed the decline of a once loved little burger joint. The new owners own at least 2 or 3 other burger locations so it was inevitable that they would be changing this one to follow their own established menu, supply chain and way of doing business.CONS: Thie menu is different and no longer includes dinner specials and other "not you're average burger joint items" that were a HUGE plus when it was T&T. The burger itself seems similar in size but the buns and veggies are lower in quality and skimpy in serving size. Anything fried now tastes like old grease. This was NEVER the case when it was T&T.PROS: They are still friendly and the prices, although a tad higher, are comparable to all food out these days. Shakes do now have real fruit again so maybe that was just a supply issue it something. Fried pies are good.Final point..... Lowered star rating. We are no longer fans and no longer going here for our burgers and such. Desserts only for us now..... We are sad.

Curious Excitement

Good food , fast. Employees are nice. Reminds me of small town Cafe. Lots of talking about work over (really good) coffee and biscuits and gravy.

Roberta B.

Best place to get a pork tenderloin sandwich. Now I don't have to drive to Missouri. The burgers are good too! Great onion rings.

Dia Cunningham

Nothing has seasoning at all! It's horrible. We used to go there often but something needs to change for us to return. I'm sad to say. But hay the shakes are good.

Carrie Hayes

Used to be really good food..quality has went down! Service is good though

Larry Stilwell

The food was under par . It was pricey almost 13 dollars just for a cheese burger only and order of fried mushrooms. Food had no Flavor..won't ever go back

krystleluvsJonathan Oct7th2007beentogether

I have only been 1 times sense Trish sold it, the prices have went up I just got a BLT and it was $5.78 for the sandwich alone, the bacon was burnt and old, the bread was burnt, I wish Trish still owned it, you cannot make a call n order unless it's over $40 I would recommend hometown gas station they have really good burgers

Bridgett A. Whitman

Used to grab a quick bite from here while passing by; will no longer be doing so with a MANDATORY $50 charge for all carryout.

Dennieale Clinton

Good fast food. Taking a star away because you took away my fried pickles

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