Westside Burger & Grill

2019 W Huntsville Ave, Springdale
(479) 927-3400

Recent Reviews

Terrell Cabral

Old school feel, definitely reminds me to getting burgers with friends from home. Service was great, as well as the food. Not from here, but would definitely consider if you’re near by!

Louisa Douillard

Now I love burgers and the first time I walked in. I left very satisfied . And bragged and returned love it..... best burger and amazing frys delish


This place is so good. I came in craving a gyro pita and they were out for the day which is understandable with little mom and pop places. I ordered a Philly cheese steak with extra crispy fries instead. They made my order to perfection! Plenty of meat on the sandwich and golden crisp perfectly seasoned fries. The man at the register was very helpful and calm considering how busy they were. My food came out in around 5 minutes. I really wish I would have known about this place when I used to work in this area would have been a perfect lunch spot!

Treasure Films

$7??? Not worth it... my dogs wouldn't even eat it. Never again..... way too pricey for fake cheese...

David Rodriguez

I always go here when I want a good burger. Ugh and the fries. Cant get enough. It is too good.

Jon Phillips

This place has been around for years. The burgers are spot-on! Big and tasty. Very juicy. Westside keeps the tradition of awesome burgers alive. Everyone is always super friendly. No bad attitudes here, just awesome grub!

Healing Earth Ceramics

Good food, good service. Combos are posted to save a Buck. Food was hot, fresh and the place is clean. Quick service and the meal was delivered quickly. Love the crisp fries and the cheese burger was cooked and served on a fresh bun with plenty of crisp veggies. Will definitely return. Looking for a good, quick burger? Give it a try. You won’t be disabled.

Adrian Barrera

I love this burger joint. Everything is made fresh when you order so everything is hot, fries are always crispy and their service is pretty fast. Definitely recommend!

Tate Mason

They have great tasting burgers and shakes, a very clean store, and great customer service!


Best burgers in springdale. Went here right after a hockey game and loved it. Girl at front desk provided amazing service. We will be back.

Amanda Banks

Best Patty Melt I've ever had. I need to actually try a burger but now it's hard to stray away from the Patty Melt. Fries were great too. Didn't really like the ranch, wouldn't pay for that again.

Dean Cox

I got mushroom and Swiss burger combo. It was almost $9. Burger was good. Mushrooms needed cooked more and needed more meat for the cost.

Cem Wines

A mom and pop burger shop that doesn't disappoint. I had the double bacon cheeseburger combo. The meal was cooked to order and served good and hot right from the griddle and fryer. The smashburger style patties were generous in portion and full of flavor. The toppings accompanied the meat without without overpowering it, and the bun was soft and pillowy. You should get some!

Bianca Gallegos

I came to Springdale for work. First time here! Was looking for a place to eat and the sign is what caught my eye. The burgers are so freaking good! I personally don’t care for the fries. But I am going back today and getting another cheeseburger with onion rings!!!

Keith Lloyd

one of the best mushroom burgers around. and the cashier/server girl was real nice and pretty cute. would totally recommend!

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