Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

400 S Thompson St, Springdale
(479) 750-3740

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Tawana Bingham

Food was good other than the Texas toast was stale and could have been fresher overall. Was also denied 2 things of Zaxby’s sauce and said I would have to pay 50 cents each. Seems a little ridiculous to charge customers for sauce when their food isn’t that cheap to begin with. Decent visit, could’ve been better.

Josh Vaughan

Always my favorite place to stop for lunch in Springdale,Arkansas. Fast and friendly service and great food and very inviting decor.

Jonathan McCall

Food is okay when done right. Today, found my 5 piece tenders had black flakes on it and in bag. Employees had put in too hot and melted through Styrofoam box. Called to speak to ASM to make them aware, not even a refund as wasn't TOO bad. ASM stated unequivocally that there was no possible way for the chicken to get that hot and said she checks each box individually. She advised I could bring it back for proof for refund. Well, brought it back to her for her to make the excuse it sounded bigger than it was.I stated on phone I was wanting to just make them aware. I was appreciative for it being hot, but not enough to have it on my food or hands.Next time, your ASM needs to be humble and merely take people for their word. Not only did she lose you this order, but she needs training on how basic heat works.

Carlos Torres

Nice flavor, cool customer service team, clean place, worth it stop by and enjoy the meal.

Marion Wright

Nice help nice food nice prices. I love it because when I ask for extra ketchup she know exactly what I meant! Thank you again Mr Marion Wright

Richard Ellis

They have this chicken strip business down. Excellent as always at this location. Only wish they could use less salt.. it's not like they are selling beer.

Brandon Turner

Had the new chicken sandwich. Wasn't the best I've had but wasn't terrible either.

Anne Callcut

There is a lot of hype about another restaurant's chicken sandwich...but in my opinion Zaxby's has the best! The piece of chicken is huge...and it is nice and crispy and it is on a soft bun. Love it!

Matt White

25 dollars for a salad and chicken strip plate. This is one of my chicken strips. Place is a joke don't waste your money.

James Blount

Great food for the money. Always friendly team members with a smile.

Bo Burkham

The chicken on the Fried Chicken House salad was spoiled and I was not able to eat the salad and I was sick most of the afternoon. Tried to speak to a manager but every time I called I was told the manager was busy and was hung up on 3 times $13 wasted again on bad food

Mandy Bennett

Awesome chicken! Crispy crinkle fries! SUPER FAST and friendly service.

Andrew Rowe

The Grilled Cob with Honey Mustard is one of my go to salads for lunch. It’s always delicious.

Aspen Baez

Yummy chicken and fries delicious sauce

Becca Finn

There's nothing wrong with the food just the attitude of the lady at the counter disrespect.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

400 S Thompson St, Springdale, AR 72764
(479) 750-3740