Mr.Thai Bistro

785 W Warner Rd #103, Gilbert
(480) 899-6546

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Daniel Watson

Awesome food at a very reasonable price. All time favorite is the basil chicken. Be warned, when they say spicy, they mean it!

TLUE - Law of Attaction Adventures

Best thai this side of the Mississippi! I haven't had thai the other side of the Mississippi but I'm sure I'm still accurate. Penang w/chicken, heat level 3 with a side of prik na pla [spelling?] for added salty heat is out of this world. The pineapple shrimp curry surprised the heck out of me. So amazing! Great work to the chef!!! Very good customer service too!

matthew vieth

Fantastic food!!! Have lived in SE Asia and this is closest I have had. The veggies taste like they are grown on site and have amazing flavor, not sure how a restaurant can deliver on that quality in town. Family run business and they put their soul into making sure it is great. Thank you for every wonderful meal I have had here.

Viviana C.

Excellent service! Ordered medium and the spice was great, if you don't like spicy order mild. Generously portioned protein with the touch of fresh basil. Will definitely make this the spot for Thai food.

Stephanie M.

Best Thai food in the area! Had this tonight and the whole family loved it. Their curry is the best I've had in years and their noodles/Thai tea/fried wontons are to die for. The best part is that this place takes their spice seriously. Thank you! I can't stand places who say "spicy" and it's a joke. Even better is that this is a small business and the employees are super friendly. We will definitely be coming back!

Shundara C.

This is my favorite Thai restaurant! I am so scared to try another one because this place is amazing that I don't want to be let down! This is our third time eating here and The food is always piping HOT! Not warm, Luke warm, HOT and that is with take out! The food is always good and the flavors are authentic. I can always taste the lemon grass depending on the dish I get. The chicken is breaded heavy so be prepared for that. When they say spicy it's not hot Cheeto spicy. They mean hot burning your mouth, so I advise no spice or maybe mild, but your pushing it with the mild. I got mild last time and it was a lot of kick so I prefer no spice. The takeout presentation is amazing as well as the little candies they give! My two year old loves the food and the candies! It's so nice to go to a restaurant where you can try different dishes and know they will be hot a flavorful. I LOVE this place!!

Darrel J.

Tried Mr Thai Bistro based on Yelp reviews and it did not disappoint! Pangang Curry was amazing! Tried Medium spice, it is true Thai levels so be careful if sensitive to spicy food. Definitely going back as soon as possible. Also, some of the friendliest people as well - Smiles all around. Thanks for the great meal!

Spring L.

I always order Thai food from Thai Chili. This time I want something different and it comes out awful. I spend over $100 bucks. The curry is so salty and meat was dry. Pad Thai is tasteless. Fried rice tasted so plain. I would never order from here. Highly recommend to try Thai Chili.

A N.

I've been eating at Mr. Thai Bistro since they opened. They are a very nice family, provide great service, and prepare excellent food. Their prices are competitive too. Mr. Thai Bistro is my favorite place for Thai food... PERIOD!

Samantha R.

Best Thai food in Gilbert! Always quick and friendly staff. So yummy highly recommend

Abby R.

We live 1/4 mile from here but haven't tried before, but with being quarantined and being in the mood for Thai food, we trusted the great reviews and ordered. The fried rice, egg rolls and pad ginger we got were hot, fresh and authentic. This will be a regular takeout place for us going forward.

Erin S.

Today I ordered takeout for the first time in 30 days... a month!!! Due to the coronavirus, we have hesitated on ordering out... but being new to the area and having a craving, led us to order Thai. I was so excited not having to cook for the first night in forever! We ordered the mild Pad Thai and the medium Mr Thai's Fried Rice Supreme. While consistency and flavor was good, both my husband and I could barely taste the food because of both dishes being SO spicy! The crazy thing is I almost ordered medium and medium plus because other places we've tried haven't had much spice at all. Thank goodness we had milk to wash everything down. I like a little spice but my mouth was on fire the entire meal. Guess we will be trying other places around town :(

Tracy M.

I really can't say enough about this place! Everything I have tried has been spot on. The dishes are cooked to perfection. My favorites are basil fried rice, red curry, and drunken noodles. My daughter tried their pad thai tonight and it was outstanding. I have zero complaints, but many praises. You can't go wrong with this place.

travis dutch

One of those amazing hidden gems tucked away in a generic strip mall.

Meghann Mary

Got takeout from there last night! Wonderful and tasty like always. Everyone was being very careful and place is spotlessly clean.

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