Burger King

1440 S Country Club Dr, Mesa
(480) 962-0379

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Chris Muckerman

They were short staffed and still got my oder in a timely manner and itnwas fresh!

a smith

3rd time in as many weeks, haven't gotten an order right once. Taco Bell is better.

Ash DeAtley

I order double cheese burgers for my kids and when my daughter was eating hers she found a rubber piece in her burger. She is 4 and could have choked. I would suggest checking your product before using it. I don't know how it was missed especially since a double cheese burger is just has pickle ketchup and mustard on it. I used to be a manager at a Burger King. I know this isn't right.

Tima F.

Cold burger and fries even though i told them i wanted my burger right off the broiler and the fries fresh! Worst of all, they did not give me my receipt. I have been calling them and no one is answering the phone.

Jacob Bailey

Great service. Do not go through the drive thru in a truck.

Kara Lee

I came in to get a large double cheeseburger large combo meal in the front. Guy that took the order did a good job but it took 20 minutes to get a burger n a large fry. So slow n not a lot of people

Davin S.

Waited 15 minutes just to order. ...... like dude come on ...Employees gave dirty looks as I was waiting as if I was doing something wrong by coming here to order food.

Mari Jane

Arrived 8 minutes before they were supposed to be closed, their drive through open sign on still and sat waiting with no one talking to me at all. Finally left after sitting around with no greetings. Horrible experience. Will not be coming back to this location ever.

Tony Sheppard

I tried calling to order food at 11:18am.. But no answer... I wanted 5 cheese burgers with no cheese heavy mayo on half of them. And 7 hamburgers with no bun no ketchup no pickle extra onion on half of those. I want for me a whopper Jr with cheese and bbq sauce on the meat patty before inserted in the broiler ..mmm ..mmm it's good did that when I was a hourly manager there back in 94 95? All go large with half coke and sprite for the drinks. Yes a mixed drink. And the fries no salt. 2 strawberry milkshakes and 4 vanilla all large. With ice added to them. If there available. 2 large onion rings extra salt. X ranch x barbecue sauce. And I don't like people in masks so I want to see no mask on when we come in... And I was going to have Cameron Johnson of the Phoenix Suns pay for if possible. Not sure about that one. And I called during the begin of lunch rush to try to get it in before the water park crowd showed up... Good thing you didn't answer.... Remember it is burger or college you have to choose... Quit schooling for me to become a career burger king employee if I wanted to keep my job. I quit right then and there graduated college and work for Architects.... I should sayed huh....lol... giggity giggity on you....

Nancy Rubio Alvarez

Service is good. When I got there there were 3 guys in front of me and they weren't wearing a face mask ? even though there is a sign at the door saying that is required to get in...and the manager didn't said nothing

Brenda C.

I tried doing a survey but it said they had enough for this period or something. But just wanted to leave a review for Jordan, he's the only nice one on drive thru , he is always patient and kind. He also doesn't make you feel rushed out of drive thru , so thank you Jordan.

Elvis S.

Was going to give 3 stars instead of 5 because they were very friendly and service was quick but they put my ice cream cone upside down in a cup. I didn't order my ice cream in a cup. I specifically ordered a cone. McDonald's doesn't seem to have a problem getting this right. When I turned it right side up to get the cup off, ice cream started dripping all over me from the cup. That is unacceptable. I docked my rating an additional star because I ordered onion rings but when I got home they were not in the bag. Additionally, they were out of jalapeño bites and substituted mozzarella sticks instead. Overall bad service. I will not be going back to this location and I can't recommend anyone else doing so either until they get their act together.

MJ Jones

The service is just a tad slower than usual, but this is due to the COVID-19 situation. I use the deals from my Burger King app without issue & pay via a BK gift card, again, no issues. The food is hot & meets the expectation of BK & the fast food standard. Download the app for deals & enjoy your food ?

Cassandra S.

I was extremely concerned that both employees who provided service via the drive thru... DID NOT HAVE ON MASKS OR GLOVES!!! I voiced my concerns with one of the gentleman, who proceeded just tell me that masks and gloves were at the discretion of the employee. I then told him to pull up the latest updates for the state of Arizona. There just happens to be a mask MANDATE in force. I just relocated to the area ( Country Club Dr and Southern Ave) and needless to say I will never ever ever ever patronize this location again!!

Angel Rivas

Horrible experience, the meat was as hard as a rock, almost had no Tomato messy presentation, not a really nice experience

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