Burger King

1440 S Country Club Dr, Mesa
(480) 962-0379

Recent Reviews

Daniel Richard

I have to watch the mail but they keep sending me some good coupons for roughly half off.

Alexander Monson

The people there are awesome always greet you in a smile and the food was good and ready and it will quick about everything you have an awesome crew keep them punch man Reyes coming to you live from my hotel room. the manager named Karen is amazing . thanks for the help with the mobile coupons . come here often when I come to town, great coffee and quick service. Such amazing customer service. The staff were super friendly and my food was delicious.

Mark S.

This venerable burger (and more) joint is still going strong after many decades. Key elements-1. Good food, just tried the new tacos...Yum. After dozens of visits to this store, we have NEVER had a problem. We truly feel bad about some ,well, less than stellar reviews extant. Truly, management must address these issues. Having said that, we rate element-2 (friendly service) as very good. We subtracted one star because my wife is on The Keto, and does not like their protein style method. But. I love everything on the menu.

Big Man Tiny Kingdom

Nice staff but not a very clean restaurant. Plus there was a worker who came from outside smoking directly back to behind the counter and bagged up something for the drive-thru. And the manager was right next to him and didn't say anything. I could describe and point them out, if BK wants to know, but they won't care so I'd just be wasting my time. I got the Impossible Burger for the first time and I was shocked how a plant can taste so good as a burger, but is it "possible" it was cooked under dirt conditions?? I'll never go there again.

Selina Hardin

The workers who weren't occupied were standing around talking, while the dining room was a wreck. I had to clean up a table before I sit down to eat. Next time I'll choose a different restaurant.

Karie Forman

The service was great I ordered my French fries extra crispy and they were wonderful but I tried the new taco Burger King shouldn't make tacos it was nasty

ashley hanna

Always make our food fresh and hot but still comes out pretty quickly never have any problems with the food or them forgetting to give us anything we order

Thaddeaus F.

I was half way in to my food and looked a little closer and found a hair in my food Only if I would have looked more into my food probably would have found more But I got my money back so yeah shits nasty

Don Douglass

Really kind sweet people behind the counter. Service was excellent. Food was very good and fresh tasting. Building seems really old and needs some love. Sad the people that eat there don't treat this place better. Bathrooms have to be locked because of nasty people and even that doesn't stop people from trashing the bathrooms. Sad really. I still say this is one of the better BKs I have been to in a long time!

Heather St Pierre

Bathroom women strong urine smell and was not clean. Good service good. Disappointed that no soda available! Tea taste old!

April Turley

This is the second time we went to try the new one dollar tacos. This was also the second time we had to wait a ridiculous amount of time in line to receive them. The first time we were told the wait would be approximately 20 minutes! This time we ended up having to wait 10 minutes. I was not impressed. The texture of the meat on these tacos feels like a meat paste in your mouth. No thanks I'll pass!

Christopher Warters

Poor service there was cussing music playing in the background which upsets me because kids go there and don't need to listen to that. Also my dad had to wait 5 minutes for a simple fork for his salad. Worst of all there were workers that should be wearing hairnets but were not and that right there is a food safety violation and this all happened at night. Never coming to this burger king location again would rather go to the chandler location as the service there was excellent

Geoffrey R.

Very poor and unfriendly customer service. Went in to try the new tacos. Made my order. The girl at the counter was nice but that was the only bright spot in this trip. Not once but twice I heard the manager on duty tell the cooks he needed to give tacos I had ordered to drive thru customers. These orders were made over 5 minutes after I ordered. After 20 minutes I got my tacos. When I asked the manager he said he did not care how long I waited he had to take care of drive thru.

Heather Jean

UPDATED 06/23/2019

edward prespentt

There was a homeless in the ladys bathroom. Doing. Drugs and was in the stall the whole time we where there. My daughter had to go ti the bathroom and couldnt. And the other. One was passed out in a booth. This is sad but come on

Punchy Reyes

The people there are awesome always greet you in a smile and the food was good and ready and it will quick about everything you have an awesome crew keep them punch man Reyes coming to you live from my hotel room

Tamara Fields

the manager named Karen is amazing . thanks for the help with the mobile coupons . come here often when I come to town, great coffee and quick service

Stacey Laberge

Super friendly staff. Answered all my questions. Food was amazing

Carlee Lankhaar

Great customer service. The team members there are very enthusiast and personable. It always feels like swinging through your cousin's place to grab a bite to eat.

Fernie Zamora

Great customer service. The staff is great and friendly. They seem to really care about you. But the area it's in ruins the atmosphere and makes it uncomfortable to be around. Very clean for everything. The food is good. But just very bad experiences with the other customers or people in the area.

Jose Rodriguez

Took a long time to get me my SALAD so they gave me a free chocolate cake so it's all forgiven.

Kevin Gamboa

Good environment and each worker tries their best to satisfy the customer. Especially a cashier by the name of Cat.

Debra Harba

The frys didn't taste good it was like they were cook in old oil

Bailey Edwards

Such amazing customer service. The staff were super friendly and my food was delicious.

Leslie Ibarra

mal servicio..............

Martin McKinney

BK is pushing mobile ordering. Now the app is about worthless so removing it. Staff acted annoyed to have to take my order and back staff were moving super slow. One bun was burnt. Chicken tasted microwaved

Anthony J.

I was just in there and the short black younger female that gave me my food had the worst attitude when asking for sauces for my meal... You work in customer service.. This is obviously not the job for you. The manager was nice but the young lady seemed like she just hated being there..smh

John L.

I stood in line for 15 min and never got my order taken. I was also the only one in line! After awhile more customers started lining up behind me. There was an elderly man standing next to me waiting for his order, the manager came asked him what his ticket number was and all he ordered was a ten piece nugget and she got his order wrong she had to ask him twice. The manager was definitely on heroin or something.

Pablo O.

Great service and food was above average.......Antoinette and Dawn were worth the visit, both great employees.

Amanda R.

I come here on occasion for a quick meal, and every time I stop by everyone is unbelievably kind for people who work in fast food. (I say that because most people working in fast food sound miserable) I always leave happy because of the employees. :)

Felicia V.

The drive threw was busy so my boyfriend went inside. Waited in the car with our son. Waited 30 minute for food. I went in with my son and our order was still not complete and asked for a manager. I work for Buffalo Wild Wings, so I'm patient and understanding, but when I find out the manager Dawn and an employee where talking and clearly not doing there jobs. I dont expect much from BK as I very rarely am happy with my food, but I had a coupon. All of my food was cold and though I recieved a refund, I will not go back. The lady working the drive threw, Miss Love came out to apologize to me and let me know why my food took so long and she understands its unacceptable. She honestly should be in management, was very pleased with her customer service. She gets a 10 star thank you! If you see this, Miss Love apply at Buffalo for management please!

Zai H.

I wouldnt say the quality of the food is great but a staff member name Dione really was helpfully and willing to correct the mistakes made on my order:)

Mike walker

These people are so rude. They yell at you and give you cold food. My burger had a hair in it and I was missing my food. Not to mention they got upset when I asked for my money back. I will not be eating here again and I recommend you do the same. 😡

Damian mammon

Thus was one of the best fast food experiences I've had. It was super easy, very fast. And the guy that was working was all by himself it looked like. Very nice guy will definitely be coming back for more food best service around on the street hood job recommend for a quick bite

Christine Gordon

SUPER FRIENDLY drive thru lady. She was like your nice auntie or grandma. Food was good too.

John Preston

It's a common fast food restaurant. The restaurant was clean, as were the bathrooms. The employee taking my order asked me what size meal I wanted. I'll said a small or medium because many of the restaurants don't do small meals. He gave me a medium & I looked at the price difference on my receipt & asked why it was more. He said, "When I asked you what size, you said small or medium, so I gave you a medium." Nice of him to spend my money like that. I'll be sure of the price & size combinations in the future.

Morgan snyder-adams

I love this location. Everyone who works here are so nice and my order has always been correct. Only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because my food hasn’t been fresh each time but that’s a small issue. Keep it up!

Denae T.

I have been coming to this BK for years now. I have been to many others around town as well since BK is my favorite burger joint for fast food. But this one for the drive thru outshines them all. I never go inside just drive thru but they NEVER get my special orders wrong and the staff is very nice all the time. I am sure the chefs in the back must have been there for a long time because the food is always good and I see a lot of same faces at the drive thru window. So my guess is the management must be good at this one as well. I highly recommend this BK for the fast and kind drive thru.

Brayam A.

Honestly horrible service and my burger was a mess, the cashier basically showed he didn't care for anything and took his sweet time with everything. After my order was called, i asked him for buffalo sauce and he proceeded to take a while on a drink for a drive thru customer but he also was chatting it up with one of his buddies on the headset. So after waiting some time to get the sauce, finally sat down and me and my friends burgers looked liked everything was thrown on top while the cook was blindfolded. Probably the only Burger King I felt was really sh*tty.

Ed D

As a fast food places go, this is a good one. The service is good and prompt and the food is properly cooked and presented.