Taco Bell

1256 S Country Club Dr, Mesa
(480) 222-0188

Recent Reviews

Elias Nunez

I'm probably biased but I love Taco Bell they always serve me quickly and the goods always done right

Julie Burden

I wish I could give 0 stars! I went to this Taco Bell and ordered 2 beefy fritos Burrito and they gave me bean and cheese burrito with rice in it and then wrapped it up with the beefy Fritos burrito paper and put it in the bag. I usually check my bag before I leave, but there was 2 cop cars surrounding a truck and there was a lot of people behind me and on top of that I had to get to a doctors appointment before 12:30!

Dan Nicholl

The workers are the best part of eating at this location. The food is what you would expect for what it is.

Charlene Mapps

There new tacos were pretty good. Had to try all three or it wasn't worth it. Can't wait till lunch tomorrow. The spicy ranch is awesome.

Melissa Brugger

Ok yet warm not hot food

Thomas Roden

Its a good clean Taco Bell what else can I say


Food was not good. They got part of the order wrong. The cinnamon twists has a chemical taste to them. We spend $48 for the family and it was horrible. On the other side, we got like 50 sauce packets.

Cory Caudill

Asked for a fresh Chalupa shell and it was hard as a rock!

Danielle Ripley

Love the Beefy Frito Burrito and you can't go wrong for $1.00. plus they have the Nacho locos taco that's amazing!!

Delores Brown

Loved the food especially the quesadillas and the locos tacos!! Great service for fast food!!

Elizabeth T

Don't come to this location, they ALWAYS forget to give you something when ordering in the drive through or to go. I work all day and stop by once in a while for a quick meal, come home To find out I'm completely missing an item. It's partly my fault for not checking but seriously EVERY TIME. I went tonight and the cashier Elvia G didn't give me my drink... Yes I didn't remind her so it's partly my fault, but it's their job.

Nay A

i love this place. always pleasant happy people ready to take my order with a smile. if your on a tight budget and love dollar menues. this is a place to go. beefy frito &mini chicken quesadilla Mmmm mmm are ausome

bre lo

I like the taco bell food but this store in special is really falling. The last time I got stale food, I let them know then. And today I received lettuce tacos. I used to go for dinner here but now is very bad. I ordered a box and they had more lettuce than in a salad. We wait like 20 mins for dinner. And when I told to The manager she was very rude, bad humor! No stars for this place.

Brian Fore

Great food, friendly dedicated staff, and clean site. I work nearby and have been coming here for nearly 3 years. It's great to stop by for breakfast or lunch when I'm having a long work day or am in a time crunch. Sometimes there is a delay and the new ordering kiosks inside make it confusing as to who has ordered and who is waiting to order. However, the staff are aleays active and friendly. Rarely are my orders delayed or wrong.

Jarad Sullivan

The only reason they even get two stars is the cashiers are very good at customer service themselves. The management is terrible for starters. They have no social skills or common sense. It's amazing anyone would even promote these people. But the cooks always do a sloppy job on the food and skimp it hardcore which is depressing. Personally tho I love tacobell this one ranks with the mcdonalds chain that's local. Which is an insult. If I could ride to another believe me I would but I'm almost tempted to stop coming every time I do.

Cindy Barnes

The gentleman at the drive through was really friendly. Great customer service!


Taco's are the still the best. Have been since I cut school yrs ago to get them Convenient location and friendly staff, too.

Shanna Dyott

Always nice people when we come here.

N Knighton

This one is pretty good. They have the computer screen when you walk in so you can order your food exactly the way you want it. I think they did away with the grilled stuft burrito, which really sucks because that was my favorite. I like their food though.

AB Magellan

Alright guys I just found out today that they no longer have my Grilled Stuffed Burrito!!!😣 So I decided to try something new and different from their menu. I ordered a Quesarito and I was surprised that it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be! Still not happy that they eliminated the GSB (it was combo #2) you will be missed! This location is close to my work so what I have to say about them is nothing but good things. They try and keep it clean as best they can and also the food has been fresh and hot every time. As always keep up the great work Taco Bellers!


Decided to run through the Drive Thru for Lunch while I was on this business conference call. Pulled into a parking space while I ate my lunch and listened in on this boring conference call.

Stacey Walters

Worst tacos, nearly enough stuff in the shell to even call it a taco. I will stick to our usual one on Beown or Mckellips

Michael Fimbres

I went there but it was after 11 and I couldn't get through the drive-through cuz I was on a bicycle

Brooke B.

I just need to stop giving this location second/third/fourth chances. Every time I've used the app to order, I wait until it says my meal has been made, I leave my house (like 3 minutes away) to pick it up, and I'm still left waiting for them to START my order. What is the point of this? it's not like I'm ordering for a family either, just a drink and a taco. Also, the older Hispanic woman who takes orders in the lobby is beyond unfriendly.

matthew gowey

Im in love with taco bell. Usually very fast and the food is assemvled proportional

K C.

Every time I come here my order is wrong. It's ridiculous. Once they had to remake something 3 times until they got it right. Save yourself some time.

Heather Jean

*UPDATE* FINALLY got our food, wrong sized drinks, totally ignored the sauces ordered specifically as an item. Dry tacos, zero sauce, the nachos were HARDLY topped. And how is it we get the child size drinks with the meals?

Jason Sanchez

Bean burritos are the best.

Timmy V.

Slowest drive through i've ever been in. Literally sat in a line of 4 cars for 30 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous!!!! The food even tasted terrible they've got space cadets working here!! Will never come back to this location again!


Worst customer service I have ever seen at fast food chain! Not to mention waiting 30 minutes for three Combo boxes.

Thomas P.

I have been to this location 3 days in a row. The service and food were great. BUT the main reason for my review is Angel. Everyday this kid is cleaning like crazy. Bathroom, windows, doors. Nice to see someone who takes pride in their job. Obviously this is a very clean place.

Tanner Sexton

Legitimately the worst Taco Bell I've been to in memory. Not often that I wish I'd just gone to Arby's. Food was prepared presumably by someone with Parkinsons. Was asked for hot sauce preference then was given none.

mp .

Worst customer service I have ever seen at fast food chain! Not to mention waiting 30 minutes for three Combo boxes.

Guy Caldwell

Never disappointed by the doritos locos taco

Clemente Soto

sometime's it's ok, and sometme's it's not. they need more consistancy in their food.

Josh Jbzy

Good clean lobby. Food is good too. Only down parts, is that the bathroom is very nasty. Also seems to be a call center hang out!

Clemente Soto

sometime's it's ok, and sometme's it's not. they need more consistancy in their food.

Jahn Lambert

Didnt get wat i ordered

Randy Stock

Not a big fan not really Mexican food but it's not bad

Mustafa P.

I went here for a late night snack. I waited in line for some time and got food. I got home and the food was not wrapped properly. My food fell out of the bag and on top of that all the food was cold. I returned to the establishment to get a refund and the cashier who goes by the name Skyaliai or however it may be spelt referred to our claim as bullshit. My wife was with me and was aggravated because we had spent an entire 28.08. We expect our food hot and ready not cold and badly wrapped. The cashier continued to down talk us with the window shut. Another associate by the name of Jeramy assisted us at first. They told us we couldn't get a refund and said they would remake the food. When it should've been correctly made the first time. I went in to finally get my refund I spoke to a younger lady who helped with my refund. I then asked the cashiers name and Jeramy refused to give me the cashiers name. As a paying customer paying for food which in turn puts money in the companies pocket and employees I deserve more respect and attentiveness. My wife asked when the food had been made and guessed around 2 pm we asked Jeramy and he couldn't give us an answer talk about FRESH. This location is a joke and will treat you like dirt. The customer isn't always right, but when I pay for food expecting it to be good and it's the opposite then battle employees for a simple refund. It's baffling if I could give it a 0 I would. I will not be returning to this location ever.