Fruit Shack Smoothies & Yogurt

10785 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley
(520) 297-8122

Recent Reviews

Glenna Lansdown

Great smoothies at affordable prices!

mil a

Tina was very friendly and helpful with my order. She was really knowledgeable about the menu and I didn't have to ask any questions because she already answered them! Brandon was quick with my wheatgrass shot. The service was great between the two employees.

Jose Ramirez

Sad looking location took my grandkids to get yogurt but they only had one flavor so they wanted to leave and somewhere else. Seriously very sad looking establishment.

Sail Pandion

April is very kind and welcoming. Smoothies are amazing too!

Blady Enriquez

The customer service has been horrible. I've been a customer since this place opened and this year it's just failed to deliver a warm welcome. I get eyerolls when I walk in. Upset to say I will not be supporting this business anymore. Hire kids that really want to work.

Gail Crawford

I love the owner of the shop, extremely friendly and amazing drink too! i bring my family to this place every time they come into town !

Nikki Gardea

Great tasting smoothies. Decent prices. Friendly staff.

Melanie Mailloux

Buy 10 get 1 free!! Healthy , and always made just right.

Aziz Almosawi

Why is this place soo goood? Not a lot of juice stores have Guava juice, which is a shame, but here they do. Their ‘Passion Perfect’ is easily one of the best-est juices I had. Their juices are natural with no added sugar.

Paris Bella

Super rude employees I have been twice won’t return. Hope they go out of business will definitely be going to smoothie king from now on I was visiting from out of town for work so I just wanted to try the place mistake like I said smoothie king where they know how to treat customers politely and know how to do their job! It’s all about customer service and being rude in the service industry is not a good look! Also they don’t have any boost supplement they’re all out of them they only have two options hello it’s called re-order

John Loran

Large variety, good tasting smoothies.

Sam H.

Ok first off, I LOVE the smoothies here! Everything here is delicious. I usually get "okay" service. Not the best, I mean there's usually only 1 person here, so I get it, that sucks. But WOW today... the girl behind the counter was SO unbelievably rude. No smile, no hello. Even my husband was like "wow she's in a bad mood". I almost laughed at the tip cup in front of me, as if!! Plaster a damn smile on your face, you're working in the service industry. Other than the shitty service, the smoothies are great! Ha!

Candid Custome R.

This establishment does not close at 9. Despite the hours posted online and on the door (9 pm), it closes at 8. Showed up at 8:20 for s smoothie for my husband who had surgery and needed something cold to drink. Door was not locked and employee was in the store. She refused service saying "sorry were closed". Great customer service. NOT.

Pomeline M.

Wednesday, 12:19pm on 08/28/2019. Girl working at the front is in a super grumpy mood. Has an attitude problem. Started tapping her fingers in a exasperated manner when I was counting change. Then when I handed it to her she snatched the bills away. Never once looked me in the face. Also put way too much peanut butter in my shake. It's like I'm drinking liquified peanut butter.

Ariana Snyder

Friendly service and it's very quick too. You can get a shake or smoothie or smoothie bowl and they all taste great

Michael W

Really great shakes. Highly recommended.

Lauren P.

I've always loved this place and it is a gem in Oro Valley for smoothies. I took my grandma here and she absolutely loved the yogurt. The staff is always attentive and patient with questions. They sometimes can get busy but be patient- so worth it!

Jazzie Marie Terrell

Great smoothies. However, the staff dressed immodestly. I saw way too much of one girl’s butt cheek and was uncomfortable ‍♀️

Kyle Johnson

Fast service and it tastes just like the you'd think it should

Kate Dibildox

It's a shame when a good product is overshadowed by bad customer service. We just left there (06/09/19 around 4 pm). We usually really like this place but hadn't been in a while. When we walked in there was a line and only one gal working. She never acknowledged us. The people in front of us put in their orders and she started working on them, which is fine.

Koni W.

Tina the manager is Amazing!!! She always has a smile on her face and is always very friendly. I wont go there anymore if April is working. She is Very RUDE!!!! She seems like she doesnt want to be there. She is a very negative person. She slams things, and is just not very friendly when you come in. The manager and other staff are nice..


My family of 5 walked in around 5:30pm tonight and were greeted with an attitude that let us know we were unwelcome by a kid/young man? Bleach dyed blonde hair hanging all over his face. He seemed irritated as we needed time to look at the menue since this was our first visit ever to this business. He left to tthe back. In walked a young woman he clearly knew because he was happy to greet her kindly and get the water she asked for right away and still showed no interest in helping us. We decided we wanted nothing from someone who couldn't be bothered and left. Sadly never got to taste the smoothies. Please make sure your employees know customer service. This kid lost you five customers in one shot.

September Lambert

You know, I like this place. Hasn't been too busy and prices are quite reasonable for a smoothie place, which is nice. A large selection and I have barely scratched the surface.


When a food server is fumbling with their out-of-control hair while preparing food it doesn't create it undermines customer confidence in their overall food sanitation.Considering the outrageously high price for their yogurt, we'll cross this one off of our casual outing eaterie list.

Cheryl Evans

The Peach Carrot Delight is, you guessed it ..

Sandra Ahola

I had the second worst acai bowl here. The worst I had here a year ago. I gave it another chance. I asked what sweeteners they added because the first one was so overly sweet it was inedible. Literally made my teeth hurt.

Chris H.

Great service and delicious smoothies! April was patient and kind to my family and went above and beyond to make sure we had a fantastic experience!

Mandy McC.

I will preface by saying the smoothie I had was great and so were the people. HOWEVER, the fro yo used in the smoothies is not lactose intolerant safe - which means it's not true frozen yogurt. I could easily eat the variety from Blue Banana (a Dannon product) and even that of Blue Bunny out of the freezer section of the grocery store. Not true with this one. Stick to the dairy-free menu if lactose bothers you.

Mandy McChesney

I will preface by saying the smoothie I had was great and so were the people. HOWEVER, the fro yo used in the smoothies is not lactose intolerant safe - which means it's not true frozen yogurt. I could easily eat the variety from Blue Banana (a Dannon product) and even that of Blue Bunny out of the freezer section of the grocery store. Not true with this one. Stick to the dairy-free menu if lactose bothers you.

Ann Swaney

Nice and friendly.


Indoors &outdoor seating. They have yogurt and quick snacks, some small hot snacks and teas as well. They have a frequent buyer program. It’s has a trailhead West side of parking lot that leads to walking trail and bike path. There are sitting places on the trail. Worth taking the time to get a smoothie and go for a walk.

Pasha J.

I had the pitaya paradise and my son had the dragon slayer. They were both really good. It was a nice quick snack and we were pleasantly surprised

Ben Kroman

The 2 girls working 3/20/19 at 500pm must be mentally disabled cause my wife an i ordered different drinks one suger free and one not. They completely messed up an even when I said something they could just stare an say it's right. What ever happened to to lil girl that use to work there I dont know but they need to hire her again an give her a raise cause she never messed up or at least fixed it

Francisco Maytorena

Great service had The Dragonslayer was delicious!

Zother Onez2

This place is great I got such a great smoothy for me and one for my wife and my daughter got a scoop of pineapple sorbet and a pretzel. For under 20 bucks and we did that with medium sized drinks too so not bad. They were out of a bunch of different protien powders and stuff like that but most places are like that due to having to put in such big orders to cut costs a bit so... Understandable from my point at least. Overall it was great and I will be back again soon!

Greg S.

Giving this little place 5 stars for their smoothies and bowls as my daughter and I both agree that they're delicious. Giving customer service 3 stars however as we've been here several times and the employees could improve their customer service and smile skills. I understand that every order is custom made and it does take a bit to gather ingredients, mix, etc., especially when they're busy, but a genuine smile goes a very long ways. We've had a pretty good assortment of their smoothies and they all are very good, also like the add-ins, and you get one for free. They have a frequent customer program too where you buy so many, get one free!

Jenn P.

I got the açaí­ bowl and it was very dense (good bang for your buck) and I loved that they put granola on the bottom and top! My only disappointment was there was too much honey. Now I know for next time. Good value and delicious taste.

Melinda W.

I love this place! So far I've tried three different shakes! Even the healthy ones are yummy! Great prices too!

Dandy Don

have been going here for many years and my favorite smoothie is the GREEN MONSTER and also enjoy the Acai Bowl' yum.

Carrie Kramer

everything I've never been disappointed 1