Domino's Pizza

4572 N Robert Rd, Prescott Valley
(928) 759-2333

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Kevin Whittington

Not a local "prescottonian" so not familiar with the Area.... arrived less then 5 min after they "closed " they are required to accept orders until close btw.. and was greeted with ludicrous hostility about their closing time. Unacceptable in my opinion and I think the young "gentleman: accepting the calls should face disciplinary action. Almost $40 for an improperly made, cold, inadequate pizza on top of poor customer service makes me want to ensure no one else uses this location again. Let's not even mention the "bribe" for a free order once I complained

Casey Morrow

Their Buffalo style thin soft crust is what pizza should be, not like the cracker crust most places serve. It is excellent and reminiscent of real New York pizza!

Lacey G.

This Dominos has horrible customer service! I called and asked for 2 Lg Pepperoni Pizzas and 1 Med Cheese Pizza. I wanted all hand toss original crust. The call center told me that the medium only came with pan crust which I specifically said I did not want! I asked the customer service rep to just upgrade the Med Cheese to a Large so I could get the hand tossed crust just like the others. I even verified with him the total price and he said it would be ready for pick up. My husband picked up the order on his way home and we got the 2 Lg Pepperonis and a Medium Cheese with Pan Crust which like I said before I specifically stated I did NOT want. I immediately called them and told them. They said they was nothing they could do! I said well I paid for 3 Lg pizzas so you owe me money back. They said that the pan crust was additional so it costs the same as the large! So not only did the call center screw up but your now telling me I've paid extra for something I didn't want! I've worked in customer service for many years, the correct way to handle the situation would be to say we are so sorry for the mix up and we can offer you a personal or small size pizza to make up for the difference. Instead of telling me I just have to deal with it! We love Dominos but won't be returning!!!!

Jami Hudson

Ordered online, pizza was ready for pickup very quickly. Asked for light cheese and extra sauce one one pizza and received just that! Both pizzas tasted great. The bread twists were a bit lacking in flavor but still edible with the marinara.

Linzy Houston

Second time that I have been to this location and been given the wrong order. Honest mistake, but the customer service when dealing with their mistake is horrible. And to top it off the cleanliness inside is also questionable at best. Good thing the pizza is good.

rich hunter

Well we ordered 2 pizzas and a cheesy stuffed bread. The 2 pizzas were burnt and since I live so far away and I didn't pick my pizza up myself I got stuck with it on top of the burnt pizza the cheesy bread was so salty it tasted like they dumped the entire bottle on it

Ryan Norris

Well, today I got a cold pizza, and missing the cheeses I paid extra for. They promised a $3 tip to us, I never got. They promised 2 for $5.99 and one of my two was $8.99, and then that's not all the worst. The worst is, I called the manager, Brody, and he was insanely rude to me, said " let me stop you right there, I made that pizza and the cheeses were on it, have a good day".... that is the worst service I've ever seen. How is he a manager?? First, I wouldn't lie, and never like to complain but the things toppled up and it's false promotions and so much more. There was no cheese,, I have pics for corporate... #Stubborn #Rude And to be treated like that. I will never use any Domino's ever again. As Michelle Tanner from Full House would say, How Rude!!!

Sherri H.

Thought we'd take a chance and try Domino's. Haven't gone to one in years and now I remember why. Placed the order on line, that went well, easy to understand and navigate. That's where the good experience ends. When we went to pick our order up, the crew were more interested in conversing with each other than waiting on customers. The pizza itself was awful. No taste, no flavor, crust similar to cardboard. We in fact did not finish the pizza and threw it away. Very disappointing. On to find a decent pizza place in Prescott Valley. This one isn't the answer

Dick Krause

I have had many mishaps here at this location being a regular customer. In the last 3 years, about half of my orders are exactly what I want. Hot, fresh and delicious... The other half...? I get some seriously bad quality pizza from the employees of this store, who will box up the mistakes and deliver them out to their customers. It is almost as if it isnt their job to check or maintain quality food service for your customers. I've added photos of the same order of a BBQ Beef and Bacon pie to this post showing what I mean. One of them is made right. The other was made without half of its toppings, BBQ sauce, or cheese. If you are not going to hold them accountable, get those employees some better training would ya? You are losing money.

Tim Jordan

Hey, it's domino's pizza. But this one is consistently excellently excellent. We always ordered the thin crust, it's always perfectly cooked never done too much or sloppy in the center. The folks inside are nice, just wish the app would allow us to put our tip on when we pay rather than having to deal with it when we get there. Order from here and you won't be disappointed.

Robyn Popescu

We picked up pizza for the Superbowl game today. We ordered online and picked up the pizza 30 minutes later. Domino's has a coupon for $5.99 mix and match deal that we took advantage of. The restaurant employees were friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed the pizza too!

Robyn P.

We picked up pizza for the Superbowl game today. We ordered online and picked up the pizza 30 minutes later. Domino's has a coupon for $5.99 mix and match deal that we took advantage of. The restaurant employees were friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed the pizza too!

Lisa Krietenstein

I called in an order for my son, I did not have good internet service where I was and couldn't do it online like normal. First off, I'm pretty sure the lady I spoke with was in another country. (I think she said her name was Mimi) She had a very hard time saying the location of the store. Robert Rd is not a hard name. She asked for the name, I asked if she wanted my name or the person picking it up. She stated "the person making the order". Why not just say "your name"? Everything I told her I wanted to order, she repeated to me 3 to 4 times. I asked about coupons, like they have on the website, she "looked" at what they had. Nothing for what I was ordering. Normally, there is a coupon for med pizzas at like $6 each. I was charged $15 each! I only wanted 3 Medium pizzas and a 2 liter of soda. The price came out to $50! I am very disappointed with the phone interactions, as I had to keep "confirming" My pizzas were just standard pizzas. Not customized at all. All 3 Medium, all 3 hand tossed, a Philly Cheese Steak, a Meatzza, and a pepperoni. She also could not understand that I wanted 1 2-liter soda. She kept saying 2, 2-liters. The length of the call was way longer than necessary. 9 minutes 34 seconds! to order 3 pizzas! Then when she td me it would be ready, (It was 2:15pm) she said it will be ready at 9:23am... I mean 9:23pm. I said no, I wanted it for pickup in just a few minutes. She then said or yes, 9 minutes. I used to really like Domino's, but the quality of the pizza has really changed, and with these call centers, I am not sure I will be ordering from you anymore.

Randy Thompson

Staff was fine and the order was quick. Quality is right on par with fast food pizza. Not as good as Papa Murphy's but better then Little Caesars.

Stan Lee

Found multiple hairs in my pizza and I’m pretty sure one of the ingredients was expired because my stomach started hurting after consuming, tried talking with the manager Brodi about it over the phone but all he did was get angry with me. Stay far away from this place unless you want food poisoning and the absolute worst customer service

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