5845 Trans-Canada Hwy, Duncan
(250) 748-3424

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Jim Scales

Never mess up my order and gives u your orders in seperate bags which makes it easy to check! Their breakfast is now my goto.Food: 5/5

Dave Piperno

Food was good as always when they get it right. They need to learn to read the special orders correctly also. Need to get the debit and credit machine fixed as some people don't carry cash to often anymore. Hope they get better and get that machine problem fixed

Peter Carscadden

It's Wendy's.Home to some of the best fast food recipes but slightly dated restaurants and hit or miss service.Restaurant wasn't taking cards when I came through but otherwise, it was a Wendy's...

Booyaka Stubbs (ExplorewithStubbs.com)

Burger was basically thrown together and was served warmish...I like my food served hot. Drive thru line was long and people were impatient, son was almost hit by a car in the lot. Wendy's is usually a lot better than this, one of my favorite burger joints. Take some pride in your work please. I will give em a try again next time I'm up in these parts..

Sam Denluck

Drive thru was backed up around building, so I decided to park and order from counter. Good size crew, everyone was hustling. They apologized for wait. I told them no problem, they're all doing a great job.

Ray Keating

In the drive through, confirmed 3 times… NO MAYO. It seemed to be a pretty simple request, but apparently it was too complex. 10 minutes down the road toward Victoria, opened my burger to find it covered in mayo.

Rod Thompson

Wendy's in Duncan. The service was fast. The food is the normal menu items. I usually have the double cheeseburger meal however I've been trying to figure out how to avoid the horrendous sugar tax on the meal. I asked for bottled water and it seems we were still hit with the sugar tax.:(

Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance

Longer lineup but they flew thru it at the drivethru and Wendy's by woodgrove is always top shelf. Recommend the #4 or spicy chicken burger add cheese and bacon and u got a delicious lunch or dinner. Also the Ceasar side salad is high line compared to others for excellent price, the dressing is the best I've had and real shaved parmesan cheese and real bacon make for a amazing salad. My 1st choice when in Nanaimo. Keep up the quality guys. Keeping that bar set high and it costs less than smeat on a bun like you know who chain. 3x better

Holly Warren

Did drive-thru on Mother's Day, service was relatively quick considering the lineup. Best burger I've had in awhile, anywhere. Soft, fresh bun, good tasting burger patty and the lettuce, tomato and onion were fresh. Overall a delicious, fast meal, and the fries were really good too.

JD Revilla

Sandwich ordered was missing ingredients. When I approached counter they offered to add the ingredients after I had taken a bite. I requested the sandwich I paid for correctly. The restaurant was dirty. No paper towels in Men's bathroom. I store branding of "Quality..." Was the letter Q. No courtesy or friendliness. I certainly did not feel welcome at this Wendy's. Will not stop again.

Frieda Antrobus

Just did the Wendy's breakfast and was not impressed. They forgot to put the egg and cheese on. Sausage was burnt and spicy. Bisket fell apart everywhere.

Blue Seven

Ordered from the mobile app vary inconvenient after ordering I get there thinking our food would be ready.Nope our food was ready 15 minutes after the time it told us.I would have been quicker going somewhere else

G W.

After 2 years; I looked forwarded to my 1st visit to a drive-in. This restaurant was clean, the service was slow and the food; especially the burger, was NOT worth the wait. Wendy's burgers USED to look like their advertisement- not any longer. What a disappointment. Sorry Wendy's - once was enough.

Christopher Ray

Not a great location. VERY slow drive-through. Staff not always friendly, but who can blame them, it's a fast food job and they're still being made to wear masks all day. Let these people breathe already, it's a hard enough job already!

Tina Brenton

They had a wonderful portabella burger only for a short time. Man it was good.

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