First Official One-Piece Themed Restaurant Launches in Vegas
Image Credit - One Piece Cafe
14 May, 2024

First Official One-Piece Themed Restaurant Launches in Vegas

Anime fans have an awesome new hangout spot in Las Vegas - the very first official "One Piece" themed restaurant in the United States! One Piece Cafe recently opened its doors on Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown.

The cafe celebrates the hugely popular Japanese anime series about Monkey D. Luffy, a stretchy pirate who can make his body like rubber, and his Straw Hat Pirates crew. It was created through a partnership between L.A. restaurateur Andy Nguyen, known for a recently closed NFT-themed restaurant Bored & Hungry, and Toei Animation, the studio behind the anime.

"Our hope is to bring folks together to celebrate what One Piece represents: friendship, adventure, and a delicious journey for all," said Nguyen.

The menu features foods inspired by the characters' favorite meals and iconic show moments. Visitors can enjoy Japanese fruit sandwiches, rice balls called onigiri, beef curry, and the Mighty Meats Pirate Platter - a hearty meat plate honoring Luffy's big appetite.

For sweets, there are stretchy mochi cookies in flavors like ube (purple yam), Big Mom's Wedding Cake with strawberry, chocolate, and ube layers, and a Gum-Gum Fruit Mousse Bomb with vanilla cake, white chocolate shell, and fresh fruit.

Drink options include a tangerine slushy, Pumpkin Juice blending pumpkin, coconut, apple, and garam masala spice, and the blue pea flower and oolong tea-based All Blue Mocktail.

One Piece Cafe celebrated its grand opening on May 11 with giveaways and character appearances by Luffy and Zoro from 11am to 2pm. Located at 5600 Spring Mountain Road, it's the first officially licensed anime restaurant in the U.S.

The cafe also sells exclusive One Piece merchandise like hoodies, shirts, plushies, and figurines. While some unofficial anime restaurants exist, this is a big first for huge anime fans in the United States. We always welcome new restaurant concepts, so let’s hope more anime-themed eateries start popping up across the US.