Grandma's Home Brings Hangzhou Flavors to NYC
Image Credit - Grandma's Home
by Alex Bailey | June 14, 2024

Grandma's Home Brings Hangzhou Flavors to NYC

The family-run Grandma's Home restaurant brought its classic Hangzhou, China cooking to a new place in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood. With more than 200 spots in China, this is Grandma's Home's first American location.


The 120-seat restaurant aims to recreate the comforting feeling of dining in grandma's house. The design mixes modern Chinese art with old decor items from early Grandma's Home restaurants in China.

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The menu highlights regional "flavors from the land of fish and rice" like green tea claypot chicken, braised pork belly, crispy glazed fish, and scallion oil noodles. Exclusive to this New York location is a whole crab dish served with homemade rice cakes. For summer, shaved ice desserts are new additions. 


Grandma's Home has also launched a weekday lunch menu with set options. Diners can choose an appetizer like tofu skin rolls or sticky rice lotus root, plus an entree such as chili chicken, sweet-and-sour pork, mapo tofu or kung pao shrimp served with vegetables and rice.

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The beverage program leans into low-ABV cocktails inspired by Chinese folktales, such as the Uncle Song's Sippy Cup with vermouth, ginger, honey and lime. Non-alcoholic sips include the yogurt-based Red Foil Cap and an oolong cold brew tonic.


The restaurant is helmed by Julia Zhu, daughter of one of Grandma's Home's founders in China. Her vision blends old with new - keeping the real Hangzhou flavors while making it a modern New York City dining spot.

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