Nothing Bundt Cakes Sets Sights on 1,000 Locations
Image Credit - Chris Trainor, The State
by Alex Bailey | July 09, 2024

Nothing Bundt Cakes Sets Sights on 1,000 Locations

Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery chain plans to have 1,000 stores by 2027. But here's something funny: many people thought Nothing Bundt Cakes was just a small, local bakery.


As covered by Parade, a TikTok by podcaster Eli Rallo went viral when she shared her surprise at learning Nothing Bundt Cakes wasn't a mom-and-pop shop. Lots of people commented that they thought the same thing. The cute logo and punny name fooled many into thinking it was just a local place with "a grandma in the back and it's her recipe."


In reality, Nothing Bundt Cakes is huge. The brand started in 1997 in Las Vegas and now has over 500 stores across the U.S. and Canada, selling different sizes of bundt cakes, from big 10-inch cakes to tiny "Bundtinis" sold by the dozen.


CEO Dolf Berle says they're going to open more than 120 new stores this year alone. And they're not stopping there. They want to keep opening about 150 new stores every year.


Why are they growing so fast? Berle thinks it's because people love to show they care by giving sweet treats. He also says young people (Gen Z) are into "little sweet treats" these days.


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"With the great desire guests have to show care and kindness to their loved ones and colleagues, coupled with the rising trend of Gen Z enjoying 'little sweet treats' and the snackification of the American diet, Nothing Bundt Cakes is growing faster than ever," Berle said in the press release.


The company is actively seeking franchisees, specifically people who care about their communities and are good at building relationships.


It costs between $483,600 and $699,700 to open a Nothing Bundt Cakes store. However, the possible financial results justify the costs. On average, a store makes about $950,000 in its first year and over $1.4 million by its fifth year.


Dessert shops are gaining more popularity across the country, with researches discovering they've grown by 52% in just one year. Looks like Nothing Bundt Cakes is riding this sweet wave of success, even if some customers are just realizing it's not the local bakery they thought it was!

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