Abigail's Moroccan Cuisine

1132 Ballena Blvd, Alameda
(510) 523-5500

Recent Reviews

Sara G.

This place will be special to me as it is the last restaurant I ate at before shelter in place and haven't ate out since. My dog was getting groomed nearby so I had some time to kill before picking him up. I've never had Moroccan food in the US before and I recently went to Morocco a few weeks prior so Abigail's seemed like a great choice! I walked in and immediately became reminiscent of the cute cafes in Morocco. I ordered the vegetarian eggplant stew with mint tea on the side. The dish was so yummy and it made me reminiscent once again. The cafe sits across from SF and you can see the entire skyline from the restaurant, crazy view! The entire restaurant is family run and I hope they make it through this crisis. Once everything blows over, I'm happy to come back with friends and continue supporting this awesome, family run restaurant.


Absolutely delicious food and very friendly owners. Don’t miss the belly dancing shows on Saturdays

Ake G.

We have eaten here a few times, and have twice attended the wonderful belly dancing shows. More frequently, we have ordered food to go and consistently the food has been absolutely delicious! Highly recommended! We are lucky to have this restaurant in our neighborhood.

Heather Dunmoyer

Amazing food, service, and views!!! You're all sleeping on this place, is so good!

Michael Bergen

If you're looking for an extravagant elegant experience, with charming ambience and exotic decor, this is not the restaurant you're looking for. The food is pretty good, however there was no bastilla. Let me say that again: No bastilla! Very disappointing. No baklava either, for that matter. This was more like going to dinner at your Moroccan friend's aunt's house. Bring your own wine or beer, for example. The belly dancer was phenomenal! Sexy, beautiful, fun, incredibly talented.

Gabby T.

I was craving Greek food and found this place and was NOT disappointed! I ordered the Greek Salad and it was a great size and super fresh! Along with the yummiest hummus dip served with crispy pita. We tried the Kefta Sandwich based on recommendation from the lovely lady who took our order and WOW it did not disappoint. The bread was on point and the inside BEYOND flavorful. You can't get that type of flavor anywhere else. Super unique and super yummy! We tried the Moroccan Tea(iced) which was yummy along with the Moroccan lemonade which was a great mint lemonade. About half way through they brought us out some fluffy cookies to try and I don't know what they were but I could eat a dozen. They told us the menu is different on the weekend and we are eager to come back. Great value!

Missy C.

Had dinner here last night and it was soooo good! Entertainment was great as well. Went with my husband and my baby and we all thoroughly enjoyed everything. We will defiantly be back for the dinner service and bring friends!

Leo Limuaco

Very good food! Home made and made with love!

Michael Z

Hidden gem! Fantastic food in an admittedly odd atmosphere, but with the best views you could ask for. Kefta and eggplant dishes both have wonderful flavor, pita was warm and obviously fresh. Would recommend for lunch especially, great see breeze and view of the Bay.

Peter K.

Came after a run and the Greek salad with Kofta and Chicken were the perfect reward. Kofta had great seasoning and the dressing made the salad. Chicken was good, but will definitely have the Kofta the next time we're here. We were lucky we came on a sunny day and were able to sit outside and enjoy the view with the great food.

joe servin

Good food Everytime I go here.

Emily H.

As you walk in you can smell spices in the cooking, and there are plenty of options but not an overwhelming selection. One improvement would be a description for done of the menu items- like what is the Chicken Isabella sandwich? Anyway, I already know I like Kefta so I got the plate and it was sublime. The rice was steamy, mildly spiced, with delicious meatballs and a fresh salad. I have to go back to try other menu items- like the eggplant, or a chicken dish. It is a quiet spot, and a order at the counter type place, but don't let that stop you! It is worth the drive out!

Alexa H.

10/10 recommend! We drive almost an hour to eat here and always leave satisfied. The owners are wonderful people, gracious, welcoming, and prepare their food with love. The meat of the lamb falls right off the bone, the couscous is cooked very well and served with squash, garbanzo beans, and carrots, the lentil soup has the perfect amount of spices, and the salads are paired with hummus, eggplant, and fresh veggies. Oh, and the cookies and tea are the final touches! Such a homey place, and belly dancing is on Saturdays in case you want some entertainment with your meal. I still can't believe the prices. $25 for a full lamb meal, salad, tea and cookies? Can't wait to come back!

Koko M.

First time trying Moroccan on Alameda Island and this was a great experience. Dinner and a show! Moroccan mint tea is absolutely delightful and dinner menu was fixed 1 of two choices is what you get so that was nice to not have to decide. They do seem to be family owned and it seems the whole family is employed or tasked with assisting in the experience. So have some grace when dealing with the younger staff/kids and maybe politely provide some pointers in the moment rather than snapping and being rude in return. We lucked out and even got a show with our dinner, which was great but again unexpected and we were not prepared to arubptly end our conversation and had no cash to tip either. Apparently this show happens on Saturday evenings, so do come prepared! The food was melt in your mouth tender and quite a healthy portion so come hungry! If you are driving in during the winter the area does get dark and there are little to no street lights.. they do not have a lighted sign out front so it can be quite nerve wracking driving down to the end of the road through the residential stays to get to the end of the outlet where this venue is. Be prepared to use your phone light etc. Looking forward to trying them again in warmer months when we can sit outside and enjoy the marina view.

Kirsten Lee

Good food, great service and wonderful belly dance.

Eugene Chang

Such a fun place for Saturday dinner with belly dancing!

Becca Gomez Farrell

Delicious food. Had the Moroccan salad with kefta, and it and the hummus included had such lovely lemon. ENjoyed the roasted red peppers and beets, too. The salad comes on an impressive platter, but you know it's all going to fall off. LOL.

Daniel Ainge

Wonderful food, wonderful service, and wonderful view.

Amanda K.

I wish I could give this place more stars because the food was delicious and the view was beautiful. But the service was awful! The young girl at the register looked annoyed to be there and was just very monotone. And our server was just plain rude. I had to ask for my iced tea and my grandmothers hot water 3 times before receiving it. When I politely reminded our waitress about the drinks she rudely says "ya your order is still coming" and rolls her eyes! Which in the end we didn't receive until I had just about finished my sandwich. Our food was served at least 15 minutes before my Aunt received her salad. And we had to wait 10 minutes for an extra plate! My mom also had to cancel her to-go order, after 30 minutes of ordering, my mom asked about how much longer and we were told it would be another 35 mins... This place could do without the eye rolls and attitude.

Nickie M.

This is a wonderful family run restaurant. From the homemade hummus and (yes) homemade pita bread, the Moroccan soup , the kofta kebab plate with saffron rice snd salad and the vegetarian eggplant plate, everything was delicious and made with a lot of care. We will definitely be back for the Saturday night fixed price dinner. Overall, a great hidden gem and very reasonably priced.

Kamelia B.

A hidden gem in alameda. The food is amazing. The service is great! The best part is that you have a beautiful view.

Karim Cherkawi S.

As a Moroccan, this place is the real thing, authentic food same as if you have it in Moroccan home made. Very good service and beautiful ambience. Will definitely come back.

Julie Rinaldi

Definitely a hidden gem on the island. We frequent for lunch and only recently went for dinner which was delicious. We all had the lamb which fell off the bone. Family owned and operated too.

Francesca G.

I tried the Kefta rice plate and Eggplants Moroccan salad from the Lunch menu: both very tasty! You can sit in the outdoor pario and enjoy a nice and traffic free view of San Francisco

Jefferson P.

Absolutely a gem this place. I was blow away. I went to meet a friend and had a the hummus and mint Lemonade it was to die for, the I had the spiced beef lunch special. I would love to go have the lamb special on the weekend.

Charles Prael

A great little place tucked away on the back side of Alameda. A real hidden gem! Maybe I shouldn't be telling everyone about this... :)

Carlos S.

Firts time trying Moroccan food ... everything was fantastic! Also the patio view complements the experience Their Moroccan tea and their lentil soup was my favorite this afternoon . Vegetables on the Moroccan salad were perfectly cook and seasoned , I'll definitely be back my net trip to Alameda

Jay K.

Last Saturday was the first time my wife and I tried Abigail's MC. Super-friendly owners and staff that made everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. I real family feel to this new find. The food was served in courses with your choice of lamb or chicken for the main course that day. All the courses were delicious and not overly salty nor overly vinegary was we've experienced in the past at other locations. My lamb was falling off the bone. The courses were capped off with some amazing mint tea and delicious, light cookies. On Saturdays, they have entertainment. The belly dancer had such a nice personality as she came up to each table for some undulations, etc. Overall, it was a nice surprise for us and we'll be back!

julian scoglio

Really yummy Mediterranean food, the lamb shank special was delicious, rice sides and everything scrumptious. Who I'm assuming to be the owner came out and brought us complimentary mint lemonade

Catrina S.

I'm not a fan of lamb, but the lamb shank was full of flavor, tender, and delicious. This was my first time trying Moroccan cuisine, and it contains some renewed familiar flavors. Moroccan coffee was sweet and dense. I definitely will return with the family!

Jack Waldbewohner

Great home cooked Moroccan food.

Tessa F.

OH MY GOSH this place is ridiculous and fun and I loved it! I came to town to visit some friends who lived nearby and they highly recommended Abigail's. We called Friday night for a 7pm reservation on Saturday and they were able to accommodate us on short notice. I had NO idea what to expect but my friends told me it was something amazing. And how right they were! We were able to bring our own wines, so we were already a little woo-woo by the time THE BELLY DANCER CAME OUT! What! It was insane! And a bunch of us were welcomed to go up and dance, which was hilarious. Oh, and the food was amazing. I ordered a vegetarian option and I couldn't believe how flavorful and delicious it was. The service was top-notch, too. Don't miss this if you're in town. It's an absolute gem, and it's in this very unassuming strip mall near the water. Don't be fooled by the outward appearance. You will leave happy, full, and delighted at such a great evening.

Molly M.

This is a solid lunch spot, a little ways out from the rest of Alameda, but still easy to find. You order at the counter and then they bring you your food. I got a vegetarian plate with eggplant and rice pilaf. It was good and it came with a side salad too. The mint lemonade here was a bit strong, but not bad. We also had their pita bread, which was more like chips than the pita bread that I am used to. It definitely feels a bit like a local hole-in-the-wall, even though it has a lot of space. I think it probably gets a lot more crowded on the weekends, and I want to check out one of the nights where they have a show here. I plan on coming back to try some of their other dishes.

Gregory B.

Dinner and a show! The show being San Francisco Bay, right outside your window. The dinner being fantastic and exotic cuisine. I had the Moroccan salad, which was unlike any other I've had. Wonderful. The Moroccan take on hummus is unique. I especially loved the Moroccan chicken. Lovely people, excellent food, great location.

Niecey Smith

Great location. Friendly service. Great food and entertainment. I enjoy it all around.

Gregory Barrette

What a treat! Beautiful bay views, reasonable prices, fantastic exotic cuisine.

joey p.

Went to Alameda on a Sunday morning to the antique fair and used my Yelp app to find this place. We were the only customers at about noon. I a have a feeling this place has an inverted customer week where lunch Monday to Friday has a bigger crowd than the weekend. We both had the plate which has four seasoned beef patties on a bed of rice with a side Greek style salad. The food was tasty and the portions OK. The service was attentive. There were a couple of negative factors I must point out however. The first is lack of any soda option. Sorry I expect any restaurant to have a least couple of cans of Coke in the fridge. The second is the water served lacked any ice and was barely cold. The third and most problematic to me was the fact that the floor was dirty.. not horrible but enough for me to notice and it was not just isolated in one place. The rug also needed to be cleaned. It was apparent the big Saturday night party had not been cleaned up the way it should be . I wish this place well and hope the management take my comments constructively.

Lulu Smith

Great location. Friendly service. Great food and entertainment. I enjoy it all around.

Ervin Lee

Great lunch spot. Loved the hummus plate and chicken isabella sandwich.

Issa Leyritana

Yummy food! Loved their eggplant.