Carl's Jr.

871 Marina Village Pkwy, Alameda
(510) 523-1464

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Always makes great burgers Carl's is the spot

Dan McMullan

Carl's Jr. has always been at the top of the fast food ladder. At least in my book. And that's has been for two little words...Okay one little, one medium word.Fried Zucchini.I had a serious addiction for a while there.Now I stumbled by for something at breakfast and low and behold.They had biscuits and gravy. Well I declare!Another of my very favorites.And it was pretty good too.You go Carl!

Deanna Knowles

Loved it had a green burrito! Awesome tacos!

Bryce Harenburg

Service is quick and friendly! The food is so-so, but what can you expect from fast food? Their hours are great, and the drive-thru is very convenient.If you are in the mood for burgers, fries, and shakes, this is a great option!

Jose Ramirez

Famous Star burger is the best burger! This location makes it extra fresh.

Donna Okpala

This is one of the best Carl's jr I have visited.... Personal staff, very friendly and professional...... Everything was made to order , fresh and served hot

Betty Stouffer

Always the hottest freshest fries on the island. Also ALWAYS the nicest most gracious service in fast food on the island!!

Anna Donaldson

Good... always cooked to order. Nice that it's a Carl's and a Green Burrito.

Johnny J.

This place continues to be great.  The only place in town that can make a better burger than I do.  I use to only go there when Jose was there, he always makes your order PERFECT !!  My wife tells me all the time, tip them, I loved my lettuce wrap burger, (and she doesn't like burgers)  Wed. I went there and Antonio took my order.  Again, the best burger I have had since the last time I ate there.  Now there are 2 employee's I know can surpass my expectations.      For some reason, when one of the other employee's make my food, it just doesn't taste as good.  Last week, my wife's breakfast sandwich, tasted sour, upon inspection, the lettuce on the bottom side was BROWN....once removed it was OK, but now she was eating just the guts, without a wrap......she was very disappointed.   Jose was not there, that morning, and Antonio only works evenings.   But I will be there Friday, at 4pm to buy my family burgers.....7 burgers Friday, Feb. 20, 2021.  $40.00 but if Antonio, or Jose is there, my food will be worth the price.  GREAT PLACE !

Alex Houlton

Food was great but it's insanely expensive. $17.89 for a standard large combo.... Really?

Luis Hernandez

Good very good ?? food but sure

Unveiling her truth

Customer service is A1!!! I been coming to Carl’s Jr for a couple months now and each time there is two employees everyday who really made me see that they care about their customers. I come everyday for either coffee or a soda and each time they stop to have a mini conversation with me showing they genuinely want to make their customers feel welcome ?

Andre Cinco

This location of Carl's Jr never disappoints. Excellent customer service at the drive thru and burgers are always made fresh.

Russell Tripp

I'm such a junk foodie and this place satisfies my cravings. Always had good food.

Samrat Sarkar

Great place to grab a yummy, fast-food, charbroiled, gourmet burger with bacon, teriyaki, avocado, etc along with their breakfast burger which looks like a scrambled egg, burger, bacon and hashbrowns, chicken, fish sandwiches, etc .The food at this location is consistently really good majority of the time hot and fresh. This restaurant is really clean. They even brought our food over to us...first time I've had that at a fast food restaurant ...overall get service.

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