In-N-Out Burger

555 Willie Stargell Ave, Alameda
(800) 786-1000

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Gregory Collins

Always one of the cleanest and fastest In and Out's in the Bay Area. The food is always fresh and regardless of how packed it is, they keep the lines moving. Great management as well. I highly recommend coming here for your In and Out burger, especially if it's your first one.

Kody Sharp

Decent burger fries could have been cooked longer

Rebecca C.

In-N-Out Burger is always spot on. It never disappoints, and the Alameda shop deserves a special shout-out for efficiency. You could be 50 cars back in a line that winds down the Highway during the dinner rush, and you'll still get your order within like 20 minutes. It's insane. We've gone several times at peak hours, using the drive-through, and have had a consistently fast, easy, and surprisingly pleasant experience, despite what looked like it should be a multi-hour line. They know they're good and are ready for the crowd. We pull up in the crazy long line and prepare to sit for all eternity waiting for our delicious, fresh, always-perfect burgers...and then find the line moving at lightning speed, with friendly and masked staff coming to our car window to take our order as we continue forward. We greatly appreciate that all staff are wearing masks. You pay at the first window, and as soon as you pull up to the second, your food is ready. In our excitement to eat, we keep forgetting to take any pictures. Maybe next time!

Sou S.

Wow, this in n out has downgraded or went cheap as hell! I can't believe they skimp on some lettuce in your burger.. that's just crazy to me. Raw and grill onions with everything that's including lettuce, turns into a big fat cheeseburger. Pretty sad. Oh yeah to mention, the kid thought he gave me two bags but only gave me one with burgers in it and my 2nd bag apparently was my fries which I did not get and got the nerve to ask if I got a second bag when he saw me looking through only one bag. But I guess. Pretty sh*tty now. $8 each for a cheeseburger meal & $10-11 for a 3x3. A double double is $9-10 for a meal, I think its not a fair price since Covid. Cheap but raise the prices on everything. Good luck!

Felicia L.

I love this In-N-Out location because it's been feeding me and satisfying my burger cravings since I was a college freshman, and now I'm close to graduating! I've had In-N-Out since I was a little kid because I'm from SoCal, and so I immediately tried to find the closest In-N-Out to me when I moved to the Bay. I was so happy to find this location. The quality of their burgers are pretty reliable in my opinion--if you order in-person (the drive thru line is ALWAYS long). Sometimes you'll see a crazy drive thru line but if you just find a parking spot (usually not too hard) and go in to order, there will barely be a line! I order the hamburger (sometimes with no onion, sometimes with grilled onions), as well as fries when I'm feeling them. Very occasionally, I'll order my burger protein-style. I love how cheap the food is and how you can customize your burgers in more ways than you might think you are able to.

Ted W.

In-N-Out is a truly classic fast food experience, maybe the only one I can consistently eat and really love. I'm vegetarian, so I love the fact that I can order a grilled cheese (a normal burger, but without the patty and with two slices of cheese). I always get it animal style, no tomato, which really brings it to the next level! This particular location is always solid and always busy, especially the drive thru. Because it's always busy, the fries are pretty much always fresh! The caveat is that the last couple times I've been, my grilled cheese was a bit lukewarm by the time I got my order. Included pic is my girlfriend's regular order, which is definitely one of her comfort meals!

Florent Cantat

Don’t be afraid of the drive thru line. It actually goes much faster than ordering inside. Never disappointed.

Ultima M.

My son made me come here 4 stars because I noticed employees were really being proactive about cleanliness and the customer service was great I'm not really a hamburger type of girl .... but I took one for the team (my son lol) The drive thru line was ridiculously long so we decided to just go inside and order ..... we found parking right in front, walked in and immediately ordered ..... Since there was empty tables we decided to sit and eat inside ..... Food was good, fresh and tasty ....

Raymond Libaad

I've been a five guys kind of guy until now. Not living in California this has been my my first chance at in and out. I can testify that among the trio that also includes shake shack, this burger is better. So why the 4 star: the fries. The fries were ok but nothing like five guys'. At this location the drive through was 25 cars long but fine in was fairly quick.The experience was excellent. Can we have in and out's burger and five guys' fries in one order please.

Brenda W.

I always go here. the parking lot is safe to park at even at night. there is always a line here so beware! the food quality is always good, although the milkshakes sometimes do not have enough flavor syrup in them imo. the customer service is also very good. the bathrooms tend to be clean and not smelly.

Danny H.

On the surface, this spot is just a good burger joint. Cold crunchy iceberg lettuce and juicy tomatoes, sour and sweet special sauce with diced pickles and onions, hot meat and cheese melting into each other into a harmony of salty umami all in between two lightly-toasted mustard-covered buns. Oh, and a telltale sign that someone is a transplant is if the fries are a topic of debate. I've personally grown to appreciate the hard work that goes into each fry. Watching the workers savagely pump their arms while processing entire potatoes in seconds with that primitive machine makes me feel amazing as I comfortably sit and stuff my face. This place does fast food, but it does it fresh. Fresh fast food is the oxymoron that is In-N-Out. But it's not just the food that we're getting and why there's a line literally every single time I've ever been at an In-N-Out (does move fas though), it's really the consistency. That's what you're really getting. In-N-Out has mastered the art of consistently delivering a pleasant experience. It never fails. This place is so consistent that whenever I eat here, I can reflect on my growth as a person throughout the years. Every double-double is like a ring on a tree trunk. Like a chapter in the book of my ever changing life which anchors me as the food faithfully remains the same. In our world of disruptive constant changes, In-N-Out proves that goodness delivered consistently just wins and is more than enough to make some simple become iconic. 3 moose stars. IG: @moosestarreviews

Anudeep Jain

Really bad customer service. We requested for a vegetarian burger and verified the order 3 times but still they fed us a wrong burger. And then they were so cold and non-apologetic for that. Will never go to this burger place again.

Sam Sloan

I love in n out burger , never in my 76 years have I experienced such a fascinating burger.

Lana S

If you really want a good burger, In-N-Out is a place to go! Haven’t been disappointed yet and this place is one of the top one!

Scott H.

In-N-Out Burger has returned to full-service post covid-19. This location is doing a great job keeping the restaurant clean. One worker continuously roaming around cleaning tables and other surfaces. Service is still fast and friendly. Small outdoor dining area also. Best prices in all of fast food. I don't understand the long line for the drive-thru, but I'm more than happy to tolerate it. because the long line to the drive-through means very short lines inside.

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