Kitchen of Alameda

1727 Webster St, Alameda
(510) 865-1662

Recent Reviews

Ian M

OMG this food is still do fricken good!

jazminn G

The food here was delicious! And the process are fair. You get big servings. The tomato beef chow mein was so good!

Pandkee Chang

Over priced items were a BIG turnoff. When the food arrived it was stringy and overcooked. For the price paid and the very average tasting food, I can honestly say.... Stay Away from this place. Thumbs DOWN

J V.

I really wanted to like this place. FOOD: didn't seem fresh, like it was stored overnight, in fact I had a stomach ache as soon as I got home. My daughter and husband were fine though. I've tried better dim sum. SERVICE: I caught the waiter blowing his nose several times, yes in a tissue but still he didn't wash hands or use sanitizer after. Ugh - and he handled our dishes. I did like how they served us even though we were there 15 minutes before opening. PARKING: Good/free/available.

Michon Blount

Lotus wraps smelled bad and garlic chicken was covered with sauce I couldn't identify plus chicken was half cooked. Ordered for things only are two and left.

Caven Chow

Amazing dimsum. Great staff.

Elizabeth Y.

I ordered a bbq pork with wonton noodles, and steamed pork and shrimp wrapped in tofu skin. The food was delicious. The inside dining area was clean. I only wished the male server would keep his mask on when he talked with the customers. He also ate and drank while replenishing cups and things.

allheartweb classrooms

Theee best Chinese food!! Really authentic.

John L.

Descent and average dimsum that offers outdoor dining during this pandemic. We ordered the normal dimsum plus the stuffed chicken wings. I did not like the chicken wings. It has this lingering taste that I did nor like and the batter weren't that great. Also, the turnip cake isn't bad but it was not hot enough. The rest of the dimsum was average, nothing special.

Isaac Dietz

New Fav Dim Sum. All dishes we tried were really good. Will come back again. Outdoor dining!

Steve D.

I have been to this restaurant a few times before Covid-19, and had a nice meal. I was invited to try the food as takeout, as they still need more business even with Covid-19 rules lifting. So on a Saturday, I preordered for pickup, House Chow Mein and the "3 BBQ Meat 3 Kinds." I walked in at 6pm (as scheduled) and my order was ready. I noticed that some people were dining indoors. The waitress told me you need a reservation to dine indoors. That's how they limit the number of guests. Oh well, I took my takeout and went home. So how was it? House Chow Mein, Grade (4/5): Lots of soft egg noodles, lots of shrimp, chicken, and strips of BBQ pork. Green onions....but lacked veggies like bok choy. A little bit of green veggies would of added balance to the dish. Otherwise very good chow mein for $14.95. "3 BBQ Meats-3 Kinds" Grade (4/5): It's not really three kinds of BBQ meats. My order had BBQ Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken, and Roast Duck. The menu photo showed Crispy Roast Pig, but maybe that wasn't available. Basically this is like a meat sampler as it would be served on a platter. These are some of the most popular cooked meats served in a chinese restaurant. Also, these were all choice meaty pieces, as you would serve at the table. If you were to order a whole Roast Duck in Chinatown for $23, some of it will be bones. "3 BBQ Meats-3 Kinds" is $19.95, and it's all meaty pieces. It also includes the proper sauces for each type of meat. Service grade (4/5): very similar to the Chinatown experience! Waitress was a little grouchy, impatient and impolite.....just like in Oakland Chinatown! So if you want informal family style chinese food, without going to chinatown, this is the place. And right now you can find parking on the street, because East Ocean is still serving takeout from it's backdoor! (FYI: This site used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken) If you like it, it was worth the price!

Roger Le

Food is reasonable, but the service is a joke. High prices, similar to their competitors East Ocean and Chef Wok, where service details are much better.Their specialty are roasted Duck, Queen chicken, roasted pig. Fresh striped bass, rock cod, Dungeness crab, Maine lobster, catfish.

Jane C.

For Lunar New Year, I ordered 7 entrees during lunchtime for a 5PM pick up. Order was delayed for 20 minutes since they were busy and it was Lunar New Year weekend. The food was good and came in generous portions. The total came out to be approximately $100. What I like is they offered this deal where you pick 3 entrees for $36.95. I also ordered 1 fried crab on the eve of Lunar New Year, it was $40! It was quite expensive for one crab. I understand they charge by market price but I don't think I will order crab from them again. Overall, service is decent and food is okay. This is definitely my go to spot for Chinese Food.

Liza Cubilla Gabato Morse

Authentic Chinese food!!!. I usually have to go to Chinatown to get my flavors right. But now, I don't have to leave the island. Everything is fresh, vegetables are crunchy.. the soup is separated so it remains fresh. Peking duck is perfect and the beef chow fun is amazing and not greasy! Don't get me started on the authentic dim sum! Everything that I want and I don't have to leave the island! Thank you so much for bringing it home!

Doctor G.

COVID 19 REVIEW Came on a very busy evening for pick up dinner. What a public health disaster. Inside, they had one table with diners and a second large table set up to diners, all in contravention of public health guidelines. On the sidewalk, people stood in line trying to figure out how you let the restaurant know that you're there to pick up your order that they phoned in, and how to figure out whether you're order is ready to be picked up. No one really wants to line up and crowd inside the restaurant to find out the answers to these questions. Eventually, a few customers do, but no one wants to have to wait in line inside the restaurant. Clearly the restaurant doesn't care. This complete lack of any system works only if there's no one other than you waiting to pick up food. If there's more than two, you're heading into a super-spreader-lite event. Food is still good there.

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