Marley G's Pizzeria

1330 Park St, Alameda
(510) 227-5521

Recent Reviews

Finnegan Newman

The place offers a great variety of fresh food. I love dining here. The employees are always helpful, prices are reasonable and the spot is always well organised.

Aaron Philips

Never been disappointed ordering from here. The pizzas are fantastic, and the calzones (prosciutto, mushrooms and ricotta) are exceptional. Sauce, cheese and dough, all three are great.

Suzy K

$15 for soggy chicken wings / should've been 10 pcs but got 9 instead - was curious as a first timer - not going back. Friendly service.

Bobby Velasquez

Places great I have the ricotta with spinach slice and pepperoni really good pizza try it

Danny Norwood

So far.....the best Vegan Pizza in Alameda. Prefer the cashew cream cheese.Nice suprise.

Jennifer Gray

Excellent thin-crust pizza with just that edge of char that is pizza perfection. Interesting toppings, I had the Seasonal Special: nectarine, goat cheese, pesto & arugula-a combination I never would have thought of, but was delicious. I will definitely return.

Shane Walton

The food and service are exceptional. I tried the pizza, sandwiches, and some sides. I think they are doing a great job during the quarantine to make everybody comfortable and still give a great service.

Kyle RC

Pizza was decent, but nothing to write home about. Their drink selection is limited. Three small tables outside for "covid" compliant seating.

Heidi M.

Awesome place open till 11:00. We are from out of town and this place was open late for dinner. It was delicious and we highly recommend it

S Little

The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the vibes of this restaurant. Great place to take my family out for dinner.

Edward S.

Make sure your pizza isn't burnt and don't order the hot chocolate they might put sour cream instead of whipped cream

Sanjana D.

Lovely staff - have only had the chicken parm but well worth it. On a lonely night they're down to have a nice chat when serving the huge platter of food. Once the edges of the parm were a little singed but other than that one day have been amazing. I don't go much to Alameda anymore but if I do I'd definitely come back.

Julian S.

Below average pizza and terrible delivery experience. I want to support local restaurants during this pandemic so ordered a pizza online. It was already a pricey pizza with tip over $35 for a pizza, but whatever I'm fine spending the money when its worth it, unfortunately this was not worth it. First the delivery. They have a great txt update. I was excited when they gave updates like the pizza was on the way. But 30 minutes after getting that txt and still no pizza I was worried (btw I live literally 5 minutes away). I called twice and got no answer. 40 minutes after the on the way txt the driver came with a luke warm and soggy pizza. Gross. Its hard to truly judge the pizza cause I had to microwave it. The crust was terrible, probably because of the microwave. But who knows. I will never find out cause I'm never eating here again and I received a cold pizza. All for supporting local businesses but this was a terrible experience. Hot not soggy pizza. Thats all I ask for.

Abigail Moy

Their food is delicious! You people HAVE to go there! I love their kids menu and pizza. They used to Bowser's with amazing pictures of dogs. I had a pizza making party when it was still Bowser's and it was AMAZING................


I lived in Italy for two years and Marley G's is exactly the same. This is the best pizza in the Bay Area.

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