Sushi Go Go

1716 Webster St, Alameda
(510) 865-1492

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Dom N.

Some of the rolls are okay, the prices are good. The spicy tuna roll I would not recommend. Their spicy tuna maybe some of the worst I've ever had. Two stars because it's somewhat cheap

Kayla T.

Ok I didn't expect this to be inside a gas station LMAO but man, gas station food always hits at night. The sushi is good, I got the shrimp tempura roll, CA, and avocado. Shrimp tempura is pretty damn good. They're pretty fast too. But you can't really wait for your food inside since it's in a tight space. But you can make those ice cream shakes while you're waiting lmao

Anna T.

This is my second time to this place but first review. The first visit was more than five years ago. Sushi Go Go is inside the Circle K gas station. You've probably heard of gas station chicken, now it's gas station sushi. This made to order sushi place uses fresh ingredients, offers fast service, all in the corner of the store. I found the combo sushi platters to be the best value so I ordered the CC Combo which was ready in five minutes. I was looking for a quick snack to share with my son for our car ride. My order was placed in a fancy bag and I grabbed a fancy-full color menu to take pictures and share. I was expecting my box of sushi to be placed in a plastic bag of some sort. Another surprise was the extras in the bag. Not only was there soy sauce, wasabi and nicely packaged ginger of generous portions placed in my bag but there were good quality chopsticks (not the kind that keeps shredding wood when you rub them together) and hand wipes provided. A very nice visit and I'll definitely return when I am in the area

Helen L.

This review is for the convenience factor of a mini sushi bar literally inside a gas station mini mart. Didn't know that when I ordered online, searching for a quick but good quality California roll snack on the way to biking in Alameda. When went there for pick up, I literally couldn't figure out the entrance to the " restaurant", not knowing it was inside the service station store, like a 7-11, with sushi! There's a guy making the sushi rolls fresh in his mini bar, way on the far right as you enter the somewhat cramped store. I'd say it was as more like a 3.5 California roll, fresh but smaller but a good snack size for my elementary school daughter. Kinda pricey for what you get but I figure we paid for the convenience! The stapled brown paper bag was waiting for me to pick up at the counter.

Laurie T.

I am so very grateful for a fast, fresh poke bowl. The rice was not actually fresh, but I shouldn't eat rice anyway. The tobiko, fish, seaweed salad, wasabi and ginger hit the spot! I got fuel, cash and lunch in one place. Thank you West End. I loves you.

Johnny P.

If you just have to satisfy that random sushi craving you got, then this is a really great option! Their sushi has always been fresh and delicious. Their boxes and deals don't hurt the bank too much as well. This is my go to pick up spot when I am just craving some dishes from the sea.

Kay D.

WHEN: Saturday @ 8:30pm Sushi go go is one of my favorite fast sushi places in the Bay Area. I generally go to the Oakland Location. This is my first time at the alameda location. It's located right inside of 76 gas station, and the small sushi go go area on the right side of the gas station. COVID PROTOCOL Social distance enforced, mask enforced. Staff wore mask and gloves making food. I ordered over phone, I wasn't sure if they took phone orders and they did. The Oakland location only took delivery app orders. WHAT I ORDERED Poke bowl $9.50 It was a decent size poke bowl with fresh salmon sashimi. It's less topping than typical poke shops, the portion was just enough for myself when I don't want to splurge $13 for poke at other shops. TIP: Different location sushi go go has a different menu. Check the menu before placing your order!

Candace Stebbins

Sushi is always fresh and delicious don’t let the jiffy store detour you from trying this place.

Vinnie T.

Since I was getting gas at the 76 gas station anyways and felt a little hungry, I thought why not get gas station sushi? Especially when there's been consistently good reviews at this place. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Prices are reasonable and it's made to order. I got the Lion King Roll ($10) for this first try and it's not bad. Not restaurant quality of course, but decent for fast food sushi. I'll be back to try more next time I need to fill up on gas here.

Daniel S.

I found this fine establishment on DoorDash looking for a random and small business to eat at late night quick. (munchies) We did this for pick up and totally thought we were screwed since we couldn't find the place. (If you get lost trying to find it , don't worry you ain't the only person to mess this up) It's located inside of the 76 Gas Station on the right hand side. Now that you know how to find it, a gas station was the last place I'd expect to get good sushi from. I had the munchies but I promise I wasn't high. The sushi was fresh , I was surprised to say the least . I ordered a Lion King roll and a Golden Dragon Roll. The lion king has a lot going on it's baked and they throw mystery sauce (I just don't know what the sauce is but it's ) it's got imitation crab and salmon. The golden dragon roll has salmon and shrimp tempura and is also baked . It was tender and moist and just looked pretty with all the other sushi rolls we ordered . It was super easy to pick up you just let the dude at the counter know and you grab and go. The gas station location allows you to increase your drink options while you are their in the event you aren't satisfied with what's available (person I came with is picky af) so I had to throw that in . I was pleasantly surprised. People often talk smack about gas station burritos , but they can't talk shit about Gas Station Sushi at this fine establishment. Do not sleep on this option.

Ted Hommert

Totally blown away! Fresh sushi to go from inside a gas station, but it was really very good and their prices are quite reasonable. I'll go back.

Michelle C.

Slightly lower than OK for me. I guess it's ok for quick grab and go rolls. I'll past next time tho. Food didn't taste fresh and I felt some minor tummy discomfort.

Ali M.

Wow! Holy taste buds! Whenever I get my order, it is always incredibly fresh and a decent price. Sometimes my husband and I are unsure of what to eat, we end picking this place. Their delivery is pretty prompt too so you never have to wait too long, no matters where you are. Highly recommended!

Steve D.

{Covid-19 Review}

It's now time for....adventures in gas station sushi. Featuring "Sushi Go Go" inside the Circle K foodmart of the 76 station at Webster St x Buena Vista in Alameda...."The Island City."  So it's about 9:30pm , and there's no one at the 76 buying gas. So I pull in with my truck and pump gas.  Then I decide to see if Sushi Go-Go is still open.  I order a Lion King Roll for $9.95, and the guy says it'll take 5 mins.  So I go buy milk and chat with the Chinese girl (clerk) for 5 mins.....and {poof!} my order is ready!

I get the Lion King Roll home and it looks good.  I dress it up with soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi.  Very tasty.   I had to break out my personal jar of red ginger, because I love that stuff.

So I guess if I ever get a sushi craving, I can go to the 76 gas station in West Alameda.

Tiffany F.

Better than 3 but not yet 4 stars.
Decently priced and OK sushi. No complaints...sushi just didn't blow me away but it will satisfy some of your late-night sushi rolls cravings.

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