19th Hole Casino & Lounge

2746 West Tregallas Road, Antioch
(925) 757-6545

Recent Reviews

Dan P

Horrible experience....went down there for happy hour based on the prices they had on their website and bartender told me that was COVID prices from a year ago plus when I ordered a beer at 6:47 despite the fact they have a sign in the bar that says happy hour ends at 7 I was \"explained\" to that they run on \"bar time\" and happy hour ends at 6:45. Not only was this false advertising but when I mentioned the time I was insulted and asked \"have you ever been to a bar before\". I wish I had never tipped and sure as hell will never go back and advise everyone to never go there in the first place due to the lies and disrespect.

Eric Ray

Great action.3-6 Limit Poker & No limit Poker, plus a Blackjack table.A full bar & the regular patrons welcome new people.Very respectful & good atmosphere ? ?

Anthony M.

Can in for a beer on a Sat at 1pm the place is dead me and one other person. I order a Stella for $5.75 tip $2.25 and the bartender completely ignores me the entire time except to say no disrespect to you but I'm gonna go outside. Don't need a best friend but dang at least ask me how my day is going lol

Arthur j Willians Jr (Frog)

Bar lady was nice, and the people there were comfortable to be around. Maybe I will visit, and maybe I won't ?.

Erma Desimone

Played cards for about 45 minutes, walked away 260.00 richer

Jim L.

After leaving a bar in Concord where masks or food weren't required we stopped by the 19th hole on the way home for a drink only to discover mask and a food order were required Hell no! Get a clue 19th hole!!! We had just mentioned to a patron at the bar in concord that the reason we were there was cuz the bars in Antioch sucked. Thanks for proving our point!

yi lin

Is there any Texas Hold'em

Well Hung

New place I tried and liked it.

Lauren Paige G.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. The day time bartender, Erin, is absolutely AMAZING! I just met her but it feels like I've known her forever! Such a great experience.

Bobby Tabrizi

It's called the 19th hole for a good reason it's honestly just a small dive bar that pretends they have card games the staff is very rude and not friendly beware if you are not hillbilly this place is not for you. Do not do not bring any money to this place you probably will get robbed by the place for the people that are in it. Try California Grand Casino it's only 10 minutes away. Do yourself a favor

Xaveira Rhodes

GREAT PKACE for drinks, pool and a lil poker. The Casino is separated from the Bar. Its also nice that the wall is made of glass and you can see thru. All the Bartenders are Great! Its always a nice low key spot to hang out with friends. A must go!

Daniel Viets

The drinks are Great!

Holly Sommer

Cool area to gamble


Everyone is very friendly it is a very relaxed atmosphere where one can really enjoy a good drink a nice conversation with friends and shoot a good game of pool.

Tia T.

They Have the Best Patron Margaritas!!!

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