Krispy Krunchy Chicken @ Dave's Liquor

992-1008 Fitzuren Rd, Antioch
(925) 754-8490

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Michael Chand

This place is a rip off This Krispy krunch Is the only place that doesn't give you any sauce When ordering any amount of chicken The greedy Indian clerk claims they pay for it pay for it we've already paid for it. Dave's liquor is a very greedy place. You would think if they'd gave some sauce out more people would Buy They're chicken It's a no brainer. I need to change their ways with all that greed.

Money Teez

I love the staff here. It's never a long wait also it won't hurt to grab some Krispy krunchy chicken while your there.

Norah Suisala-Filivaa

Worst customer service ever. Worst location. After calling twice to ask what time the kitchen closes, I was told to just come in and place my order. Called and spoke to a man at 7:15pm and he said to come pay first and they’ll make my large order. Got there and was told the kitchen was closed when they clearly were still in there cooking. We enjoy eating KKC and when we order, we order big. Hope they realize they lost a loyal customer. I definitely will continue to tell people how horrible the customer service is. Sad and never going back there again. Can’t wait for the KKC on Putnam to open again.

Frederick Brice

Nice variety of drinks and snacks inside. Krispy Krunchy chicken was awesome! I will definitely come back and shop more.

Suzanne Bowen

Pick up your drink and some delicious Cajon chicken yum-yum!

Tachina Garrett

Chicken is great, however customer service is lacking.

Melinda Crowe

We didn't eat there so know nothing about the menu. I've had the chicken though and it's good. The checkout seemed very slow on this day. I've been here many times and it's usually very quick.

Desare Smith

Dave's Liquor it's a family-owned convenience store has been there for years. Nice to have thatold familiar spot. Aalways has what I need real quick.

Eric Vizcarra

Went in to get a coke, customer service was good, employees were nice. Did not order any food

clem sequeira

Love that stuffFish rocks too!

candy gurrl

8 pieces dark meat for 11.99 not bad. Good hot and fresh

Manny Smith

Yeah I like what they have a little later than normal then the normal people that's great and I can call in my order they know me they know I'm going to be there for it and it's good chicken not all greasy I like the tenders they're the best try the tenders and you won't go back to the others

Maureen Jacobs

Seriously rivals fried chicken joints in my neighborhood.

jay byrd

Everybody at Walmart seems like something wrong with them even the customer you have to stay to yourself majority of the time cuz you don't know what will pop off

Delroi Hill


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Krispy Krunchy Chicken @ Dave's Liquor

992-1008 Fitzuren Rd, Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 754-8490