Skipolini's Pizza

901 Fitzuren Rd, Antioch
(925) 757-7770

Recent Reviews

Martey Cornog

A dream like experience, halfway remembered and yearned for , to know it again . Mr. Pibb in the fountain, not D.P.Five Stars Meatball Sub.Food: 5/5

Mohammad Hossainian

Love their chicken pepperonado pizza. A little pricey but well worth it occasionally.

Robert Escajeda

Pizza is good here.. good atmosphere.. always a great time.. there corn hole.. they do have a playground or play structure for kids. It's a little beat up and old. They could use a new one and there is plenty of space to add more or another one next to the existing one.. can get pretty crowded with kids.

Dermot J.

very disappointed! been eating here for 20 years and it used to be the best around... best pizza best sangria. has gone done hill. at first we thought it was just an off night, but we have been there 3 times since then and it has been consistently horrible! I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and ask the manager if they had changed anything. I was told no and they get 1000 complaints a day! ( wrong answer) You have a customer in front of you with an issue and you just dismissed them. 2 items we always order has been consistently wrong. then give excuses.

Diana K.

This is my go to pizza spot . Everyone there is always so kind & professional. Sooooo goooood!

Brett L.

I used to love Skippolini's pizza. But in the last year there have been three times( the last three times) that the service and food has been so subpar that we have decided we won't be back. The first two were a long time ago (within a year) but the last time was last night. I ordered a pizza and garlic bread. The last thing I said was light cook the crust on both. The picture should speak for itself. If that is how you look after the customers request then I can't pay that much for that customer service. Hopefully someday we will return to the way things used to be. Until then I will find another pizza place. (It really hurts to say that).

Stephen Laren

Good variety of pizza and related food items. We enjoy the patio area for small to medium gatherings.

Ramona Kennon

The pizza is good, but beverage prices are ridiculously expensive.


Horrible service just walk in no one speaks.They treat you like an unwelcome visitor.I’ll never go there again.The pizza was awful too

Mary Jo Gonzales

It was good. Wonderful atmosphere, great family place. They have outdoor dining and corn hole to play while waiting for your food. Great menu too.

Yuli Jov

This place is amazing. From start of my reservation, the girl that works there was very nice and made sure to note my date. Called a day before and she made sure everything was ready for my daughters birthday. I forgot to ask her for her name, but I only saw one girl working there. When I arrived she provided excellent customer service and made me feel welcome. The waiters and the people picking up where also very nice and courteous. Very attentive and excellent customer service. The pizza is delicious and they make sure to provide it fresh. Their house salad is also delicious. There was also a man at the cash register that made sure we were all doing great and took us what ever we needed.My guest were all so amazed of the great atmosphere and will be going there more often and will book there events there. I hope this place keeps up the awesome atmosphere they currently have there. We need more places like this.

Un Known

This pizzaria is wonderful! Such a great place to go out and have a drink or too and relax with family and friends. The food is simply incrediable so much flavor in every bite and the drinks are top notch also! I do recommend for any one to visit. We definately will be returning soon. THANK YOU SKIPOLINIS AND STAFF FOR SUCH A GRAT VISIT! See you all very soon!

April Johannes

Horrible customer service on the phone. Had to call 5 times because they couldnt hear us once we said delivery. They could hear just fine until we asked for delivery. I spelled our address 6 times he still couldnt or should i say wouldnt get it correct. We will never use Skipolinis again. Saturday night 9pm. If you dont want to do delivery either hire better staff or dont offer it.

MaryAnn A.

Seriously the best pizza I've had in a while. Have y'all seen Ninja Turtles 2, the secret of the ooz and remember the beginning scene when everyone is eating pizza? Like that, but better cuz it's thicker, the crust is fluffy and moist (and I don't eat my pizza crusts 99% of the time)

Donna E.

What happened to their pizza? The last time we ordered pizza from here it was amazing. Tonight we ordered a med cheese & pepperoni as well as a med cheese. It was way overcooked, the crust was like rubber & the cheese was burned. For $50 for two pizzas this was unacceptable. The pizza at WinCo is way better than this. I don't see myself doing this again. What a disappointment

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