The Habit Burger Grill

5829 Lone Tree Wy STE J, Antioch
(925) 755-5030

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Home Inspection Man

Yeah the burger was good but it's supposed to be a teriyaki burger and it was minimal to no teriyaki sauce other than that we love

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 3

Service: 5

Laura Ocampo

Bad service, orders through the kiosk I do not receive and I asked the cashier on duty how I was going to receive my food and she told me that when I received a text message 15 minutes passed and I went to the counter and asked for my food what the cashier told me I was calling him and when I answered he told me I was going to receive a text message and if I don't even have an assigned number how come they were calling me and his response I don't know what happened and my food was cold bad service

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 5

Service: 1

Margie L.

We got our lunch here,my first time in this restaurant and this place is packed.they have enough friendly and efficient staff to attend to all customers plus they also have a kiosk if you want to order by yourself.this place is nice inside and they also have outdoor seating,there was just a mistake on my order but they quickly fix and apologized for it( sweet potato fries instead of potato fries),we also love the variety on their drinks.

Marilyn T.

I don't recommend coming to this location the African American female manager was being extremely rude and unprofessional giving so much attitude. What took me by surprise was that she was a manager.. how could someone like that women be promoted to manager I felt attacked and very uncomfortable another thing that took me by surprise was her being so comfortable with talking to me as a customer crazy like that the other work employees were there just witnessing everything the African American young female to be specific had tattoos and was wearing a lot of face makeup and jewelry/chains this happened 12/20/2023 around 8:30pm and I do think she needs to get written up for her horrible customer service.

Lissette T.

The African American female manager that works here at the habit had straight attitude from the go I came in to pick my food up and the first thing she does is give me attitude and ask me what I was looking for I told her my food was ready for pick up. She had the nerve to ask me if I was okay because I was giving her atttiude back since she wants to be disrespectful & me as a person who came in respectfully won't tolerate that behavior especially when I just wanted to be in and out and pick my food up and this lady wants to make my experience very uncomfortable and horrible with her nasty ass remarks and attitude I don't see how someone can promote this women as a manger when she's very unprofessional.

Janet J.

I ordered through their app for delivery but my milkshakes did not get delivered. Tried to contact the store and there is no way you can get hold of anyone at the store but only directs you to the centralized answering service who can't help with local issues. Was transferred to Door dash to get items delivered but there is no way to contact the store

Rubi G.

Walking in at 1pm on a Wednesday I was surprised to see that it was busy , but service was quick ! The food was delicious. I haven't had The Habit in years and it did not disappoint. We will definitely be coming back when we're in the area again.


Hamburgers sit up at back counter. Getting cold while you wait for fried food. Generally food is good. However, they have a habit of bad " food timing."

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 4

Recommended dishes: Tempura Green Beans, Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries

Nick J.

The staff of this habit are all so nice, they take pride in helping people, they're extremely attentive and friendly. Every time I come in I'm greeted with kindness. Upon finding out I wanted to dine in Alex personally cleaned off my table. Because of Yana, Alex Eric and Sara ima come back.


The burgers here are good but not great (could be juicier). The french fries, onion rings, and shakes are really good. I wanted to add that the server who brought our order to the car was super nice, friendly, and professional. My husband also loved his chicken Caesar salad.

Food: 4

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Chicken Caesar Salad, Onion Rings, French Fries

Mark G. Perkins

Went like 10mins before closing time, got amazing service and couldn't believe it, nicer spot than the other location in Anitoch near the automall.Would definitely come back to this location, plus they shut an hour later than the one on automall exit.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Jose T.

At least twice a week I call to place an order for lunch by calling it in for pick up. We'll today I tried to call in my order and was told that they no longer do that and u would have to either use the app or come in to order. I only get a half hour for lunch and am unable to use the app due to poor Wi-Fi service in my area. This is very inconvenient. So I went down there to place my order and everyone was just laughing and joking around in the back while people are waiting to order or to get their food. This place is really starting to lack on service.


Variation from the normal franchises is always a good refreshing treat.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

Eduardo Moreno

The service was great they were exceptional nice the food options are good and the table are not always the cleanest when I've gone

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Felipe G.

This place is absolutely amazing, the staff are so friendly and the woman in grey and black is gorgeous

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