The Habit Burger Grill

5829 Lone Tree Wy STE J, Antioch
(925) 755-5030

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Ate here tonight with my family and the employees were running around the dining area throwing ice at each other, 1 hour and 15 mins before closing. Another employee's shift had ended and was sitting in the waiting area saying he had nowhere else to go so he was staying as the other employee (possibly manager) was yelling across the dining area telling him to go home. Completely unprofessional. I believe it was the manager too that was running around throwing ice because she was wearing a different colored shirt than the rest of the employees.

Colleen Laurens Nelson

They have great tasting burgers, but their prices are too high. Not the place to take a group of people to if you don't want to spend a small fortune. If you don't care about prices and you are wanting to treat your guest to a tasty burger then this is the place for you. Either way you will get a very tasty burger!

Tanisha Williams-Herndon

I don't know why I keep returning to this location. Probably because it's the closest to my home. I don't know if the managers are not happy with the company but whatever it is it shows in their work ethic and attitude. The place was packed and what did one of the managers do?? She grabs a cup and goes and gives herself something to drink. ThenThe place was packed and what did one of the managers do?? She grabs a cup and goes and gives herself something to drink. ThenA guy comes in who apparently is a friend of a few people on staff and they simply haven't him a Burger to eat and gives him a cup.He thanked her for the free Burger and drink while we all sat there waiting for our food. I have no idea why my daughter insists upon ordering from this location.But after today I will be removing the app from her cell phone. If she wants horrible service I'll make her a hamburger at home and Display all sorts of laziness Just like they do at the slatton ranch location.


The service here is consistent, the fries are very good but unfortunately the teriyaki burger is just too watery with no glaze. It kind of makes it just a big puddle on a soggy bun and makes the fries all soggy too :(. It could be better, but its still a good place if you want a quick bite or a quick date.

Robert Martin

The double charburger is my favorite, great flavor and always prepared fresh. Salads to go are a hit/miss especially with grilled chicken because it wilts everything else by the time you get it home. Great selection of other stuff, tri-tip, etc. Best thing about the store is that they take orders until 10pm.

John Alister

I don't eat red meat but I do really appreciate the variety of alternative options. First, there's a more traditional veggie burger, impossible burger, and ahi tuna filet (all great options that provide something for everyone—for that matter, even the red meat options are plentiful with different styles of burgers). In other words, The Habit Burger Grill does an amazing job catering to people with different diets and eating habits and restrictions. Sure, you can typically make special requests at many other restaurants, but here you don't need to nearly as much. Having a wider variety of options makes it easier. Second, there's a great selection of sides and snacks besides french fries, such as onion rings and tempura green beans, and my favorite, sweet potato fries. Third, they have succulent thick milkshakes of many flavors, such as the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry—also mocha and coffee (just tried that one and it was incredible, the thickness, texture, and flavor were in the goldilocks zone—just perfect), as well as a new mango flavor. And they do have a soft-serve cone for less than a buck-fifty, if you're craving a sweet treat and need to watch those calories, stick to a budget, or both—totally understandable! Lastly, the prices overall are quite reasonable for the quality you get, which I would rate higher than all of the other burger chains (at least the ones I've tried—only Nation's comes close in my book), especially given the excellent variety of menu items! There may be a short to moderate wait to get your food, but it's always worth the wait when you get food you enjoy immensely and don't get the heartburn that the subpar chains might very well give you—you know who you are! Thankfully, Habit always fully satisfies—visiting their restaurants feels like a memorable experience that no one else can imitate. And I very much appreciate the lengths Habit goes through to make it a habit to visit more often! The service, quality, and ambiance are all top tier! I hope you keep bringing the joy, satisfaction, and happiness to your guests for years to come!

Kim C.

I placed an order through Doordash and I was extremely disappointed with my order. I ordered three items and not one item was prepared correctly. I ordered the Bacon Char Burger and received no bacon. I ordered the Fries and Onion Ring combo and received no onion rings. I ordered the 5-Piece Chicken Bites, I only received 3-pieces. I also specified I that I wanted to receive condiments, did not receive any. My order was not prepared with any sort of care. As a customer this required me to have to do extra work by contacting Doordash customer support to receive a refund. Not only does this waste my time, it wastes the time of the franchise and in money. Additionally I have commented on this issue with the company, The Habit on the issue.

Honey Danny

clean restaurant good food

Nick Lindsey

The best lettuce wrapped burger I ever tried, because it is a healthier choice to have.

Laura “BehaviorMomma” Matlock

Nice salads! Burgers are good too, but nice to have a place have salads with flavor and actual ingredients -- the Santa Barbara Cobb has actual avocado on it! ? That's rare to find. Fried green beans were a nice sub for French fries...

Barbara M.

I can't say enough good things about The Habit on Lone Tree. The food and service is excellent and if you have the lucky pleasure of speaking with Diyo as you order, your day will be made! Nicest most courteous server, ever!

Chris L.

A week ago we ordered from here and the burgers were great and we had good customer service from Toby. The last few times we have been there have all been pretty consistent great experiences.

Virgil C.

Ever since they were bought out, the quality of the food has gone way down. Burgers are dry, buns are no longer buttery, fixings are not fresh. All for cutting business costs. Another decent burger joint falls victim to corporate greed. Very sad.

Marlita C.

I've been to different Habit locations and this one by far is the worst. Everytime we order something from here it's wrong. I ordered a side salad that I never recieved. My sandwich I ordered didn't have the avocado I asked for. And the chicken Ciabatta sandwich my husband ordered was on sourdough. My son used to work at a different Habit location many years ago and that's what got me hooked on their food. Now, I can't even get excited about the food anymore. To make it worse...when my husband went to pick up the food there were hardly any other customers. So shouldn't they have paid more attention to the order? Yeah....don't think we're going there again. I was hoping 3rd time would be a charm.

Carlos S.

Excellent service Jasmine was so awesome fixed my order when it was wrong and made sure I was happy! It's so nice to have people of her caliper working for a restaurant. Thank you and if I could give 10 stars I would because Jasmine gets 6 out of 10.

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