The Original Mels Diner

4827 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch
(925) 754-1841

Recent Reviews

RE Casper

Fantastic meal every single time. Wonderful atmosphere. Great service and good prices. Highly recommended.

Tee H.

The service was fantastic at this Mel's! It was my first time at this location, as we were visiting family in the area. I enjoyed my eggs Benedict, and my mom and son enjoyed their mushroom Swiss burgers. My 18 year old wasn't impressed by her pasta, however.The young lady was the server for the entire restaurant, and she was wonderful. Great attitude, patient, and very helpful. I think I'd go back should we return to the area. This was a great experience, and I really enjoyed my food!

James Tomlins

Mel's on lone tree has always been our favorite dining in place. Covid restrictions messed up the dine in times but now we're able to return. Wanted to give special meantion to Kianna V. Her positive attitude and remembering me from last time I ordered really feels good to come back to.

Mousey Noyola

The food was delicious ! The staff was great. And I enjoy that old sckool feeling when i walk in. ???Food: 5/5

debra l.

The food was so blah. I'm sorry to say. Ordered eggs Benedict and yuck. Three of us all agreed this place is off the list.

Nick Lindsey

It feels good to eat out here.The decaf coffee and strawberry pancakes with whipped cream were delicious and extremely tasty!!!I cannot wait to come back here next time, because it's been awhile.


Hard to be disappointed with basic diner food. Place is clean and cheerful. This is where I go when I'm alone and looking for breakfast that I don't have to cook!

Rodney F.

Good food. Ordered the BLTA and a chicken club on a roll. Both with side salads and choice of dressing. The salad alone could be a meal in itself. Thanks

Steve Spatola

We love the Mel's dining experience. Blue plate like menus that harken to days of yore and lore. Plenty of nostalgic photos and relics to enhance one's pleasure. Good service and so much food I needed a doggy bag.

jim gutierrez

Food was good, services fast.

Chris Brown

Relaxed comfortable dinning atmosphere with an relaxed crew.

Un Known

Not what it used to be. I was very excited to go eat here since its been a very long time. The food was just ok nothing to brag about. The store was clean but sections where closed off with chairs on the table and in the middle of the opening so that no one walks in. Staff was not really knowledgeable on how to print a ticket or charge. Will not be rerurning

Evan A.

We have been coming to this restaurant for a long time. Service is great, food is good and plentiful. Pay attention to the menu tho. They have items on the menu that come with something, but they tell you it's either/or. Egg white omelette. Menu says "served with fresh fruit" however, the server and the manager says it's a substitute. No, it says it's served with it. The other omelettes don't mention it, so it's a substitute on those. Overall it's a great place, much better than the one in Brentwood (that closed).

Jeri M.

I decided to try the Mel's by the Blue Oaks Cinema, in Rocklin, after seeing a movie. It was fairly late, around 9pm, I think. So great- an open restaurant just a short walk across the parking lot! The restaurant was pretty empty- just 2 other patrons. I didn't see any employees for several minutes. A women then came out from the back, and showed me where to sit. I decided to order the chicken-fried steak. It looked good. It wasn't. Too salty, and too greasy. There was actually a small ring of grease floating around the food. The sides weren't good either. I ate like two bites, paid my bill, and left. I have had good meals at other Mel's restaurants. I'll give this one another shot, but if the second meal is anything like the first, I won't return. One gal was pretty unpleasant - almost rude. My server was nice, although I don't remember her name. Sorry

Annelise C.

I doordashed from this location and have the worst food poisoning I've ever had. I have all the symptoms of E.Coli so we will see . Will not be ordering again and highly recommend this place gets another health inspection. If anyone cares I ordered a club sandwich.

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