3417 Deer Valley Rd, Antioch
(925) 318-5888

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Karen P.

Workers were fitting between each orders ...and they were making customers to wait..,that was very unprofessional... they should make sure to have the right people for this kind of job ...

Chantay W.

Come on now seriously. Worked in this industry for over 20 yes and NEVER SERVED RAW CHICKEN. You should be ashamed of this kinda service


So rude they kept hanging up when I was trying to place a phone order. Fire staff and get a new one!

Isabella R.

I waited a whole 30 minutes on the phone and no answer. I called the century location and got an answer right away

Tracy P.

Our son had ordered family dinner for us Online it wasn't ready when he went to picked it up and I was missing a order . Went back the next day spoke to the manager by the name of Jacob and he was very friendly and fair. I will go back

Johnny S.

I placed my order online yesterday night after 12 hour shift. I was given the wrong order

Jonathan Campos

Bad service never has order on time always 20 min wait after order has been put online. Always playing around in the back.

Camila S.

There so stupid! I came here and my total was 70 dollars and they said they don't take 50 dollar bills! What! It's literally 72 dollars you want me to pay in 20 bills? The service was also very bad! They seem so clueless about what they're doing. The lady was even cursing at the soda machine! Horrible service and I'm not coming here again and don't recommend you do

Trisha D.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE & VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! their "manager" is incredibly rude. she or he, whatever it was, left during a busy time to get starbucks and came back to just sit there. the cashier said she was on drugs. this place is just ridiculous. this is the last time we will ever order from here again. we've experienced unprofessionalism every single time we've been here. if you live nearby, please just go anywhere else and save yourself the headache.

Jamie C.

We have given this location a few chances but this is the last time. We order online, wait 10 extra minutes after the estimate they give and you still have to wait 20 minutes when you get there. They have young VERY unprofessional workers in there, cussing all over the place with multiple customers in the store. Clearly the manager needs to clean up in this location.

Jeaneen J.

Wings were fried hard and extremely dry. Barely any sauce. Actually my garlic Parmesan didn't have sauce, only random Parmesan speckles. Absolutely disappointing. How can I order a butter/oil based toss on my wings and they arrive dry? Make it make sense.

Khadijah Marshall

I ordered boneless wings and strips. First picture is just the unbelievable inedible burnt wings. The second picture is how they are both supposed to look. It's really disgusting and disrespectful to the branch as a whole. Please don't waste your money.

Hope B.

This WS is new so we wanted to give it a try since we were in the area. There is only a "to go" location. There are no tables and chairs for customers. You an order "to go" or online, but either way, you won't be able to dine in. I ordered the lemon pepper wings with light seasoning. Sadly, it was NOT lightly seasoned. Instead, it was drenched (oil) and was extremely salty. The fries were also old and tasted like it had been sitting under the heating lamp for some time. I was very disappointed. This has not been our normal experience in other WS. Hopefully, they'll get the bugs and kinks worked out as they gain more experience. We're not sure if we would order from here again since there are other WS in the area.

Brooke Pinrod

The red head boy up front is one of the nicest employees I've encountered at this location. Never feel like a burden whenever I deal with him. Food is usually accurate but mistakes happen. Long wait times.

Anna N.

Worst customer service in all of the Wingstops I've ever visited. Did not answer their phone 3 times and I stayed on the line for at least 30 mins each time. I ordered online ahead of time at this spot twice and BOTH times they said they never got my order and then started making it after my pick up time. I had to wait a long time before I received my order. To top that off, when I first arrived at the location, I was not greeted until 7 minutes later. I even called out "Excuse me?" 3 times before someone came to out to help. Highly disappointed in this place. I can't even believe Wingstop is still in business. Good wings but absolutely terrible service.

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