798 Bear Mountain Blvd, Arvin
(661) 854-7512

Recent Comments

Dragon 387

For the cheap value it is, It's nice.

Ascis Fletch

Chocolate shake was not thick at all like chocolate milk. Blah

Eddie MartĂ­nez

Usually good. They need more help. Our orders were slow to come and the soda fountain was turned off. It was the 4th of July.

Maria Nunez

The service is good but the Arvin Ca location is always out of something ( pies) .

Tomas Galarza

Drive thru experience is awful... parking layout, poorly thought out...

Carlos Elvira

Excellent service clean place.

Teena F.

Driving thru and stopped for fries and restrooms. This is a new building on an older lot. Lots of parking and a small building. Clean, friendly, and fresh hot fries.

Luis Cardona

Not sure if it's just a slower pace town, but service was slow as molasses. Food came out quick and hot though.

Janet Sterling

A small McDonalds but well run

Wil Robles

McDonald's sometimes is a funny place to go to. I want to win last week they had a nice size building but a really small parking lot. Way too small and narrow. This one here had a nice size parking lot but a teeny weeny little itty bitty building. Funny.

Stacy Ortiz

Its okay very busy nice indoor play area for young children.

gacha bob

Fast service. Friendly workers

Gary Madderra

Nice atmosphere. Very clean

Melissa M.

Worse customer service! Especially from the gentleman with the bun and great highlight. Tip: if you want fresh fries, ask for no salt. You'll be asked to park, for like ever, but you'll have fresh fries!

Antonio Ledesma

Fast service

Carmina Castillo

Friendly staff, always clean resturant and ofcorse its great McDonald's food!

Nataile D.

Worst McDonald's you can go to always cold food and orders always wrong workers are rude

Kungfu J.

90% of my orders there have been wrong, fries are cold, burgers are dry and sloppy, I've gotten attitude thru the drive-thru plenty of times, I've tried to pay with a 100 on a 45 dollar order and they "don't take 100 dollar bills"

Christina C.

Absolutely the worst!!!! For some odd reason the line is always so long yet they never get an order right. I've grown up here and used to go to hangout after school with friends because we were friends with the owners son. But over the years their service has become worse and worse. They hire people that do not groom themselves appropriately. I understand the population of the town it's in is mostly Hispanic but not everyone prefers to speak Spanish and it is rude to assume that just because you are at that specific one you speak or understand it. Even though I is rude to take my order turn around and call it out in Spanish to your coworkers . Not just Spanish but any other language. If I spoke a foreign language in front of my patients at work I would be fired immediately. The customer is always right! They never remember to put in BBQ sauce or ketchup and I have gone multiple times when they have been standing there gossiping and cursing behind the register. Staff is completely unprofessional. I know it's McDonald's but it's a job people!

Carrie A.

The only thing worth going to our local McD is the $1 beverages.. However, IF the food is made hot n' fresh then the Big Macs & fries w/Bbq sauce to dip em' in are a yummy treat when you have the munchies! Hadda deduct 1 star bcuz it's rare you get hot n' freshly made food there and another star bcuz the staff are 99% RUDE!!



798 Bear Mountain Blvd, Arvin, CA 93203