Choice Juicery

430 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad
(760) 994-0013

Recent Reviews

Clarity T.

Food and smoothies were good and organic, however they are quite overpriced for the sizing. The smoothies are only 16 oz and are around $8!! Same with the juices, but they are $11! Then, as my family and I were sitting enjoying the morning, the staff was blasting some of the most inappropriate rap music ever, an F bomb about every 5 seconds....not to mention that there was about 6 little children in earshot. After politely asking they change the music, one of the workers gave us horrible attitude and reluctantly changed the song. The staff also gave our drink to the wrong person, and asked us if we were sure we wanted to order a hot drink because it would take them "too long" to make it as though it was a hassle for them.

Chris D.

During covid 19 out break.. First of all... the black guy with drmaking our drinks was not wearing his mask. He had his mask pulled down under his chin. Something management should address. He was wearing gloves when he took my money and then went over to the drink bar and started making my drinks. Another customer next to me asked him to put his mask on while making everyone's drinks. Smh. I should have just asked for my money back right then and there. The 2 smoothies I got I ended up paying 20$ for and they are not even drinkable. They are so disgusting and the texture is water like. I don't recommend this place to anybody.

Meagan M.

First time trying this place out and I will definitely be back. Yummy smoothies and salads. Such a cute area to relax and get some sunshine

Corey D.

I am someone who relies heavily on yelp reviews to make my decisions. I rarely feel the need to write a review but don't want other people to be misled like I was. Currently at 4.5 stars for 335 reviews. I ordered the açaí vitality and added the suggested almond butter and coconut butter. I have had many açaí bowls at many different places and this is weak. No granola or fruit to chew on; pretty much a smoothie in a bowl. The açaí vitality bowl at choice super food is nothing like a quality açaí bowl at competitor locations. I spent $11 and it is very small and I could have easily put a straw in it and drank this açaí bowl (literally pull all ingredients in this bowl through a straw). If I were the manager or owner I would go around town to other açaí places and understand what is out there for other bowls. Flavor is good and I'm sure it's healthy products. The scenery for dining in is outdoors and enjoyable. Unique location and cool fake grass with street art. If I owned a pizza restaurant I would not be able to sleep at night knowing my competitor down the street has better pizza of more quality. If I owned an açaí stand I would not be satisfied knowing I could go down the street and get a far better açaí bowl. You've already invested in the location and cool food truck/trailer thing, now figure out a way to put ingredients together for bowls or take the bowls off the menu. Good luck.

Henrique C.

I really like Acai from this place so if you're around you should check it out Also they have really good Menu

Daphne A.

First time being here and I ordered the Macho Taco salad with avocado and a Coffee buzz with maca, powder, cacao nibs and almond butter. Definitely not cheap, but worth the buy! The atmosphere is chill and located right on State st in the heart of Carlsbad right across the street from many other local eateries, boutiques and the boardwalk/beach. Grab yourself a non guilty beverage and salad on the way and have yourself a lovely day.

Diane K.

I really liked this juicery. On my first visit to Carlsbad Village some friends and I had an early lunch then walked around the area to relax and burn off the calories. Choice was definitely on their agenda and I am glad that it was. A little proxy but my husband and I enjoyed the four juices that I purchased that day. He especially enjoyed juice with turmeric. If you're in the area, stop by and try out a nice, healthy drink.

Sean Higgins

love this place! great juice, great atmosphere, and great customer service. started the 3 day cleanse and couldnt be happier.

Aiko N.

This place solidly met my expectations- yes, still overpriced, and yes, not a true juicery.... but I came because I was curious about the coconut bakon. I rarely eat out anymore, but I called this experience "field research" so I could study the components to recreate them at home. (I often cannot tell texture and stuff from just reading recipes). The (vegan) Caesar Salad was really good! Lots of bold flavors and textures going on here. The Brazil nut parmesan added a nice texture, and the cashew dressing was thick and delicious. The bakon was a bit sweet, chewy and smoky... when I make my own, I will axe the maple syrup but definitely keep the liquid smoke. I ate the roasted chickpeas on the side as a snack- I didn't see them to be easy to eat with a fork atop the salad. While the space is much smaller because Crackheads took over some of the lawn, there's still ample seating and the vibe is still really chill. Overall, if I find myself in the area and wanting to eat clean, I will definitely keep this place in mind. Pros: - organic, whole, real food - location - has a restroom Cons: - way overpriced

Nick Wilbur

Had the mint smoothie.. Very good. Great place to kick back for a little in their many chairs. Recommend

Kevin Contrera

Amazing service and samples to start us off!

Daisy Ward

This is a great place to come when you want a smoothie and ACTUALLY want something healthy. All high quality vegetarian (maybe all vegan) ingredients and their food gives you so much energy. Even the protein powder they use is their own plant based blend. It's perfect for the morning. It's more pricey than your standard corporate chain, but it's well worth it!

Rhonda J.

This place is incredible!!! They're vegan sushi is super healthy and delicious!!! And the broccoli is clean and yummy!! I visit this place often. Customer service is amazing as well! Very helpful!!

Cathee C.

The ambiance was great to people-watch on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The smoothies though were pricy and just ok. Husband's PB&J had all these hard and inedible pieces of who knows what. We thought it was date seeds but my drink had dates as well and I didn't have any of those. They were in every gulp and it was annoying to have to spit them out. Drinks and bowls are around $10+ each but the ingredients are supposed to be "healthy". Nothing was overly sweet. Protein in every drink. I enjoyed the space more than the drinks if anything. I can make them better at home. I don't see myself returning anytime soon.

Cecilius Douglas

Choice offers juices, smoothies, bowls, etc., but the standout is their MEGA healthy but decadent-tasting desserts: chocolate ship banana bread (sprouted almond flour, organic bananas, protein, and vegan chocolate chips) and protein brownies (sprouted almond flour, cacao, protein, and vegan chocolate chips). Drive now to the closest Choice and try them both. You can thank me later.

Luis Quintana

First time going. Ordering process is unclear in their signage. Got an attitude from the cashier after asking about how I should order. I waited for 20 minutes for an acai bowl that I paid 12 dollars for. Perhaps the ingredients are ok but the experience was terrible.

Kindra F.

My friend and I stopped here for lunch. We wanted to like this place so much. The menu looked delicious. Unfortunately, everything we tried was a disappointment. I ordered a smoothie, and all I could taste was a chalky protein powder. My friend ordered a quinoa and super green soup, which wasn't a soup at all. It was a pasty, oatmeal consistency with a distasteful flavor. Her banana muffin was also a disappointment, as The flavor of banana was not there. While we were there, another customer took a loaf of bread from a refrigerator that had prepared items. The expiration date on the bread was December 7. She asked the clerk about it and was told that it's OK because they freeze all their bread. We won't be going back

Marlayna D.

Great location, yummy drinks, just a little steep on the prices. $5 each for little elixir shots! Plus the one I got Was almost undrinkable because it was so spicy. That's my bad for picking the immunity on though and not realizing a main ingredient was cayenne.


Great options for assorted fresh juices and 1 and 3 day cleanses. My wife was in heaven. Great salads to accompany juices. Very friendly staff!

Kristin Bennett

Primo all around. Organic and vegan like you have never experienced! Their spicy sun"tuna" salad is absolutely amazing. Also had chlorophyll water and choice greens juice. Loved it so much late morning that I had a repeat for dinner! Staff is knowledgeable, super happy and genuinely friendly. The menu is huge. If you are not into vegan and/or organic you will be after one visit here. If I lived near there I would be there several times a week. Also, they give $1 back on all returned and rinsed out jars, which all juices are jarred. Just do not know how they could do any better.

Brittany Johnson

Choice is simply the best. Their ingredients are whole, delicious and nutritious. Their recipes for bowls, juices and smoothies are carefully crafted. I got the warrior bowl with granola on top. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Best of all all of their packaging is eco friendly. They don’t use plastic in their straws or cups!

Allison Boyko

This is my absolute favorite place. Every single time we visit Carlsbad I have to come here. The smoothie bowls are pricey but oh so worth it! I love the warrior! The raspberry chia jam is also delicious!

Billy K.

Nice neighborhood. The ambiance was great. A place where you would want to take the time and sip your cup of healthy superfood drink. The food/drink offered were good, healthy drinks/snacks, but a bit over priced. We can taste the ginger and some sort of lemon. Not good if not consumed right away.

Julianne Oates

I wish they had a different option for plant based milk. Nut allergies only get to try juice here. The hot sunrise juice was really good!

David C.

This is my type of food and the reviews seem to agree with a great current 4.5 star review. They have lots of healthy options in a nice location just off Carlsbad Village drive. I had the Mediterranean Power Bowl with avocado and Mint Chip Smoothie with almond butter. The prices are not cheap but are what you would expect in a coastal area for healthier food. I won't likely be a regular but this is a great option to have nearby!

Daniel Felipe CR

Honestyl this is the worst place i ever gotten vegan food i was raciall profiled over playing with a dog and toys with a kid,the cross eyed server told me i needed to leave when i was doing no harm to anyone threatening with caling the cops on me,definatly will never go back here again

Sonora G.

Great place to meet friends, grab a smoothie, and stroll around the farmer's market on Wednesdays!

Justin Brunner

This place has unbelievably good smoothies. The Coffee Buzz with cacao nibs is delicious, as is The Super Hero with Almond Butter. Their juice shots are pretty intense, but definitely feel like they give a boost. Was coming down with a stuffy nose and a sore throat when we arrived in Cali, but it pretty much disappeared after I had Choice's Immunity Shot. Great stuff - high quality ingredients and friendly service!

Joel Lemon

Come here every time we are in town. They have a lot of healthy tasty food for my wife. I’m more of a meat eater. But the PB&J smoothie is the bomb!

Yuuki Tan

The smoothies are very healthy , I tried a few they are good. Not amazing , but good. For the price though, I most likely will not come back. I remember I bought one, I ended up throwing it away and even let my boyfriend try and he did not want it either. I think it was the Spicey Amor which tbh, I love all the ingredients just didn’t blend right. The Mint Chip and the Superhero are tasty tho.

Sunny Randel

Smoothie was good. But I dont appreciate the upcharge solicitations on an already $9.00 drink (greedy much?). 2 smoothies 20.00 with tip, is crazy. The justification is they make their own almond milk and hemp milk. I have done this too, its not that hard or exspensive. Definitely couldn't afford to bring a family sized party here. But if u are in the mood for a personal splurge, go for it.


Truly the best, one of our favorite places ever. Their acai bowls with granola are my fav. The smoothies are a great option to go as well.

Michelle R.

I want it now! Everyday!! Have you tried the nachos?? Wowzers!! Order two boxes because you'll want more. And the sushi. You don't have to be vegan to go here but you realize you could eat this food every day.. and vegan food is yummy!!

Jennifer O.

Great service! Excellent juice and bowl selections. Got the Citrilicious, Choice Greens, Electrolyte "Superade", and Warrior bowl with granola, strawberries, and granola. Would not change a thing and will definitely be back while in town this week!

Gas W.

Got the acai bowl ($8) with granola ($1.5) and fresh fruit ($1)... Acai is pretty good. A dash of granola and 2 strawberries on top... I would say 1 dollar for 2 strawberries is a rip off.. If you're ok within that, then this is the place for you

Natalie K.

I LOVE Choice!! Their smoothies, bowls and juices are some of my fave. I've only had one thing that I wasn't obsessed with and that was the mint chip (the mint flavor was way overpowering and not as smooth as i'd hoped for). I wish they did a rewards program, just because at $10-11 bucks a pop, it would be nice to get a little kickback once every $100 bucks or so. Its not the cheapest option for juice but its definetly worth a stop whenever I'm in the village.

Arlene S.

I absolutely love this little spot. The have three other locations in Sd and the staff is great in all locations. But this spot is set up so cute. I love meeting up with friends over there and walking to the beach!


So good! A little pricey, but well worth the quality and size for each juice. I felt really energized and healthy after drinking this. I didn’t even need my espresso after having the “choice greens”. Staff was also friendly and helpful. I will be back the first chance I get.


choice juicery is probably one of the most unique and incredible juice places I have ever been to. the fact that they made their juicery out of a shipping container is amazing. As i was traveling down the I-5 and my tire light came on I went to big o tires, while the tire was being repaired, I walked down the street and this place struck my eyes and I went up and ordered a juice and it blew my mind. Great Juicery. Choice Juicery I love you

Jenna Anguiano

I get the Mint Chip every time. It is so good!