Carl's Jr.

2420 Mitchell Rd, Ceres
(209) 537-2277

Recent Reviews

Kelly Jepson

The food was fresh hot and better yet it was tasty .it was put together with pride rather thrown together..Parking: Plenty of parking when I went .

sierra rose

They messed up our order 2 times in one day.Food: 3/5

Deborah Gray

The sourdough burger that I got was very good

Anthony Stone

Calls jr always provides mouth watering perfection. The juiciest , tastiest, sauciest burgers around. Fries are so damn hot and crispy everytime. The chicken sandwiches are so fresh everytime. This crew for sure knows what they are doing. I appreciate you Carl's jr and all what you guys do for the community!

Haley Dorris

This Carl's Jr is good and always fresh. Thanks Carl's Jr crew!Six dollar meals straight smack and hit right!

Jesse “Hiesenberg” Pinkman

Really delicious but portions are too small for the price..Vegetarian options: Some but not much.Parking: Usually plenty of parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Decent.

Richard M.

Great customer service. But they took like almost half a hour to get my 3 milkshake. So I give this rate for slow service.

Barbara J.

This morning I went to the drive-thru and ordered a breakfast Burger combo and an order of french toast sticks. Somebody, who I later learned was Karina the manager, came around from the back area to bag my order. When she turned around she turned her back to me and popped something into her mouth and was chewing on her way to the window with my order. Now is my order a hash brown shorts? Is this common practice? I was just thoroughly disgusted!

Arthur Castro

Good Western Bacon Cheese Burger.. And Crunchy Fry's... Yummy

Jacque H.

I remember this place used to have juicy burgers, now they are hocky pucks. The price of $6 for a burger that will only satisfy a child, is not worth it. Really, I wouldn't buy it for my grandson. What happened to the fast food restaurant? Better off making it at home.

Miss Peterson

Mexican lady was on her phone instead of paying attention. The drive thru next to it is faster

N. “Wanderer1” Gallegos

Carl's has always maintained his mark close to the top of my favorite places, especially with their Famous Star. Fabulous ?

N. “Wanderer1” Gallagher

Carl's has always maintained his mark close to the top of my favorite places, especially with their Famous Star. Fabulous ?

Maria a

I like coming here because I've never had a problem with this location. Food is on point every time.

Mario Flores

My burger looked just like it is on TV. And I could taste the char. Fast and very curtious service.

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