The Habit Burger Grill

2900 E Whitmore Ave, Ceres
(209) 804-1050

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Kathryn Rogers

Crammed so much n to go bag smashed everything. No taste,flavor soggy fries. No syrup n soda all carbonation they missed the mix. Won't b back. Went inside to complain said we have to cram the bag per rules 3 items per bag no matter what's is is being placed n bag.

Game Fantasy

Food was really good and staff was very

Alejandro Arriola

Service gets one star. Majority of the time we get drive thru at this location. This specific location has got to be the worst. Every single time we’ve ordered here, something in the order is wrong. I don’t understand, we speak clearly and the order is repeated back for confirmation and its STILL WRONG! This last order today, came home to find out no fries at all for any of the orders and my kid’s burger was wrong.

Margaret Loucks

I ordered online. My fries were cold and burned. My burger looked like it had been run over by a truck. The bun was soggy and the burger had no flavor. I ordered ice tea only to be told that "we ran out and aren't making anymore." I was offered a refund for my drinks only to be told it would have to happen though an email and would take 3 to 5 days. I wasn't asking for cash just for the option to have the amount credited back to my card. The manager was very rude and dismissive. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. I won't be back.


Not good. Food undercooked and wet and soggy.


STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION! On August 1st I ordered food through the drive thru and had ordered 2 burger combos and 1 side of spicy green beans. The manager was working the drive thru window at the time and verbally repeated my order to me...which was correct. I was given my receipt and I noticed that I was charged for 2 sides of spicy green beans instead of 1...mistakes happen.I get it! I notified the manager that about the mistake and she awknowledged the mistake in which she said she would give me a refund for the error. She asked me for my Visa card and wrote ALL of my credit card info on a piece of paper and stated that she would refund me for the mistake. I gave it a few days and I noticed that on August 2nd my card was never refunded. I became concerned due to the fact that she copied ALL of my credit card info but failed to refund me my money. What was the point of asking me for my credit card again and copying my info on a piece of paper. I got into contact with Habits Customer Care and received a reply on August 4th stating that a customer care manager will be getting into contact with me in regards to the error. It is now August 14th and I have yet to receive an email or phone call from a customer care manager in regards to the error. I am now refuting my charge through Visa/Chase because of the lack of action/follow up from Habit. This is unacceptable. This issue is now the about the principle of the matter and the fact that Habit in Ceres has my credit card info and did not follow through as promised.This is not good buisness and unnaceptable buisness practices. Habit has lost a long time customer.

Carissa Espinoza

Rude employees, over priced food that half the time they mess up anyways. Paid $16 for a chicken sandwich meal that they first forgot to give me and then I get home and nothing I ordered was even on it. But I was charged for it. Salad had no dressing. The manager is the worst. She is so rude. I had a $100 order and won’t be back.

Angel Rodriguez

Both times I went through the drive through the order taker was bland and rude with terrible drive through ediquit. Both times they also messed up my order where I had to give them back the burger and have them fix it. Food was still amazing though.Vegetarian options: Beyond Berger and a ahi tuna steak burger for pescatarians.

Dennis Johnson

Burgers are top notch but a bit small for a premium burger place. Fries are decent as well but really wish they offered curly fries. Great location as well.Vegetarian options: Impossible meat (yuck)Kid-friendliness: Hi chairs and boothsParking: Strip mall. Lots of parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian options.

Jack W.

We eat at the Habit often. I usually order green beans and a charburger, and I've never been disappointed. My wife usually orders a salad and fries. My grandson gets food delivered by Door Dash. The only problem we've had is a soda that he ordered. It had the carbonated water, but no flavoring. Unfortunately, there was no way to get a replacement.

S. Saebp

Ordered onion rings got fries. But they do have delicious fries so it was OK. I would go there just for the fries that good ?

Smiley Alva

the female on the drive thru .girls you need to change jobs you have a bad attitude. Your not for service ...honestly the food and service is a lot better in Turlock...!

Tiffany StClair

Came in via drive thru, no line. Clean drive thru. Order taken correctly. I ordered the Portabella Mushroom Char Burger with added bacon and a side of tempura green beans with a Strawberry shake. All of it was delicious! I was surprised to see the tempura beans, but loved them with the burger I chose. Their ranch dipping sauce was great too. The shake was fantastic too. Will be back and would recommend to others.

Jenifer Alvarez

This is how they made my parmesan garlic fries. They’re just regular fries with unmelted cheese bits on top.

Aurek Callisto

Very slow drive-thru even when there's nobody in line, consistently have gotten raw food more than once. It's a shame because my family was excited to get a Habit in Ceres, and it ended up being a terrible experience. It's better to drive to the Turlock location than risk your money at this location.

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