Jack In The Box

2711 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 272-2037

Recent Reviews

Joe rhino

The food at Jack in the box is what it is. You know that each store is going to be exactly like the last. This store in the early morning hours is primarily driven by the drive through. It is very busy. I walked in the store and was greeted by the young lady at the drive through window with a smile. I walked straight to the restroom. It needs attention but at least it is clean. I walked back out and the polite young lady from the drive through came to the counter and took my order. The condiment counter was clean and in good order. She handed me my order and wished me a great day. This location, at least in the morning, has fantastic service.

Rhonda Hart

Good food but a little on the slow side in the Drive thru

Chatis Chatis

No one goes hungry with their 2 tacos/$1.39mmmmmmmmm

Fallen Angel206

Nothing healthy to order on the menu at all! Healthy salads, my foot!


Employees are always pleasant and the food is always hot and fresh.

larry trejo

I like Jack's its local and the food is good and quick service done in or carry out.

Josh Hansen

It's cheap fast food, on par or slightly better than McDonalds or BK.

C Parker

Went to get the spicy chicken strips in the afternoon and was told that they were all out! On opening day I ordered the fish sandwich and was told that they were all out of tartar sauce. I was really mad about the spicy chicken strips, though, especially when they told me to come back tomorrow!!

Lisa Vincent

5 stars for the friendly and prompt device. The young lady at the drive thru was attentive even though busy.

Rayfield Wright

One of the better ones.

Tom Anderson

Love the tacos

Roberto S.

It wasn't the worst JITB, but it wasn't the best. The cleanliness was borderline. They weren't busy so I would expect the most tables to be spotless. People come and go so I don't expect all of them to be that way, but certainly most. That wasn't the case. The service was good, they were nice and the order was right. Exactly what you want. The food was classic JITB. The burgers are good. Honestly, if corporate would crack down and improve the customer experience maybe they could get those rave reviews the new burger chains get. But it's pretty clear they're going the other direction. More 99¢ menu items! That'll improve service!

Roberto Schafer

It was typical for a JITB. It could be cleaner, they could make more of a customer service effort. The food is tasty and the burgers are always a bit different than the sea of burger places flooding into California.

Pixi Danger

They hire nothing but brainless idiots to work the drive thru! One guy is so high he can’t unserstand simple instructions! Oh check your bag to make sure your WHOLE ORDER IS THERE!

Daryle Martin

The fries were cold, the new deli sandwich, the bread tasted like it was a day old.

Evangeline Lozano

Didn't like the sandwich.

Sanjay Rawat

Spicy chicken sandwich

Kaitlin F.

This Jack In the Box is way better than the other one in green river. Although I did come here one time and they were out of regular fries. Weird

Anthony Fields

Best Jack in the box in the area, they actually give you great food and hot fries. More time than not. What else can you ask for .

Joanne Monast

Tried sourdough chicken club delicious


The burger Swiss cheese and bacon was delicious. The fries were not so tasty as other Fast food chains. Service was good and quick. WiFi is free.

Renato C.

The burger Swiss cheese and bacon was delicious. The fries were not so tasty as other Fast food chains. Service was good and quick. WiFi is free.

Roberta Jones

The there chicken bowl with brown rice. Ps The egg rolls are good.

John Fox

Shake machine broken. The only reason I went there.

Nicole S.

I never expect much from a fast food restaurant but this place surprised me... and not in a good way. i went through the drive through and placed my order. no problems there... i got up to the window and i handed him a $20 bill. i asked him if he could break it to give me smaller bills. he looked confused and i actually had to explain what breaking a bill means. after he did that, i sat and waited for my food. he asked me a few minutes later if there was a problem and i said i was waiting for my food... another 2 minutes went by and he proceeded to ask me if i had another problem... i explained that i still didn't have my food. another few minutes and he asked me a 3rd time... really?? after 3 times he still didn't seem to understand i didn't have my food... on top of that, they kept trying to hand me the wrong order. not coming here again

J Santos

Clean place nice crew. Amenities always available.

Navin R.

i'm really trying to not exaggerate when i say this but this is probably the best jack in the box i've ever been to. I thought i was just lucky the first time, but every time i've gone to the drive through i've gotten good quality hot food... honestly very surprising for a jack in the box in a relatively lightly populated area. 10/10 do recommend


Ordered To-Go lunch 2 sandwiches with fries. Fresh, hot, crispy fries,quick service. Love them yummy.

James Garcia

Good for in the go.

Jerica R.

I actually really like this Jack in the Box. I used to live nearby so this was the one I would always come to. All of my food seems like it was just made when I order it, and there's nothing better than steaming, hot fresh French fries!


The jack n the box on green river road is by far the best jack food around. Always has fresh cooked fries unlike most fast food restaurants where you get old nasty fries

Jeremy Cordova

Great Food! CLEAN n Great Customer Service. THANK YOU!

Amanda N.

Dined in and used the restroom, to find an employee that used the restroom and walk out without washing her hands! DISGUSTING! what's up with that shopping center! They need a visit from the health department!


Always good! Jack in the box's curly fries will have you coming back for more!

Janet Cameron

A lot of elementary school kids inside. No air conditioning, soda machine over flowing! Not a return

Barb Marquez

I tried their pork belly sandwich. The lady, mgr I believe/ shift lead, was attentive to my allergy. The sandwich was good. Thanks for excellent service.

Sheldon L.

This place has gotten worse. Employees are robots, management has no leadership skills. Make sure you check your orders in store and drive thru. Had to go back couple times for missing orders. Hope they improve staff here for this community!

Jerry Castillo

Saul and Luis are great! They were fast and super cool! they make up for the awful service 2 years ago when I got a coffee made with tea instead of coffee and they tried to lie about it until they admitted to putting tea in the coffee maker- yuck! Anyways thanks guys

Kristeen P.

This Jack in the box was the best service I have received in a long time (from fast food). They were friendly and polite. Service with a smile! When our food was served, yes they brought it to our table, the gentlemen asked if we needed anything else. He went back to get us ranch and delivered napkins as well. We didnt ask for the napkins, he just did it. The environment was clean as well. No sticky tables or trash on the floor. Kudos to the manager. Great job. When it comes to Jack in the Box, this will be the location I go!

Moni A.

Ok this is only for the counter girl that I specifically told to put the tomatoes and lettuce ON THE SIDE. Apparently this means to leave them completely out of the order because I didn't get anything except the spicy chicken patty. FYI, if I wanted you to do that I would've said "Leave them out". Next time if you don't get it, clarify and then recheck if the order was correct before you give the food.