Jack In The Box

4715 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 272-0841

Recent Reviews

Lourdes Mendoza

It was great! Loved it! Thanks guys!

Claudia Delaluz

My favorite place yes we where the first costumers eating in the restaurant again


Quick service friendly employees good food what more can you ask for

Lisa E.

There was a time I enjoyed visiting this Jack-in-the-Box, but only at this location. But recently, partially because of changes in their menu by corporate, and more recently sloppiness, this location is gone downhill too. Today was my last time ever visiting a Jack-in-the-Box including at this location. Jack-in-the-Box quality is horrible regarding how greasy their food is with things like a buttery bun add it onto the greasy sliver of me they call a patty, how poorly prepared, and value. Any picture you see you have a menu item I guarantee you you'll be disappointed with how appetizing it looks in real life. Attached is a picture of a Junior cheeseburger they received for $2.00. Keep in mind, the place is empty so it's not like they can't take time to take pride in preparing what they are selling. Every other fast food I can think of provides a better burger than this at all levels.

Riya Shyam

Great Customer Services {+1}855/485/0407 NO NONSENSE and GREAT SOLUTION!!!

Rishi Tanwar

Great Customer Services (+1)855/485/0407 NO NONSENSE and GREAT SOLUTION!!! Great Customer Services (+1)855/485/0407 NO NONSENSE and GREAT SOLUTION!!!

Hussain Raja

Great Customer Services [+1]{-855^485-]:{-0407-} NO NONSENSE and GREAT SOLUTION!!!

Gerard G

It was okay. Good, quick, fast food. It's not a steakhouse.

david tello

Its was quick and easy but they forgot my hot sauce

Steven Mann

Great service, fast and friendly. Food was very good and done right.

Shane Dunagan

Service was professional and freindly, working to be time efficient. Drink machine wasnt serving all the flavors at that time but you can't always win. Food was prepared well and honestly I have only praise to mention to this local and home store in Corona off green river. Keep up the good work.

Steven m

Great service, fast and friendly. Food was very good and done right.

becca boo

One of the better Jack in the Boxes. Friendly staff, and clean restaurant. They also have outlets to charge your phone if needed...which is a huge help when we're traveling through. Food is always fresh and correct.

Tim R.

Came here on a chilly morning. Got 2 chicken sandwichs and nuggets. Great food. Great service.

gary allen

They close early on Xmas eve and the Jack in the Box app let me order and pay for my order even though the location I choose on app was closed I have already notified the company via website and the app developer through Google play so that they can address this issue so no one else has this happen to them.

Carrie Goeson

We stop anytime we drive past Green River and they have never failed us food is always fresh and delicious ❤️

Sergio Garcia

Disappointing! After having to search high and low to find something that was open, Jack In The Crack came up p short of living up to my expectations. The bread on my Jumbo Jack was old and hard and they put so much ketchup on it that first bite resulted in ketchup getting all over my hand and arm then dripping onto my shirt and lap. Good thing I was going home and not out. That would have been disastrous.

MRapunzel Smiles

They were incredibly friendly and nice at this JITB location, food was accurately customized and ready quickly. Will go here again!

Crystal F.

Waiting in the drive thru now going on 5 minutes after paying. The lady at the window gave me back too much change so I gave the balance back to her and she just gives me a dirty look and doesn't say a word to me.

Vanity Moreno

Well so we ordered a big order, pulled away to enjoy our late night dinner and bit into our Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers only to find it was just a bun set with ketchup, bacon and no burger lol it was a wierd taste. It happend to both of them so cook error I'm sure. Thats a huge error lol luckily we drove ba k around through the druver thru and remade our order.


Love the vanilla shakes. And the breakfast menu

Chely Pearl

It's better to walk in and make sure they give you the right order, not someone else

Eric Martinez

Order was 100% correct. For the little bit of language barrier that created a minor inconvenience, I was very happy that everything was correct.

T. Young

employees children running a muck, Cobb salad comes with un cut chicken, tomatoes, lettuce. Fairly clean and unbusy dining.

B Ayala

Jack in the box alwys has good food and sevice. The lettuce and tomaote are feee can you belive that ! Amzing isnt it !

Irvin Chapman

I just placed another order from Jack in the Box Restaurant and once again am thoroughly pleased with the all around experience. They've got the best onion rings out there!! They really do; cooked just right with enough batter and onion to please the hungriest pallet!!! A great late night snack!!!!

Elvis T.

Disgusting so dirty! Literally food all over the floor and spider webs around trash can. Soda machine was all sticky and order was wrong. What a waste of my time and money. NEVER AGAIN!!!! GROSS!!!

Carri DeBeaumont

Quick bite and food delivery. Needed somewhere easy to get to get off/on freeway. Food is consistent.

JOEY !!!!!

Awesome service very nice management and good food ,👍👍

Carmen Montoya

Use to love their Buttery Swiss. They dont make it the same now.

Edward Guevara

The place was clean and service was good and food was good thanks

Rose Mollenauer

The ladies were wonderful! Place was clean and service was great..

Freida Posada

Great service, with a smile! Fresh tacos, just the way we like them, no cheese! Wonderful unsweetened tea! Amazing!

Gerardo Zuniga

Don't hate this plase. Only disappointed. Attendants don't know how interact with customers.

Kurt Weber

I mixed vitamin water with Jumping Jack Splash. Very good.

Chris Toth

A good Jack in the box. Excellent Service. Food came out fast, fresh and tasty. A perfect place to grab a late night meal.

jay Petrarca

As far as Jack in the box goes, it's a nice one. Clean, fast service, and friendly, helpful staff

Airalee Evans

They messed up our order. Their sofa machine broke while we were using it, and they were doing construction on the inside of the building WEARING MASKS and still allowing people to eat inside.

Michele D.

I tried this location yesterday. What can I say??? It's a Jack in the Box, and their food varies from location to location. It can be a hit or miss. I tried their nacho taco, and onion rings. The food was tasty, but over oily and greasy than usual. I'll think twice before trying this location again. Service was so-so, as well.

R Whitehead

Great place to stop for a bite to eat when traveling to LA FROM SAN BERNARDINO