Jack In The Box

4715 Green River Rd, Corona
(951) 272-0841

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Carl Harder

Check special orders BEFORE you get back on the freeway.

Scott Mcdonald

I'm picky...and they all ways get my order right...one of my favorite Jack's to go too.

Scott Ogan

Another good JIB location as most are. Food and service were good, especially the tacos.

Kaitlin F.

I just tried to come here to get some food after a long day and unfortunately I have left empty-handed because the manager LUCY thought that it would be a good idea to yell at her customers because her employee got my order wrong over three times and instead of talking to her employee about trying to do her job better and maybe listen to when the customer orders she decided to yell at me and tell me it was my fault and if only I had listened to her employee. I repeated my order over three times to this employee and she still got the order wrong I checked my food before I left and my order was wrong I told them they gave me my replacement food and that food was wrong and the whole time LUCY the manager was in the background with a bad attitude I will never come back here. My husband went in to return the food because we didn't appreciate the way we were treated and this manager was in there talking bad about us ! My husband heard her. I am in the food industry myself so I am a palled by this so-called manager Lucy's behavior.

Mary O'Malley

Food is standard Jack in the Box fare but the service is quite good.

Sundaemegs D

Fast food friendly service.

C A C.

There were bugs in my drink. Unfortunately I didn't see them until I had drank it all I live in LA and was almost home when I saw the bugs, so going back was not an option.

Paz Lopez

My order was correct on the screen, at the window I told them to put lettuce on the burger with no cheese. They put the lettuce, but removed the cheese from my burger, and my burger was dry and over over cooked. I will never go back, the 2 times I went to this Jack in the box, I've had a problem. Horrible

Chicago 49er

Made to order as directed but ingridents used werent high quailty. Could buy better breading for Sourdough

tim depies

Place wasn't all that clean, the food took a longer time than usual and just wasnt as tastey as it usually is.

Mike B.

All American Rib Eye meal! Great taste and fresh. On our way to Temecula and stopped here after landing in LAX. Easy exit.

Renato Carneiro

The burger Swiss cheese and bacon was delicious. The fries were not so tasty as other Fast food chains. Service was good and quick. WiFi is free.

Elsie Corona

It was about 9am , the restaurant is right off fwy. Clean and quick service. Food was warm

Jenny Wolken

Never disappointed. Good deals for good, fast food. I love the spicy chicken sandwich, onion rings (w/ranch) and oreo shake the best!

Aidan A.

I visited this Jack In the Box through the drive-thru. I wanted an Oreo Shake with extra Oreo. I asked the drive-thru employee how many scoops of Oreo are normally used in the shake. She told me two scoops. I asked her if she could charge me for five scoops and to hold the whipped cream and cherry. She said okay and gave me my total. I visually saw the man at the drive-thru window make a shake with two scoops and include whipped cream + cherry. I pointed out this mistake to him and he made me a new one without the whipped cream and cherry. However, he still used two scoops. I asked for my receipt which he didn't have. He handed me a crumpled and wet receipt which I assume was in the trash. I was charged for 5 scoops but visually saw only two placed in. I really like Oreo. tldr; Payed for 5 scoops of Oreo in my shake but visually saw only two placed in the cup.

Mark Henson

Food is adequate. Drive thru is super slow .

John L.

Came in for a breakfast plate. 3 workers waited for a while to have someone took order from me. And another 10min for a simple breakfast platter with no other customers in the restaurant at all...

Rosemary Thompson

Depending on which JIB, not all make a fantastic cup of Joe. Brea, JIB. Imperial & Brea Blvd., so far the best cup of coffee. I am a coffee conniseur.

Peter Reinold

Just a typical Jack in the box. Nothing special. Good service and no long lines. Close to the freeway and easy for a quick stop.

Leah Diaz

Meh. My tacos we're cold and had sauce when I asked for them without it. Also had to convince them that I only got half my order and when they figured it out she said sorry they were in a rush. Super nice kids though definitely tried their best ๐Ÿ˜Š

Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

4715 Green River Rd, Corona, CA 92880