Wellness Works & Nutrition

2200 Harbor Blvd Ste B-150, Costa Mesa
(949) 933-6856

Recent Reviews

Em C.

I was very disappointed, I looked through nutrition clubs near Irvine on yelp . I had just come out of a night shift headed to another morning shift job , I was starving and decided to get a shake and tea for some energy and this placed popped up I decided to give it a go it's very different from other clubs I've been through where you can order through the phone and pick up without needing to give your number out or email . I was in a hurry any ways as I drank my shake and got to my destination I noticed at the bottom of my cup two tiny bugs I was so grossed out I can only imagine how many I sipped while driving , I had also ordered a tea so when I got to work I decided to get a clean cup and pour the tea to see if anything came out there and sure enough another bug I had to throw it away ! I don't know if maybe their water filter is dirty or what but I lost my appetite! Check your drinks before drinking . One more thing the guy doing the shakes wasn't wearing either a mask or gloves during these times . Never again would I come back .


Amazing place, amazing people. One of my favorite places to start my day off, every time they NEVER fail to make me & my family feel welcomed❤️❤️ Hurryyy.. go check them out!!!! You won’t regret it, I promise!!!

Lily Pérez

Es el mejor para andar todo el día con mucha energía y ademas bien alimentado !! Se los recomiendo este lugar es muy bueno la gente muy amable y respetuosa antes de comenzar el día pasen por un desayuno saludable abren temprano para los q tienen un horario de trabajo complicado ojalá puedan disfrutar se los recomiendo !

Zac E.

Great after workout shake place! The sign-up process is super easy and the shakes taste great! There are all different options and varieties!

Nollie Agravante

The people here are always super friendly and the shakes are so delicious and healthy.

Brioni Rubi

A lovely experience we had today it was our first time being here and absolutely love it Stephanie and Alondra were very helpful they walk us thru every step we would definitely come back

Michael Fotion

This place is absolutely fire, always kind and accommodating. They have got some of the best post work-out fixes around

Kelsie E.

Obsessed with the protein shakes/tea! I've been coming here for a few weeks now & I love it! The protein shakes are the best I've ever tasted & they keep me full for hours! My favorite is the mango tango tea and fried ice cream shake!

Madison H.

Saw this place as I was walking out of the gym and decided to try it. Met Coach Kimiko and she was super nice and helpful with what tea and shake to get. I'm not a big tea drinker and got the strawberry lemonade one and it tastes great! I highly recommend coming here and will be back to try some other shakes and teas and to come workout.

Mel Garibay

I have been a loyal customer for a few years now. Not only are their products amazing but the people are phenomenal. They offer workout classes as well. Looking to get started on a healthier journey? Come check them out! Their shakes are delicious and you have 31 different flavors to choose from. There’s something for everyone!

Eduardo Hernandez

Great environment!! Love the drinks. I recommend you try it out!!

Sandra C.

Your hours on Saturday are too short! We have a workout done by 10 and try and come over and it's already closed!

Bree C.

I found this place while I was looking for a place to get a protein shake on my lunch, the teas and shakes are AMAZING and the gals who work there are the sweetest!

Alondra Castillo

DELICIOUS! Staff is friendly and goes above and beyond to meet my needs. Thank you wellness works for a great experience!

Letty Sanchez

Love this place. Bootcamps with Kimiko are the best, especially with a post-workout shake and energizing tea.

Rayvon Miller

Shakes are delicious. Staff is always vibrant, conversational, and friendly.

TYA Andry

These protein shakes taste so good and the tea gives me so much energy. I love that they offer lots of boosters for fat burner or better digestion. The atmosphere is always welcoming!

Donte Andry

Wow! I had the best shake there. Less than 200 calories 32 grams of Protein 6 grams of sugar and taste great!!

Maribel Abrego

excelente lugar de nutricií³n muy buen personal ya sus clases de Boot camp son excelentes, muy buen ambiente.

Sandra Figueroa

excelente y delicioso !!

Naomi Lelia Estrada

friendly environment and delicious drinks! a must go to! I will definitely be going back!

Kaleb Powers

Love, love, love Wellness Works and Nutrition! Awesome staff and the shakes are always on point! Not to mention they are GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH. Check them out! I guarantee you'll become a regular customer.

Jackie S.

Love this place! Tons of great flavors and nice atmosphere! Helpful customer service :) I highly recommend!

Skyley Parker

I absolutely love this place! They have so many different options that are all healthy. I don’t like sweet tasting drinks and they easily accommodated my preferences with there widespread menu. The employees are so kind & very knowedlegable! I come here weekly and highly recommend it!

Royce R

Friendly place; great environment and knowledgeable staff who are able to tell you what you need to get to your health goals. Highly recommended.

Dorothy Malsack

Seriously the highlight of my day every day! The first time I had this experience I walked in exhausted and left feeling nourished and energized! I love all of the flavors and tell my friends to come and experience 31 flavors in a new super delicious nutritious way!

Chelsea B.

I absolutely love this place. When I'm having difficulty eating (which happens from time to time) these drinks save my life, they are filled with amazing nutrients and taste even better. They also offer workout classes 10/10 recommend. My new favorite spot! Wish they were open on weekends, woke up craving a healthy protein shake

Trina A

These protein shakes taste so good and the tea gives me so much energy. I love that they offer lots of boosters for fat burner or better digestion. The atmosphere is always welcoming!

Stephanie Giang

This place is awesome! The smoothies are delicious, filling, and leave me with great energy! The workouts are super fun too. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a quick refreshing drink.