Gordi Bro's Grub 'N Pub

4301 Lake Earl Dr, Crescent City
(707) 464-1325

Recent Reviews

Coleen Parker

This is a small restaurant in an old building. This isn't a place you go for fancy tables and atmosphere.The menu is limited, but everything I have eaten here has been good.Food: 5/5

Tera X

I have found my new FAVORITE place to eat. Everything is fresh and you can taste the difference. Best tacos I've had in a long time.

Samantha Schupmann

The chili Verde burrito (Thursday special) was very good! The sauce and pork were great! Staff was very nice!

Page McNeece

Fantastic environment and delicious food what more can you ask for.

ICantBelieveMyLife _

One of the best Mexican food places in the area. Been coming here for years with no issues. Never had food poisoning, customer service is always as it should be, and the food makes this little place worth the stop alone. If you haven't given Gordi Bro's your business, you're not taking care of your money, or your tummy, properly.

Peter Johnson

Awesome family-owned spot. Sometimes has live music, and lots of chef specials.


Excellent Mexican food , beer and wine with excellent local bands like BlackGTO! Favorite place for locals especially those working down the street at Pelican Bay State Prison. Family friendly. Simple and clean with excellent authentic food. Chili rellenos are number one ?They offer modest seating including patio seating.


This place is alongside a main road. Upon arrival, the place smelled musty and dirty. It is not welcoming, nor were there patrons or customers inside. Guy near the pool table gave a quick hello, one woman said hello, moments later another woman greeted, let us know they were out of a particular item. We thanked them and left. Did not seem like a place we would feel comfortable eating at for sanitary reasons, and the lack of ambiance.

Karl Beyerle

Very good food, peaceful atmosphere, great people, & food homemade.

Candice C.

Yummy, affordable, fresh, family atmosphere, friendly staff! Ceviche tostadas and fresh handmade tortillas are a hit with my crew.

Melissa Malmberg

Jorge was super friendly, the food was authentic and fresh, everything house made. We had fajita tacos and posole chile Verde and it was AMAZING!!!

Brent Cabitto

Best food ever I mean best. Owner is really down to earth and the food is fantastic. Kids love the food and always wanting to go back. Thank you Gordi Bro's you will always have us comeing back for more.

Grayson Allen

For being in the middle of nowhere California in a small coastal town with little options, this is great Mexican food. Loved the atmosphere and the staff was very kind. Solid meal.

West C.

This place used to be good, but the past 3 or 4 times I've ordered, it was lousy. I haven't seen the matronly woman who used to be the cook, the portions now are small and not cooked anything like before. I just went for Saturdays Fajitas - again. The "soft" homemade flour tortilla was dry and hard, peppers were raw and meat cooked to gray color, not like grilled meat as it should be. Not worth the money, and you could get better at Taco Bell. I'm out of here.

Alma Nelson

Great food. Very fresh. I'm very happy with the service too! Will be back.

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