9 Best Mexican Restaurants in Crescent City

“Pretty good food. The various burritos, enchiladas, etc were a solid 8.5/10. Both red and green were good, but I thought green was better.I found the menu to be a bit small, and I was surprised there were no fish tacos or any seafood dishes at all, nor chimichangas, nachos, or other mexican restaurant classic dishes, but the items Cristina’s does offer are great.Service was great, and the staff were very friendly and accommodating.”

4.7Superb206 Reviews

“One of the best Mexican food places in the area. Been coming here for years with no issues. Never had food poisoning, customer service is always as it should be, and the food makes this little place worth the stop alone. If you haven't given Gordi Bro's your business, you're not taking care of your money, or your tummy, properly.”

4.6Superb132 Reviews

“A great local Mexican restaurant. Very small, but excellent, fresh food. The tortillas are made in house, the portions are large, and the fresh desserts are amazing. The kids meals are very generous, a full size taco filled up my 8 year old. I will definitely be stopping by again our next time in town!”

4.3Superb307 Reviews

“Went there for dinner tonight and it was busy! Our server had 2 tables left but she got us seated right away and brought our drinks quickly. We ordered enchiladas and a buritto and we were amazed at how fast they came out of the kitchen. The whole staff there are awesome!”

4.1Good193 Reviews

“This was a great restaurant! The food was delicious, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming! I would suggest the enchiladas! They were delicious! I would definitely come here again!”

4.1Good178 Reviews

“I got a Burrito Bowl to go. The woman at the counter was very friendly and patient, as I've never been to any Aztec Grill before. Got it with veggies, black beans, and hot red salsa. It was ready in less than 10 minutes. Super fresh, and super tasty. A bed of rice (not a huge amount, thankfully) and beans, then a layer of veggies (including broccoli, zucchini, bell pepers, onions, and probably others I've forgotten), topped with sour cream and cheese. Fast, reaso...”

4Good75 Reviews

“We arrived shortly before closing. We were served some delicious tacos, enchilada. On my request the vegetarian burrito was prepared without cheese and sour cream. The stuff/owner were super friendly. Super notable for me : food was served on ceramic plates. Thanks so much.Vegetarian options: Vegetarian burrito can be changed to a vegan option without cheese and sour cream.”

3.9Good194 Reviews

“Driving through town I spotted this place and growing up in Southern California I do indeed miss the taco shop they're different names but they all have great food so I had to stop by I ordered a chorizo burrito and she got a sausage burrito and just like we remember all great things inside no fillers of rice and beans taking up all the room like sooooo many other places do and yes they indeed have the California burrito which I will definitely return for very tasty a...”

3.2Average239 Reviews

“I love taco bell/KFC !! They have great people working there when I went, they are on the ultimate level!! Clean restaurant, quick service. I love ( a million x's love!!!) The steak casadia among the other stuff, and the breakfast steak burrito, m, love it!!! Try one sometime, squirt a little lime sauce on it, m, love it!!! Thank you”

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