Oceanfront Lodge

100 A St, Crescent City
(707) 465-5400

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We paid $547.00 for a 2 night stay in a room with an ocean view. The ocean view was mainly a large parking lot next door. We could see a corner of the balcony next door. We did not have a balcony. The room could have been cleaner. Bathroom tile was damaged in many places. The tub could have been a lot cleaner. There was missing piece in the laminate flooring causing a tripping hazard. Hall floors were dirty and not cleaned on a regular basis. I tried to add photos, but server was rejected.

Shelly Brown

Very disappointed in our last night of family vacation in August 2023. Not worth the money. The website photos are an illusion to the reality.Positives1. Room was large and had amenities.2. Nice view.Negatives1. Room was shabby and thrown together.2. Futon upholstery was dirty with food spills.3. Sheets were threadbare and stained. Pillowcases had dirt marks as if dropped on floor and run over by housekeeping cart.4. Windows were dirty and with out a screen.5. Patio door was swollen shut. Patio itself was shabby and dirty.6. Floor was dirty. Also there was a 10 inch, squishy gash in the flooring between the beds.7. One or more towels were raggedy and should have been in the rag bin.8. Metal in bathroom fixtures was rusted.9. Food/drink splashes on wall by microwave.10. Unpleasant odor in room when we arrived.11. Common area and dinning furniture was so old and dirty I didn't want to sit on anything or eat in the restaurant.12. Outside environment needs a huge makeover...not inviting at all.When checking out the next morning, these issues were related to front-desk staff who were pleasant and seemed to know about some of these issues. I asked about a discount/refund and was given the name and number for the bookkeeper (?). Had a pleasant conversation and an expectation that our request and concerns would be passed on but to this date have heard nothing...from anyone. More messages have been left but not returned. Seems the owner/manager doesn't care about good customer service.This hotel needs a deep clean and overhaul and maybe a new manager.A very sad ending to an otherwise nice family vacation.


This was our first time in Crescent CIty, California. We knew that this would be the perfect spot to serve as our homebase for our little trip. The Hotel is quiet and with an amazing view. There is a lighthouse within walking distance. And plenty of beach combing. All rooms face the ocean with a balcony. The elevator is small but plenty of room for a person with scooter or wheelchair and another person. When travelling, I envision my Grandma is with me and assess with ADA specifics. Downstairs there is a small restaurant with pretty good clam chowder.

seluny luna

The rooms are nice, but the ocean access it awesome. There's so many cool rocks. Last time we stayed, we saw a purple leather star, seals out on the rocks and a bunch of hermit crabs and other little creatures.

Joseph Currington

The people there were cool. The waiting staff was awesome. Front desk left a little to be desired. The rooms were all right. Our room was missing a screen and they said they'd send somebody to fix it. It was later in the day so they didn't send anyone until the morning. But they made it seem like they were going to send someone pretty soon lol. That also said that they would help me with the jacuzzi but they never came by. But it's cool. Figured it out eventually. By the way, if you can't get it, the green buns to work pull the red button really hard. ? But the AC works great the sweet they gave us was by the smoking section and I left the window open by where people are designated to smoke. So it's melt like smoke in the hallway where we were and in our room and we don't smoke. Also, there is a musty smell when we first came in our room and we asked for a little febreze and they weren't able to find any. But it went away after we aired out the room. So whatever

Shannon Davis

Wish I would of read reviews before staying. Where do I start?! Got to the room and door was cracked open, we walked in and looked around hoping no one was in there. The balcony had pretzels all over the ground, one chair back was cracked, we asked for another one so we could sit out on the balcony, no one came to exchange it. Sliding doors were filthy, couch/futon side rails were full of sand, trash and old food I believe. Desk chair was disgusting, we had cockroaches in the room. Our room was big and the view was nice, but between the filthines and cockroaches we couldn't enjoy our stay. The elevator stunk and overall the floors , stairs throughout the hotel were gross. For the price we paid we expected it to be at least clean. Definitely wouldn't recommend staying at this rundown filthy hotel!


Check in was easy and the desk clerk was very nice. The lodge is a bit run down and dated. The hallway is a bit loud. You can hear folks coming and going and slamming their doors. We are 5 rooms from the elevator and you can tell when it is being used all night long. we were waken at 0630 with 2 large barking dogs in the room next to ours. They barked on and off till about 0830. The view is nice out our window. I was unsure of the chairs on the deck to hold up a person so sit in them carefully. It's an okay place to stay if you are on you way through but I wouldn't make an experience out of it.


This was the filthiest place I've ever stayed. Run down, dirty mess. Staff were super nice. Drinks at the bar were great but we were not allowed to take them to our room, just FYI. Facility itself is downright scary, especially for the price. View is stunning but it does not make up for the condition of this property. Owners don't care a bit about maintenance or upkeep and it shows.Rooms: Horrific. Dirty. Shabby. I could go on and on. I would not sit in the chair, use the shower or coffee pot there. Thanks goodness we were there only one night.


Booked a King Ocean view room. On arriving, the allocated room STANK of cigarettes, was utterly filthy and had a great view... of the car park. Clearly a scam as the receptionist knew exactly why we appeared back at reception so quickly, and quel surpris there were no other King rooms available (despite it being out of season and midweek). They offered another room which was more expensive and blamed us for not getting what we booked as we had gone through a booking website. Said room was highly perfumed (presumably to hide the cigarette smells and general bad smell of the whole building). This room was filthy, shabby, broken phone, more holes in the bug screen than Swiss cheese, leaking aircon unit and broken phone. It was so unsanitary I didn't want to breathe in that room, let alone sleep in there. When we got back to reception, it was manned by two kids (no disrespect to kids, but they are being exploited by the management by being left to handle complaints they just don't know what to do with). Vile, dirty, shabby, smelly place and they are clearly scamming. They know Crescent City is the end of the line, so when you arrive you are tired and less inclined to want to start looking for alternatives. Not us, we left and pushed on to Jacksonville. They refused a refund, of course, so they can expect legal action. The place should be condemned.

Chelsea Mac

The most ghetto hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The entire place stinks, the rooms are dirty, they have cockroaches, the bathroom shower had a blood stain on the floor. We paid $450 for the nicest room they had & it was something out of a horror movie cheap motel. Do yourself a favor & check in somewhere else, this place should be shut down.

Terry Reinbold

"Balcony" was a derelict disaster that had not been cleaned in years. Filthy and disgusting.Room had one partial roll of tp, and no facial tissue. Power was out, so no jacuzzi tub, no restaurant, no lights in dark halls. They wouldn't offer any type of partial refund after we paid around $400. for this "suite"! A good 1/10th of a mile to the beach from this room, not the 30' they claim. Will never go back!

sindy beliveau

Booked a room on the 18th of august 2023 for the 19th & 20th. Paid extra for a suite with jacuzzi. Owner forgot to tell us when we made reservation that the whole town had no electricity due to wild fires nearby. We found out at check in. Had nowhere to go because everything was booked in nearby towns. Asked the owner if we can at least get a break on the price. His exact words "oh no not my fault no electric me no give discount you pay full price". They were too cheap to offer us even snacks or candles... nothing. So no lights, no hot water. Used our iPhone flash lights only to see stains on the bed and futon was nasty. Smoke detector was covered with a plastic bag and rubber band. It was just like in the movies, we got off our bikes and wife said "are you sure we are at the right place"? Owners stayed in a huge rv in the parking lot with a generator. View is beautiful and the waves crashing sound was awesome. We pulled the stained cover off the bed, sheets were clean and didn't see any bugs (but then again bugs don't glow in the dark). People, be aware it is not what it looks like in pics...Curly blonde desk clerk (who was just adorable and very nice) was about to cut us a break, but manager walked in. Live and learn...PS I tried to upload video clip of my wife's reaction, but no can do...

Angelina ballerina

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Oceanfront Lodge in Crescent City, and it was an experience to remember. The location is unbeatable, with breathtaking views of the ocean right from the room. Waking up to the sound of waves crashing and the sight of the sun rising over the horizon was truly magical.The staff was incredibly welcoming and went above and beyond to ensure our stay was comfortable. The rooms were clean, spacious, and well-appointed, with all the amenities one could ask for. The on-site restaurant served delicious meals, and dining with the ocean as the backdrop was a unique experience.What I particularly loved was the proximity to local attractions and the beach. Evening walks along the shoreline and exploring the nearby lighthouse were highlights of our trip.All in all, Oceanfront Lodge offers a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and natural beauty. I can't wait to return and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Crescent City.


We were there in August of 2023, on the first day of the county wide power blackout because of fires dozens of miles away. So I get that not everything was the owners fault. But the rest!!!! The "Balcony" was nothing but rotted wood with missing paint and tons of spider webs all over it. The plexi glass front was covered in splashed paint, dirt, filth, and grime. The screen door was rusted open and filthy. Nobody could have been out there in years for it to be in that bad of a condition. And we paid over $400.00 for this "suite!" We checked in and found one partial roll of toilet paper - no extra anywhere, and no Kleenex anywhere. Because of the power out we could not use the jacuzzi tub, the restaurant was closed, and there were no emergency lights in the very dark and dangerously unsafe hallways. I requested what I think was a very fair partial refund - everything considered. We got nothing! So beware! They're in it for the bucks knowing most guests will not be around long enough to follow thru with any complaints. I will never go there again, and I'm telling all my friends and business acquaintances to avoid this dump like the plague! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!!


My sister and I make a yearly trip to the coast and usually stay at Ocean front lodge. We booked our room well in advance, and arrived to find the hotel was out of power. They had been out of power due to the fire, for two or three days. They never thought to give us a call until we made the trip for nothing! I feel that common courtesy for repeat customers who would have warranted a call! The Oceanfront Lodge rates a 3 for the room and a 10 for the view from balcony rooms!

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