Port O'Pints Brewing Co.

1215 Northcrest Dr, Crescent City
(707) 460-1154

Recent Reviews

Daniel Driscoll

Great spot 27 things on tap. Definitely worth it for the beer. Wish I could have tried them all so good

Angela De Nigro

Definitely a locals hangout. I got skipped over for ordering at the bar even though I was there and acknowledged for people who came up after me 3x. Beer selection is top notch and tasty. On a Thursday night there was nobody but me in the back room and I appreciated the space to have a drink and do a bit of work while a fun crowd was in the front and patio having a good time.

Nat Burke

Dive bar vibes. Rude bartender. Beers were a decent price. Beer cheese was delicious.Bartender was very rude to non-regulars. After our party ordered, she talked about us to the other customers. Very unprofessional.Pretzels got forgotten for one in our party but was taken care of once we made waiter aware.Updated: from 2 to 3 stars because the waiter was very nice and helpful. He deserves 5 stars.

Tina P.

We couldn't be more happy with our stop at Port O'Pints. The place is small but plenty of room to sit and enjoy their beer. I wish that I could source it closer to home. I took some home, but not enough! The locals are super friendly and the bar staff can appear grumpy but after a couple pours they sweetened up. This place is a gem. Crescent City beer can hold their own . These veterans are bringing up the beer game for sure. Can't wait to go back here.

David M.

Came all the way up from the Bay Area to camp in Del Norte. Looked forward to a trip here the whole time, based off the yelp reviews. Walked in with my son, sat down and perused the menu. After waiting a while without receiving any attention, not even a simple greeting, I went to the bar to ask how one goes about ordering. Bartender never looked up. Then a regular walked in and there she was, ready to do her job. We left soon afterward. Off to the competition for us This place clearly runs on regulars.

Amy Heiss

I love the beers here. It is clear that each beer is crafted with respect to the characteristics of its style, not some fad or trend. The beers I tried were excellent examples of the style, distinct and flavorful. This is a gem of a brewery, and the people of Crescent City are fortunate. Today was the 4th of July and it was pretty busy. There were only two staff working (one in the kitchen, the other at the bar). Those guys busted their butts with smiles on their faces, and kindness in their voices. I wish I wasn’t just passing through, I think I would like to get to know some of the locals who were at the bar. A couple of them even chipped in to lend a hand when things were really backing up! Cheers and Happy Independence Day.

Jamie C.

Quaint little bar atmosphere with really nice owner. Kind of a Cheers Bar with locals that will char you up. Love the selections and the service. They do serve food. We had already eaten. Will definitely be back!

Jeff M.

Excellent spot for a beer and a conversation. I am not a veteran but this is a place supports veterans in a respectful way which I appreciate. Beer is good but if you can catch the homemade root beer and get the float... what a freaking treat. Will be back there again next year for sure

Mark Stratton

Great place for cold beer, friendly people and great service. Place was clean and food was good. We were on a RV trip and stayed in this city fir about 10 days while getting our tire fixed. This was out “to go to spot”. Thanks for the food times and keep on doing what you are doing.

Mike G.

Don't let the exterior fool you, we had good customer service, really good food, excellent beers with a good selection to choose. I would frequent this place more often if we were local.

Dave W.

Like a wee Irish prize fighter, Port O'Pints punches way above its weight. This little family-owned brewery is very proud of their beers, and justifiably so. They're putting out a wide variety of awesome brews, and they have dozens of awards to prove it. Their service is as good as their beer, too. When the bartender found out I like IPAs, he hit me with sample after sample, without me even asking, and kept handing me samples even after I thought I'd settled on one. Like I said, they're proud of their brews. They always treat me the same as they treat the locals, even though I live a thousand miles away down at the other end of the state.

Susan G.

Oh my... their Belgian Triple is DELISH! I was visiting this area for business but felt very welcomed by the friendly locals and the bartender. I'll stop in again next time!

Arthur Ingraham

Great establishment! The variety of beers on tap is astounding, something for everyone. The staff is super friendly and helpful in finding the right beer for you. Cam is great!

Adam Keele

Wow, all the beers are SOLID – it’s been a while since I’ve been to a brewery that everything was well made and a good variety that wasn’t IPA/hoppy driven or dessert themed. They’re doing the kinds of style I miss seeing that helped me fall in love with beer and brewing years ago. Cool space too. Wish we lived closer!

Wasn't Me

Beers great! Food is ok! As a local and a disabled vet that likes to support veteran own businesses. I used to enjoy going here but as time went by and watching the action of the owner's wife discipline her employees and micromanaging the security cameras in the evening time just got old.Sincerely,Tom Jones

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