Raliberto's Taco Shop

523 M St, Crescent City
(707) 464-4254

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Joe Lor

I usually go there for only churros. I specifically requested for the churros not to have any strawberry fillings. All the churros came with strawberry fillings. Disappointed.

Malka Nagel

We ate here twice and were pleased. The first time we ordered tacos. They were simple but tasty. The a la carte was around $3.50 each. Second time we ordered combo dishes. One had the two tacos with rice and beans. The other had taco and enchilada. The soft tacos were great. Again, simple but full of chicken. The hard shell taco was good. And the enchilada was almost perfect. Maybe could have used a little more sauce. Service was quick and we did not get sick. We ordered around 4:00 PM both times. So it was not busy. Didn’t take any photos.

Brendan Leishman

Solid Cali Burrito for $10. That's all I tried but they had plenty of other options, including tacos of course. Friendly and pretty quick. Good mexican food for the north coast.


We've tried it twice. We've gotten sick both times. Poor quality ingredients and the food was cold both times. Who doesn't give chips and salsa with their meal?Last night we ordered 2#2's Cheese Enchiladas Dinner, a Wet Shrimp Burrito, and a Cheese Quesadilla( rolled in paper)There was grease everywhere.Very much overpriced.

Deanna Dornaus

So gross I ordered al pastor nachos. What is anchors supposed to have? Cheese. I couldn’t find any cheese other than sprinkled on top of this mess. I don’t know what the meat was but it WAS NOT Al pastor. Everything about these were so gross. Super salty and so soggy.

carlos C.C.T.1

Bad bad bad . No soap they said was new kinda just ran out and is oldest the 1 year. He just cut the bag and add water . no paper towels . I ask for some and front counter guy was a [email protected]#$ . Restroom disgusting. Flower tortillas on the floor . I ask for the owners info and all he said was he not here . Health department need to check this pinche place asap. Food not up to temperature. Be sure is already days old cook and only gets pre-heats . Malo malo.

Deanna D

This was so gross. Everything about this meal was gross and disgusting and so unacceptable. I ordered Al Pastor Nachos. What’s the best thing about nachos? Cheese! There was only a few sprinkles on top. I don’t even know what the meat was but it sure wasn’t Al pastor. The chips were old, burnt and soggy. Something was so salty it was unbearable to eat. I ate just a few bites then decided to toss it. It wasn’t even edible. My mouth is still salty from how much salt they used. My hubby ordered a $10 carne asada burrito. The tortilla was so dry and he said it wasn’t good. Definitely not the freshest of anything. We will pass on this place forever. Hopefully we won’t get sick from those food.

Jesse Bunch

We are here visiting my father law. He suggested this place. We're from Denver and eat Mexican all the time. The taco shells are fresh, homemade, the carnitas was really flavorful and tender. The wife had the quesadilla supreme with carne asada. Huge and very flavorful.


Went over from grants pass, decided to have lunch taco bell was packed. Decided to try this restaurant, after receiving or food two meals at the cost of $31 dollars. We parked in the parking lot and starting eating, the thick gooey sauce was absolutely gross, the meal was extremely small after a few bites i realized this food really isn't edible. Not sure how long they have been cooking the beef ,if it was beef and not dog.we returned both of the meals and told them they were nasty, now i know why taco bell was full better food, i truly know what it's like to be ripped off by nasty dirty people.

Cassandrah Ankenman

Ralibertos has the best carne asada fries, my friends and I always go there for a delicious lunch. It's usually a bit of a wait, but it's well worth it!

mackenzie booth

Went inside and got a breakfast burrito. The service was friendly, and the food was ready in a reasonable amount of time given that it was made to order. It came with some fresh and spicy salsa, and while it wasn't mind-blowingly good, it was pretty decent.

Eric C

Food reminded me of the "bertos" taquerias in San Diego. Was expecting more typical mission style burritos for northern California. Salsas weren't great, but the pico was reasonably good.

Mariah S.

The food isn't good and the drive through is always a minimum of 30 minutes. Every. Single. Time.

Anders L.

sitting at 30 minutes for 2 California burritos. not sure if they're growing the cow in the back and growing the spices as well? once we got the food it was actually good for a beach and sunset. if it was faster it'd gotten 5 stars.

Linda Walker

Wait was a while for simple food meat was dry, and if you like lime with your food make sure to ask. But the lady in the window was nice.

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