Seaside Restaurant & Bar

100 A St, Crescent City
(707) 465-5400

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JoDee Junker

The fish & chips were like what you got in grade school fish sticks, the calamari was tough and the clam chowder was just luke warm. The coleslaw was not good either. The waiter did a great job however. Would not reccomend the food.Food: 1/5

Glenn Meyer

I gave this place a great review 8 months ago, but have had to revised my opinion of it. This time I walked in just before 7 pm on a Friday, noted a man apparently wishing a customer good evening or similar, after which he hurriedly cleared the table and left. I set up my laptop and waited for someone from the bar area to come over and take my order, assuming that the restaurant was still open because the hotel's front desk told me they stopped serving around 7:30 or 7:45. There was no one else in the restaurant, and the waiter, manager, or whatever he was, was talking with what looked like customers in the bar, clearly visible from my table. After 10-15 minutes of that, I walked over to the bar and asked whether anyone could take my order. The man said the restaurant closed at 7. I told them that the front desk told me they stopped serving around 7:30 or 7:45. He repeated that the restaurant closed at 7. So I left, although I probably should have pointed out that I was in the restaurant at 7. I doubt that would have mattered, because the attitude I got from this man was, at best, disinterest. Clearly, they didn't feel the need to tell me that the restaurant was closed, nor did they care that I had actually been in the restuarant at 7. Even though I was staying at the hotel that houses the restaurant for two more days, I never ate there, passing up both breakfast and dinner as well as the great view. I'll leave some information from my previous visit in this review, when I had dinner there twice, but for the record, this time I ate no meals there, spent no money there.Features: Excellent views of the ocean. Lack of interest in serving the customer.

Katie Creed

Everytime we've gone here we've had nothing but great food & service! Last night my hubby & I went for my birthday dinner and it was excellent as usual ? Years ago they had a "blooming onion" on the menu but I guess it didn't get enough interest to keep it on the menu. My hubby asked if the cook would be willing to try it and he happily did and it was SO good! Our dinners were also exceptionally good and the service was top notch ?

Diana Porter

Ordered 2 drinks and food took at least 20 min for drinks and waited well over a hour and never got food and drinks were the worst ever and there are Sand fleas everywhere I got bit alotFood: 1/5

Jeff Adam

Great view of the ocean. Pacific cod Fish and chips were delicious. My wife had spicy shrimp on rice. The creole sauce was heavy on chili powder and heavier on pickled jalapeños. Our server was fun, entertaining and attentive. Definitely dated decor and need to replace the floor to ceiling windows

Pam Martin

Service was almost non-existent. She never came back after delivering our meals. My husband had to find the waitress to tell her we were ready for the check & to tell her the salmon was not fully cooked. The waitress said oh, sorry & that was the end of it.

Jessica B.

Restaurant has great views looking right out onto the shore. Definitely a spot to go!!

Jennifer L.

Food is delicious!!! I wish we had this place back home!!! Service is the best as well!!!

Connie Stary

It's not crowded so we were able to get a table right away. However I didn't like that the waiter didn't set our food on the table, he handed us our plates and not once did he come back after we all got our food to see if we needed anything. He handed my grandma her cup of coffee and he was holding the handle so she had to grab the bottom of the hot cup. The price is a bit much for what you get. He didn't give us napkins and we had to get them off a different table. They were friendly enough but the service was lousy.

rick rash

Horrible customer service..will not be returning. We were one of two tables when we first arrived. A party of 6. The hostes was nice and accommodating. We sat and ordered our drinks, we waited 10 to 15 minutes to receive them. One of them was not what was ordered, and all came in a broken glass. 3 of the 6 meals arrived in an appropriate time. Then we waited another 15 or so minutes for the next plate to arrive, it was burnt. Still only have 5 of our 6 meals. We watched meals be served to guests that arrived after us. When mentioned about our missing meal, it came, was not what was ordered. When staff was asked to correct the problem, we were shrugged off, sshh'd. We asked to speak to a manager, and we're told that there isn't one. I went to pay my bill and while standing there waiting I listened to our server and other staff trash talk the guests that I ate with. I was ignored and had to ask if I could pay my bill. After doing so, I mentioned to the staff that it was inappropriate and unprofessional to trash talk guests while they stand right in front of you. A man who was giving directions to staff, (who Ilater found out is the owner who told us there was no manager) asked me why it was inappropriate, then made racial comments about Americans. We were there on July 4th. My husband said to him that he should not be saying that, and he threw his arms up and asked my husband to step outside. We spoke to police later and were told by the officer that he has eaten there 1 time in 3 years and won't go again. He did also recommend that we try the sea quake brewery next time.


Room was overpriced, obviously old. Pet hair on floor in bathroom, molding loose, cracks in wall, balcony very small. Restaurant on site had over priced mediocre food and was out of some staple items.

James K.

The food was terrible! We sat for 30-40min before anyone would finally come and take our order even though we tried flagging them down multiple times and they would walk right past us to the tables next to us. Then when we received our food we did not get everything we order. Mention we did not get all our food and they said they would go get it and never came back. We never received our full order. All around terrible place.

Krystal K.

Half plate food for full price! We sat down ordered drinks then waiting 40 minutes for someone anyone to come back. We waived, we made eye contact, but nothing. Finally after they took others orders that had come in 30 minutes after us they joking asked if we were ready to order. Food came out fast but when only gave us half of the things they were supposed to and NEVER came back to give them to us or even give my husband a spoon for his calm chowder?!?! How to you forget to bring out a spoon for soup? Finally ended up going to the bar to pay for our half plates of food for a full price. Was never asked how our food was or apologize for the lack of service or communication! If you stay at the hotel do NOT go to the restaurant!

Lesley P.

if there were a mechanism to rate in the negative stars I would have rates -100 stars. food was largely inedible. Most items were clearly frozen low quality restaurant supply items. However, the Chicken Carbonara took the prize. Not a pasta dish. it was a digesting scramble of egg, bacon, onion and mushrooms, no cream sauce or noodles. Who does that? If you are visiting our area, please do not judge our restaurants by this place. Find anywhere else to eat!


This restaurant sits right next to the beach with a spectacular view. The food and service were very good. Prices are a bit high but you're paying for the location. Well worth it!

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