Toreros Famosos

400 US-101, Crescent City
(707) 464-5712

Recent Reviews

Taesandra Collosi

SOOO GOOD...we have a lot of Mexican restaurants in town but this is the best. Great service as well. My fav is the Mexican pizza.Food: 5/5

Cory Smith

I was passing through town with the family on a long interstate trip. We needed a quick meal and did not want fast food. We went in and ordered our dinners to go. Not only was the food fantastic the kitchen made the meals quickly and packaged them well. The staff was very friendly and made us feel right at home as we waited.If you are looking for a good dinner. Swing by and show these guys some love. I had the Carne Asada and the meat was perfectly cooked.

Norma Rhodes

Was surprised that the salsa was very runny, so we ordered some pico de gallo to add to it and was charged $2. We received our order pretty quick...chili verde burrito with rice and beans. Never seen a chili verde stuffed with mostly rice. I couldn't even find a bean and had very little sauce and cheese. It did taste good but as always we prefer rice and beans on the side.


Waitresses are rude & very unprofessional..Tried to order Carnitas & they said they ran out! Bugs on the table.. gross.Wouldn’t let us play pool either because we had a baby ?

Matthew Malott

Great place with some great food. We ordered from the menu up front and waited a little while for it to be done but in that time the folks were really nice and seem to be well liked by their departing customers.Their chicken was seasoned nicely and they don't cover everything in cheese to cover a lack of taste. (We tried their enchiladas, their taco, and their tomale)

kamette butterfield

Best service I've had in years! Liked it so much stayed an extra day just so we could go back again. Wonderful place.Parking: Parked right by the front door.

Geo M.

Nice place, good food. Only Mexican food open the Saturday we were there.

Alysa Stanford

So far, the most authentic Mexican place I've been to in Crescent City. The meat had flavor, the menu had choices that remind me of La Pinata in the Bay Area, the portions were good. Prices I think were higher than the other Mexican restaurants in Crescent but to me well worth it. Our server was a sweet kid. Needs a little training on bringing plates with appetizers though. I think this is my new go to place for Mexican food. Very happy to have found it ☺️

Melanie Damico

I can't say enough about Toreros fantastic food fantastic service fantastic people great prices wonderful place everyone sought eat there you won't be disappointed

Jacqui Sullivan

We were craving Mexican while we were visiting Crescent City and Toreros really satisfied us. We got the Lime Margarita, Taco Salad, and a pork dish. All were very yummy!

Isa B.

Poor service and very slow. They didn't have the authentic Mexican faire on the menu.

Jacob De Villers

My family and I went in about 45 min before closing time. The staff was friendly and tended to our food promptly. Chips only came with salsa. Wish it came with refried beans as well. Each restaurant is different. The food was good. Happy to see it wasn't overly salty like some places. Would recommend

Laila M.

Our server Anna was awesome ! However, the manager that was wearing a flannel was not so awesome at all. She was rude, and she asked us when we ordered if it will be card or cash. We all left with stomach aches.

Luz Dominguez

Server was a Mexican from Jalisco Mex. She gave a good impression, but after ordering, before anything else she was told to ask what was our form of payment. “Because if is a car I need to run it before”. Puzzled I answer what do you prefer cash or card; I’ll pay cash if you prefer? “Yes please” she replied.Needles to say; I notice tables ordering around me where not asked a for of payment. Totaly descriminated by my own race.

Anamaria Morales

This restaurant would find peace on Kitchen Nightmares. The only justification for us finishing our flavorless food was after a full day of hiking. Unfriendly service, gross atmosphere, expensive mush. Food came out cold. Yep, not great. Not even good… we indulged in a gas station microwaveable burrito the night before that landed higher reviews.

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