Toyama Sushi

389 M St #4118, Crescent City
(707) 465-8932

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Trudi Q

Place order at 550 pm , NOT ready at 615. Still had to wait. 10 more MINS. Not really impressed for being out of town. Got back to hotel, ordered Sunomono soup recevd cucumber instead.. definitely COMMUNICATION ISSUES.

Fraeulein Michelle

Worst sushi I ever had. Aside from the fact that this was extremely expensive, there is nothing worst in the terms of sushi I ever tasted. It was so goss, we threw everything thing away. Not only did they make me wait twice as much time as they said, they tried ripping us off and giving us less than we ordered. I’m furious I did spend a dime in that place. Never again. Stay away. Be warned! Nuff said. RIP

Anna Evans

Pho was great and so was the ninja roll. Sat at the bar and really enjoyed chatting with the staff.

Dixie Ross

The food was good but the service (though friendly and apologetic) was excruciatingly slow. Some of us finished our food before others' sushi rolls even came out. The added mandatory 18% gratuity made the meal even less appealing.

Dakota S

Great local Sushi. I had the Taylor roll which was excellent. They were out of Egg Omelette for Nigiri thus the 4-star but it was a quick and filling experience.

Ellie R.

Sushi itself was good, but nothing else was. The wait was crazyyy long when we were literally the only people in the restaurant. Saw employees just standing around chatting when we hadn't even gotten our tea or miso soup yet. There was barely any boba in the thai tea, and a good amount of the boba was so hard you couldn't even bite through it. The miso soup was the most watery I've had and there were about two chunks of tofu in the whole thing. Incredibly mid.

Bryan Gonzales

Ordered chicken fried rice, nothing was browned to indicate it had been fried, veggies looked like they were dropped out of a bag, hot sushi combo was meh. Nothing really fresh about it at all. Less than average quality overall.

Nadia Underwood

Great sushi place. Don’t be discouraged by the rating, its very slow, family owned and only few people working on busy days. It took about an hour to get what we have ordered but it was delicious. Bug portions and fresh fish.

Katie S

Two stars for our waiter. He was friendly and on point. The food on the other hand was off. The rice used in the sushi was old, the ginger was brownish. Everything tasted like it was last weeks leftovers. I won't waste my money here again.

JeanClaude Caristo

Very good and healthy food and friendly staff I'd recommend this for families and maybe a husband and wife that want to have a nice little meal together discuss business or whatever you want to talk about nice pleasant environment.

Clint K.

The wife and I went there today for linch.. the service was good the waiter was very informative and knowledgeable about the menu, really helped us out. I got the chicken fried rice and my wife got curry chicken rice. we also got four sushi rolls knowing we would have leftovers. probably some of the biggest rolls I've ever had! Was a good lunch and the leftovers will make a good Dinner!

Stephanie Mariē Mcdonald

Sushi ? guy's is always very polite, I wish him the best customers only, other places in town by far can compare, to the great tastes of Del Norte County California, NORTH AMERICANCrescent City California United States is a coastal beauty ? Californian girls love the many things to do here, this is a quite place , Not loud ? inside ?? something much better is you doing have to be 21 years old ?️To sit at Sushi ?? Bar ,Soda , etc is definitely ? ? top ?I have traveled the world ??️ ?Having a taste for more delicious ? meals & not ? smoking ?Awesome ❤️ I rather go get snack here ,than go next store ? shop for week of our needs in The shopping center, This place has low calorie meals if you want to have lite salad ? yum ??Keep your body gorgeous Fish ? oil ? avocado , No corn ? ?‍☠️ bread for me ,pout I am allergic.Definitely delicious teas ! ?


gave me and friends food poisoning. Server was creepy to my friend, waited two hours for our order and the server added an 18℅ percent tip to the bill. I never leave bad reviews but this was BAD


Lovely people, waiter was friendly and attentive, but the food was not great. Got the chicken udon soup and the chicken was pale and rubbery. The soup itself was passable in the way instant noodles are. And the vegetables and add-ins were pretty bland.Another person got salmon which was firm and chewy. And an order of vegetable noodle soup had rather haphazardly chopped vegetables, with cabbages still clumped and wilted.Can't comment on the sushi, but I'd recommend avoiding the entrees.

James G.

Sushi took forever to get rest of the order got here way before the rest. Servers wouldn't even acknowledge me when I was trying to get their attention. DO NOT GO HERE!

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