Mom's Bakery & Cafe

11850 Valley Blvd #214, El Monte
(626) 350-3818

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Ves C.

Great service !!!! I went in the very first time to get cake for my daughter and meet young gentleman and I really like his service and he will knowledgeable. Every question I ask he answers it well respectfully

Shanon Y.

DELICIOUS EGG TARTS and fresh pastries!!!! This bakery is a true hidden gem. It makes me so sad to know I only recently discovered it down the street from my office. But since I discovered it, I've already been back twice this week. Everything tastes fresh, and they do sell out pretty quick so come in the AM for the freshest batch! The egg tarts and filled bolo are highly recommended. They taste so much better than your overpriced 85 Bakery and Summery pastries and are way more affordable at $1/egg tart, and $1.75/bolo. The filled bolo even has real pineapple and custard inside! I'll definitely be coming back, and I hope more people come support this mom and pop store!

Armando Gonzalez

Best Mango cakes , this side of the 605 FWY .


Waiting for it to open again ??

Kim T.

I unexpectedly came across this place while I was searching for a birthday cake to get for my mom. The owner was super nice and accommodating. I was able to order a Mango Cake ($28) and have it ready by the next day. She even scheduled a meet up with me so I could pick up the cake on Monday (when they're not officially open during business hours). I was also able to pick up some baked goods when I stopped by here and they were super cheap and delicious. My mom loved her mango cake!! My mom doesn't like cakes or desserts that are overly sweet so this was perfect for her. I will definitely be coming back often.

Ruth W.

I decided to try this place via DoorDash. I ordered several dim sum items. My kids love Xiao long Bao--but my young daughter after eating one said it tasted awful. I looked at another one and discovered the filling was raw!

Brittany B.

I was craving Loi Mai Gai and found the rest of this along my merry hungry way. At first I was weirded out by part of the texture but as soon as I realized it was just mushrooms with the chicken it actually made me enjoy it more. Lol The popcorn chicken was super flavorful and extra crunchy. The soup dumplings were perfect! And my spring rolls hit the spot. I was thinking about getting a Taro milk tea but I decided against it but they ended up included a free milk tea!

Rachel D.

Glad they're on Grubhub and I was able to have dimsum delivered to me at 4pm. Granted, I am not ordering from a restaurant so I didn't expect premium quality, but it's decent and definitely satisfied my cravings! Their pricing and portion sizes are pretty standard. I have to say the Thai Tea is bomb though, so don't miss out on that.

Tom Santek

9:10am... Closed...

Jessica Alberton


Ana Giron

Delicious bread and fresh boba. Really good:)

Qi H.

their boba is really good and chewy! they're currently having a bogo 50% selected drinks

Lawrence Thai

I have been coming to this place for about 3-4 years now since I moved close by. This place has reminded me of home, as well as my Mom of course, since I've gotten my mom hooked to this place. So as you can see, this place really has a place in my heart, and will continue to be until they remain open.

Shalyn W.

CHEAP SNACKS & TEA DRINKS. Most people don't know that it's a tea and snack shop. REALLY CHEAP! (I posted some pics of the menu so you can see the prices.) Since it's cheap, don't expect too much. Yes, it's a bakery as well. I usually get their hot dog bread. If you come after 5 most of the bread is gone. I believe they have an original store on valley? But I forgot which bakery. So they make it fresh in the morning and bring it to this store every morning. As for drinks & food, I've tried: French fries (good), dumpling (good), squidballs (not too bad) and popcorn chicken (it's ok for the PRICE. I wish it had more flavor), honey green tea (not too bad), mocha frape (good), jasmine milk tea (okay), honey milk tea (not too bad) and jasmine green tea (okay). Their tea quality isn't like other boba tea places. It's still drinkable and not too bad for the price. When I'm feeling lazy and want a quick snack & tea, I come here! They only have two small tables so you can't really dine in. Customer service is 10/10 here! They're so friendly! The employee said if you get off work late and want their bread, they are willing to save it for you. NO BAKERY (that I know of) does this! They always say first come first serve. Minimum $5 for debit/credit cards! *They close at 7 PM.

Tony C

2 boba drinks for $3.75ish!

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