Yoshinoya (Peck Rd & Stewart) - El Monte

3538 Peck Rd, El Monte
(626) 442-4277

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Angie Ramirez

Ordered on Uber eats and the chicken was cold, no teriyaki sauce on my meat even tho it’s called teriyaki steak and the meat also had lots and lots of charcoal residue. The soda they gave us was super warm. The avocado that we paid extra for was disgusting. I advise not to order here period because as someone who also worked in a fast food environment I would not serve this period. Feel bad for the cashiers/order takers and front house people who hand out food like this putting trust into their cooks. They should also learn though to double check instead of trusting cooks who just set up the business for failure.

Elizabeth Calderon

Worst services ever I Place an order online I got a notification saying my driver was closed by I go outside to wait for the driver but driver never show up and confirmed order was delivered, I try calling the store but no one answered so I had to drive my self to the store to be told that I have to send a f…. Email to get a refund or replace my order (so I guess my kids won’t have dinner tonight until someone reply to my email)LAST TIME I BUY FROM THIS PARTICULAR LOCATION “Angeline P” learn to have better customer service.

Barbara Ann Diaz Aka Babydoll (Tesoro, & Corazon)

Downloaded the Yoshinoya app and a few hours later, I got a coupon for a free small bowl and used it without having to buy anything. Awesome!!!Food: 5/5

Victor Flores

Ordered a large tempura orange chicken bowl and dude did I get royally skimped out .. 4 pieces of orange chicken.. the rest of my order had decent serving sizes .. aside from that though the food was delicious.. them spring rolls though ?Food: 4/5

Mia Zhang

Garbage service, less food, can't even read the online order, and ask customers to send the food back for inspection. stupid.

Tony Soliz

If I can leave zero stars I would but never again man thus is my favorite place to eat but when I say there service here was bad it was horrible I just had to ask for a refund you need to train your employees to now give attitude and not say what do you want you was the first thing I got when I walked in no welcome or nothing ?

Antonio Gonzalez

Very unsatisfied and still hungry after wasting about $10 on a " beef bowl" and all I got was a few strips of very thin flap meat and the rest mostly white undercooked rice. Definitely never returning here again, the quantity of food is way too small for the price.Food: 1/5

Marcus J Carter

I didn't eat here however, my co-worker got violently ill for 1 day. Both restrooms were out of order, I had to go to a nearby Wendy's. Thank you Wendy's.Food: 1/5

Oscar Rosales

I feel like if they just got rid of the drive thru they could actually give the food quicker since drive thru get priority. I notice people getting their orders messed up and it really takes a while to get your food.Food: 5/5


I tried to be patient but this place is super slow. Waiting 5 minutes wait at the menu before they talk.


Good food their the slowest laziest workers takes about 30 minutes for one bowl

Kristine B.

Sat behind a car in the drive through for a few minutes, I seen the driver waiving and realized they hadn't been helped. They eventually drove off. I pulled up, and nothing... so I drove up to the window and honked, and nothing. I went inside to order, i then asked the employee, she was pretty rude, and was like I the headsets don't work, so I charge them in the morning, so I don't open the drive through. I mean a Normal business would have some signage or even be apologetic .. not here. They definitely can work on customer service

Jenny C.

Drive thru cashier Stephanie confirmed my order of two bowls and when I paid and asked her I ordered two she stated I had to get back in line when there was a long line for the drive thru. She could have at least apologized for her mistake but all she did was gave attitude

Dru W.

How do you mess up an online order? It literally gives you time to get the meal ready before the customer arrives and yet, they still mess it up. Fucking incompetent dumbasses work here

April B.

Stephanie told me to lose some weight at planet fitness next door and then proceeded to mess up my order. I get Yoshinoya isn't cheap anymore due inflation, but the staff is still cheap and Stephanie proves it.

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Yoshinoya (Peck Rd & Stewart) - El Monte

3538 Peck Rd, El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 442-4277