Armadillo Willy's BBQ

2260 Bridgepointe Pkwy, Foster City
(650) 571-7427

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J Eckert

A little pricey but I like that with the “trio” you can pick whatever three items you want, you do not have to go with what is on the menu (although it doesn’t state that). I like the ribs and the pulled pork and the tri tip. The smoked chicken is also good. If you need to be specific about your ribs do so because if I don’t I get it different depending on?? Once I brought it home and it was all quite dry and the ribs were not nearly as tender as usual but all of the other times have been quite good. They also have a nice variety of side options, 2 with the “trio”. Also good mushroom burgers.

Flower Bloom

The place is excellent! I got the pulled pork sandwich and it was amazing. The price was good too for how big the sandwich was and how huge the side of fries was with it. I don’t like bbq sauce at all but their bbq sauce actually had more of a smokey flavor to it instead of sweet like most places serve it which shocked me, it was great! I can’t wait to come back

Thip R

Best BBQ done right! We think they have the best briskets! The staff are prompt and quick to serve us. The phone order was made easily with professional operators who speak slowly and repeat the order every time we ordered ahead. The establishment is clean and airy open. Plenty of parking spaces in the area. What else can I say, but check them out!

thetrumike mike

I'm a sucker for BBQ joints, so when I found this place, I was eager to try it. The food tastes good! Staff is friendly. Portions are good most of the time. It's my go-to BBQ place when I'm in the area.

Woody W

It's not quite what it used to be, but it's pretty good. It's really more like 3.5 stars. We had Ribs+1, which was Texas ribs and brisket. They were out if the corn salad so we had onion rings. They were actually real onion rings, not the junk fake ones (formed from chopped onions) I've gotten from fast food places. We also had the half chicken with cole slaw. All in all, a good meal, and worth the stop.

Jerry Jones

Found by accident. Decided to try it. Sometimes I am not a big fan of BBQ, because sometimes, some BBQ restaurants sauces just don't taste right. So I don't even bother. Willy's was just what I like. Savory, a little sweet. Brisket, chicken and turkey. Potato salad, beans and a cold draft. Can't ask for more that that. Definitely happy.

Ash Custodio

Other than waiting to order, the food was great. Ordered the chicken and rib family combo and it was pretty good. I anticipated everything to be dry as the turnover isn't that high but everything was moist and tender.

Jacqueline Pinkins

Clean .. food good .. staff very congenial and accomidating. I liked it a lot.

Ahmed abu shawareb

Your typical armadillo Willy's, with magnificent and delicious BBQ plates that will make ur mouth watering, a little pricey but it worth it,


Great food. A bit pricey for all the items in their menu.

Edward P.

The 2+ hour wait on a BBQ plate should never happen with no update on the delay. Yelp will probably force me to leave this as a tip, cause it's short, but you failed as a BBQ joint and food service in general

Roderick J.

I like the food here. However yesterday, my wife and I joined my 2 sisters for lunch. They had already ordered before we arrived. We ordered too. Got our order after about 30 minutes. My 2 sisters did not get theirs yet. I followed up 3x at the pick up counter. Was told to wait while they looked for the order. Person never came back. One of my sisters had to leave. Talked to a waiter who was bringing out orders to tables. He said he'd follow up and later brought the order, told us the order slip was lost. He apologized. Upon leaving, I mentioned it to the order-taker who told me it was all due to covid. Oh well, with that excuse, what can i say. Was just a bit frustrated.

Rachel C.

Good juicy BBQ. Got the Texas Trinity Plate. The jalapeño sausage is surprisingly tasty. Cornbread is moist served with apple butter. Fries have a healthy dusting of Cajun seasoning. I've tried take out & dine in. Both have been a good experience. I definitely recommend this place.

Ann W.

After wanting to try this for awhile... I finally had a chance. The Texas ribs are pretty good but I did taste some gasoline to it. Which was a big turn off. The brisket was tender & flavorful, would definitely try the tri tip next time. I had fries and tater tots but both were fried in old oil & was not good at all: wished I had the cornbread muffin instead. Or if they had the corn salad available. Overall, would come back again for em ribs

Marissa C.

I frequented the Santa Clara location often for lunch back when I worked in the area, so I was excited to come here again just different location. The consistency is the same and food was great! My usual go-to order Pit Smoked BBQ Chicken was a teeny bit on the dry side, but still tender nonetheless. Besides, nothing a bunch of bbq sauce can't fix! My boyfriend ordered the Texas Trinity BBQ Plate and I stole 2 ribs. Tender and the meat slid off the bone. Of course, the side of cajun fries were just as amazing as they looked (think beer battered fries style).

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