Armadillo Willy's BBQ

2260 Bridgepointe Pkwy, Foster City
(650) 571-7427

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Saurav Sahoo

Please don’t go ordering with the pictures shown, they are totally useless. The food delivered is really low standard and feels like leftovers. Very low quality food, never trying this again

aria varsh

Nice bbq place, tasty bbq fries. Didn't try any meat. I am sure I will in future visits.

Alyssa C.

The food here is soo delicious. I had the ribs and the pulled pork and it was just made perfectly

Carol B.

The food is ok, the service is rude! The individual taking our order was an ass. I ordered a burger. When I couldn't find the mustard,, I asked the individual behind the line and he acted like I was a great imposition. Won't be rushing back here

David A.

Today was my first time visiting this place. The first impression was good. Smoke meat smell, perfect lighting and ambience. I am only giving 2 stars because of the food. Food was good. Nothing impressive but good. The reason I am giving 2 stars is for their very poor customer service. The cashier was not helpful at all. I asked a question and he's response was "right behind me " are you kidding me? There is no hospitality from the this place from non of the people working here. We spend $60 dollars to feel guilty to go eat there. I am sorry but this was my first and last time coming here. I know times are difficult, but some how you need to get it together.

Grey R.

Armadillo Willy's BBQ takeout 10/5/21 Folks, whenever you crave real good meat and do not have the time to go fancy... Armadillo Willy's is your solid choice, trust me. They are consistent in delivering excellent food done right, period. Authentic wood-fried BBQ that is scrumptiously delicious is their specialty. I can't emphasize it enough, nothing on Willy's menu is going to disappoint you, ever. I ordered a takeout online on a Tuesday night. It was as easy as one-two-three. On this occasion, I got Tri-Tip Steak that is smoked and grilled. Their Brisket is called Texas Prime Brisket and is cooked over an 18-hour process with Willy's BBQ rub, kosher salt, and coarse black pepper. It's simply mouthwatering! Armadillo Willy's is a Texas-style barbecue chain with locations in the South Bay and Northern California. They are locally owned. I know of seven locations. I used San Mateo and Los Altos spots for many years, during crunch times, when my engineering team would stay late at the office to deliver software releases. There are also Armadillos in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and San Jose, as well as Dublin. Texas inspired and wood fired, it all began in 1983 when four friends, inspired by a road trip to Texas, got together in Cupertino and came up with a plan to open a barbecue restaurant. It was agreed that this restaurant would feature 100% wood-fired barbecue as found in legendary joints like Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor, TX and Black's BBQ in Lockhart, TX. They have done a damn good job of trying to equal the standards of those great Texas legends! And it's been nearly 40 years standing, so that's gotta tell you something, right? They wouldn't have still be standing, if they haven't done something right! Good selection of microbrews is also carried in here. Cheers to Health, Happiness, and Great BBQ! Review #650 with 5 pictures posted on October 21, 2021 Tri-Tip Steak Smoked & Grilled 24.99 @Armadillo Willy's BBQ 10/5/21 Tri-Tip Extra! Sliced Meat 1/4lb 5.99 @Armadillo Willy's BBQ 10/5/21 18 Hour Texas Prime Brisket 26.99 Willy's BBQ Rub Kosher Salt & Coarse Black Pepper @Armadillo Willy's BBQ 10/5/21 Brisket Extra! Sliced Meat 1/4lb 5.99 @Armadillo Willy's BBQ 10/5/21

Roberta Thomas

Ribs and links good and tender, but bbq sauce very thin and not so good

Merryan H.

The fries were a little too greasy for my liking. Potato salad was just as you would expect. I got Tri-Tip steak and that was soft and juicy. I've been to other BBQ places and with the same price you can get 2 sides.

Louis B.

First time here. Love love love the food. We found this place on accident, because Red Robin is permanently closed...but this will be our go to BBQ place and will definitely be back.

Tango T.

Good place to go for bbq & other meal items. It is tasty & delicious. We were able to eat outdoors in the patio area (there were 8 of us). There was seating on the side of the building as well.

Cheley F.

Good food and friendly service for fast BBQ. Great space for large groups and very convenient parking lot in front (it's within a shopping center) Also good for ordering to go- best to call in advance to avoid a longer wait time.

Rachael P.

I rarely get a craving for barbeque, but last week it hit me HARD. There are some solid choices near me, but thanks to my fellow Yelpers I was convinced I had to try Armadillo Willy's. If it arrives piping hot and juicy through delivery, you know it's a quality spot. And I've had them three times since. I've tried both the rib plate (add one meat and two sides) and the brisket sandwich. Succulent doesn't even do these meats justice. That brisket was so fatty, moist, and smokey that I had to stop myself from mmm-ing every bite! The ribs had a sink-your-teeth-into, crispy-yet-soft top layer that protected the delicate meat underneath. The original side sauce is just enough. Usually I'm one to drench, but the flavor on the meat alone was so strong it didn't need the sauce. Dipping into it simply became part of the experience. For sides, I've tasted the tater tots, french fries, potato salad, Caesar salad and mac and cheese. My opinion is to skip either of the salads and you're golden with all other choices. For what it's worth, I think my husband is picky about his fries, and he was crazy for these. They would be a perfect 5 stars if their prices were lower. Each order has definitely been an indulgent decision so as my honeymoon phase ends I'm not considering this place a regular, but most definitely a favorite.

J Eckert

A little pricey but I like that with the “trio” you can pick whatever three items you want, you do not have to go with what is on the menu (although it doesn’t state that). I like the ribs and the pulled pork and the tri tip. The smoked chicken is also good. If you need to be specific about your ribs do so because if I don’t I get it different depending on?? Once I brought it home and it was all quite dry and the ribs were not nearly as tender as usual but all of the other times have been quite good. They also have a nice variety of side options, 2 with the “trio”. Also good mushroom burgers.

Flower Bloom

The place is excellent! I got the pulled pork sandwich and it was amazing. The price was good too for how big the sandwich was and how huge the side of fries was with it. I don’t like bbq sauce at all but their bbq sauce actually had more of a smokey flavor to it instead of sweet like most places serve it which shocked me, it was great! I can’t wait to come back

Pieter D.

I came here for lunch for the first time in years. The food is pretty good, the only thing is that it is on the pricey side for what you get. So I wouldn't call it great value. I shared a Chicken sandwich and a Pulled Pork sandwich with a friend and we both got tots as our side. The cost for that is about $15.75 for takeout and does not include a drink. I thought the pulled pork was better than the chicken and that they should provide extra sauce with the tots (rather than just ketchup). Health wise, this is basically the equivalent of fast food. If I'm paying that much, I'd probably prefer 5 guys for a heavy (pricier) fast food meal.

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