Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace

37651 Niles Blvd #2947, Fremont
(510) 792-1070

Recent Reviews

Brennan s.

I had a fantastic pizza slice. I guess it kind of depends on who's working, but my pizza was great. From toppings to the crust my pie was one of the best I've had in memory

Ms. Drew

This is the ONLY Bronco Billy's Pizza ? I'll go to OMG ? my mouth??watering just thinking about it ?It may be a bit pricey but it's worth buying??? I do not get heartburn like other pizzas I've ate in the past! The customer service is great and the delivery driver Kyle is a super cool and nice guy before he grabs the pizza he put his gloves on and hand me the pizza.. I'm about to place a order again today and I know it will be great as usual✊✊✊✊✊ #BroncoBillysPizzaIsEverthing ? ?

R J.

Amazingly delicious pizza... Fantastic service... Reasonable price $$... love it! Love it!

Victor C.

Solid pizza. Freshly made pizza dough and it shows. Plenty of toppings to choose from and consistent over time. Can't go wrong.

Amaya P.

I LOVE the pizza here!!! It is definitely my favorite place to go:) However, the staff has awful customer service especially with phone etiquette... I used to work at a pizza place and I would never speak to the customers like that! Thankfully the manager is ALWAYS super nice and makes up for it greeting everyone with a smile!

Stephanie T.

A slice of pizza is a small pizza filled all sides with a whole bunch of goodness. Never have I been disappointed, Love the atmosphere there always fun, And the beer on tap is great..Space Dust.

Laura L.

They are open for pick up so call ahead or order online because during COVID restriction you cant just walk in and order. Pizza is good here lots of toppings. Niles is a good spot with plenty of parking. Need to support businesses around this old town

Shinta A.

Bronco Billy's Please get your act together... please investigate this matter...we are super disappointed and that's why we are writing this review! At 540pm today 4/28/2020 we called u guys and a female answered saying that u guys don't honor or take online coupons or have any specials due to corona virus... We were furious and we ordered delivery from mountain mikes pizza in fremont the way their pizza is superb and we enjoyed every bite. Then at 701 pm I decided to call back to get the name and confirm the matter because I was gonna write this review. But the girl answered the phone verified with the manager I guess and said yes you are accepting coupons... With these corona times ....I would think you guys want the business and do whatever you can to keep your customers. We don't live very far from downtown Niles and have always gone to get our pizza from you guys at least once every 2 months ... Very disappointed and literally angry with you guys as we try to support local business. Really...I am not sure I would want to support a business that is chaotic and not customer friendly the way we have decided not to support your neighbor Ambrose butchery because of their unfriendliness and weird store hours since they first open. Here is the exact time of my phone calls

L. M.

This is the BEST pizza you can get in Fremont! Been going there for many years and have always had good service until this last month. Not sure which young lady is answering the phone but she is not doing a good job! Very disappointed especially during this time of staying home and trying to support local businesses nearby! Went to pick up our pizza cause they won't deliver, since we're out of their delivery area by less than a quarter of a mile and you'd think there was a party going on...not very business like. Hopefully this things will get handled!

Adrianna K.

My favorite pizza place in Fremont, hands down! They are fast and friendly at this establishment. Every time I go, I regret ordering pizza from any other place.

Corey B.

Best pizza in town. Their calzones are also tasty and they have a diverse selection of beers.

Wahid T.

Paid 35 for a large Vega pizza which seems overpriced and the pizza was ok not worth 35.

Lynne Marie Raguindin B.

What a great place . We had the best potato skins ever with bacon. The pizza was also delicious. Our service was awesome. We sat at the bar and our server was very attentive .

Gabrielle F.

Soooo good. I'm a huge crust fan and this did not disappoint! It definitely was satisfying if you are in the area do not pass it up.

Patrick Monroe

So this particular Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace located in Fremont, CA is very nice. Has that authentic look with a very welcoming atmosphere. I normally order slices when I come here because they are so huge. I always end bringing half of it home. Wings are descent too. You won't be disappointed. Only place I pizza

Daniel Freeman

Best pizza and atmosphere in all of Niles! The wait staff were busy, yet always very friendly! We always have dinner there, the 4th Monday of every month and it is always great fun! Thank you Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace!


This is one of the best pizza places in Fremont and Union City. They have 4 locations, 2 in Fremont, 1 in Union City, and 1 in Hayward. This location is located in the cute area of downtown Niles. I love their pizza!

Bain V.

DONT ORDER A BURGER HERE!!!! The pizza is good but I was in the mood for a burger. Menu reads angus beef hmm?!? I thought I'd try it. BAD decision people. I give credit to the server I waved down to show this poor excuse of a meal. She immediately said that's not acceptable and took it I off our bill. So many options in this area for good pizza but I had hoped while the family had pizza I could have something else.

Amihan A.

Our go to pizza place. You can NEVER go wrong here! We always order a slice of Hawaiian. The bread is fluffy, the sauce is yummy and the toppings are always fresh. It's always busy inside so we always call in our order. The staff are always friendly. This location definitely beats the one in Union City. If you come here, you will not be disappointed!

Cearra C.

SUPERB PIZZA AND GREAT SERVICE! Do yourself a favor and come try a slice :) you get a huge portion for what you pay for and they definitely don't skimp out on the toppings. I will be returning here many more times

Lanaia Marie Stone-Magobet Tejeda

Best pizza ever!! And my hot pastrami sandwich was amazing too!

Satiwick Saxena

Love the vibe of the place and the service. But the slice I ordered was kinda weirdly shaped and the toppings were just stacked around. It still tasted pretty good but I had to rearrange the toppings.

Lea Carranza

Been going to Bronco Billy’s Pizza for 6 years and I love their pizza. I usual get the pepperoni pizza or the Chuck Wagon pizza. Their crust is so thick and delicious. It’s my comfort food whenever

Laura C.

3.5 stars, but rounding up. I love stopping by here to grab one of their huge "slices" - it's hot, fresh, and budget friendly. That said, I have a few minor gripes from my last visit. Overall, the pizza is still awesome and I will be back! Pros: -Delicious pizza; if this place was in the city, they'd be super busy. I'm glad we have Bronco Billy's to our suburban selves, tucked safely away in the comfort of Fremont Niles. -Their standard "slice" is not a standard triangle shaped slice. It's more like a lopsided mini pizza. 2 of these bad boys can probably feed 3 small/medium sized eaters. It's also a great value at around $6/pop (price varies depending on # of toppings). As a nice surprise, I was charged less than what was posted on the menu. -Love the diner style restaurant. No booths, but homely tables and a diner style bar top with retro stools to boot. -Friendly service. -Beer; while I haven't drank a ton here, they seem to have a fantastic selection. Cons: -Slow service. It was busy, but not crazy busy, and service was rather slow. It took a long time to get our order of curly fries - got to the point where we assumed they forgot as we were winding down on our pizza. It also took a really long time for our server to bring over some to-go boxes and the bill. I eventually just walked to the register to handle it. I'm not sure if they just forgot or weren't experienced enough to figure out how to prioritize their tasks/service. The server didn't come to our area that often, so I also couldn't flag them down to check in on things. -After waiting a long time for our curly fries, it finally came....slightly burned, ugh. Some of the tips were charred. I would put the batch on the borderline of whether or not it should be served to a customer. The batch wasn't terrible, but with some of the fries, you could taste the burnt flavor embedded into the bunch. This was a bit disappointing after we had to wait so long for the order to come out.

Diane Gutierrez

the pizza is delicious. great service and well the location and is awesome

Carly B.

This is one of the top-rated pizza places in Fremont and we have been wanting to try it for ageeeees. But every time we tried calling to place an order for pickup, we could never get through. Either the phone rings forever and no one answers, or it's a busy signal. Seriously we tried for 4 months, on different days, at different times.....if anyone knows the secret to getting through, please let me know. Anyway we finally decided to go eat there in person. I typically don't like eating pizza in a restaurant because let's be honest I want to stuff my face and that's better to do at home. But curiosity got the better of us. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a little loud and not super cozy, although we got stuck at the table by the door and it was very drafty from that and the poorly paned window. They don't have a lot of seating. We came early around 4pm too and it was busy. Small selection of beers on tap. There was only one ipa. It tasted fine, I think it was around $7? Medium Half Chuck Wagon and Half Stagecoach ($21) - The "chuck wagon" is their standard combination and the "stagecoach" is a pesto/chicken/artichoke one. The pizza was great. It was loaded with toppings and both kinds we got were delicious. I also liked that it wasn't insanely salty like I've experienced at other places. The medium size was perfect for two people and the price was very reasonable. Now we just need to figure out how to order pickup and we have a new favorite pizza place.

Margie Young

Great pizza. Even though the place was packed I didn't have to wait for my take out order.

Carlos Banda

If your looking for GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!! This place is the BEST!! Or your just looking for the best pizza again this is the perfect place!

A.J. McEvoy

Friendly service is a big draw. The decor is a hoot, and the pizza is really yummy. The crust is so good, you won't want to obscure it with too many toppings. But if toppings are what pizza is about for you, they have a huge selection.

Wilson R.

No system. Terrible. My parents and I were seated, we waited 10 mins. No one came by and asked if we were attended. If I could give 0, I would. I get this place is busy. But sheesh. Not coming back at all.

Jeffrey L.

I was looking a quick bite and could not be happier to come here. It was a very clean establishment and service was outstanding. I think my servers name was mckenna, huge smile that made me feel very welcome. The food and prices were amazing and will certainly be returning, if you have a chance ask for her, one of the best experiences I've had in long time

Charla G.

Worse customer service. Placed a phone order and arrived at the restaurant at the pick up time and still had to wait 20 minutes for my pizza and wings while being serviced by a rude employee. I would never recommend this place.

Alicia Ramsey

Love this place... friendly, Best Pizza in town....

Erica C.

This stop was unplanned but my fiancé friend invited me after we ran an errand. He said it would be a slice each but it's more like a small pizza. Surroundings and location are breath taking and yet warming. While waiting on my slice clients kept walking in either picking up order's or sitting down. I was excited to bring home the pizza and share with my fiancé. He was blown away off the slice size and the flavor, the flavor is very good. We just might come back very soon to see how its doing during happy hour.

Peter Moreno

The PIZZA'S! INCREDIBLY tasty food. I have eaten alot of great pizza! Hard TO find. But oh such a great place. Its not flashy, service is good, Friday nights are packed. Line out the doors are the norm but if you to want blow the taste buds into Nirvana you should try this hidden gem in the heart of a little town

Theo T.

My friends and I were craving some pizza and we were meaning to try this place. We passed by it every couple of months and it was always packed, so it had to be good. When we showed up, the place was pretty packed, but we were seated within 15 mins. The servers and bartenders were so nice and friendly. We ended up getting the Buffalo Wings and a Medium pizza with half Blazing Saddle & Stage Coach. The Blazing Saddle has jalepanos, linguica, sausage, and bell peppers which was a great balance of all the flavors with a spicy hint. Loved it! The Stage Coach has artichokes, garlic, chicken, pesto, and tomatoes which was my favorite pizza. It had great pesto flavor and ad a good balance of meat and veggies. So good!

Barbara Butler

Very very disappointed with both service and food. There were eight of us and we bought both a vegetarian and a specialty pizza large size and to dinner salads. Pizza had very little sauce were dry tasteless and took forever to be served. So called salad bar had a few servings of carrots peppers and old tomatoes and wilty lettuce. These pizzas are not inexpensive. Bill about$80! friends who took us said they had never had pizza like this before and enjoyed eating there in the past.

Michael T.

I've been coming here for 5 years and the pizza is always top-notch! You can't go wrong with the Chuck Wagon, it's like Costco's combo pizza except way more meat and the bread is fluffier, lighter, and crispier. I myself tend to choose my own toppings, as they have a pretty large list of toppings. If you're dining in, a "slice" here is actually a one-person pizza - about 10 inches across and more than enough to fill you up for a meal. Their fountain drinks are made with cane sugar and come with free refills, so try them out! I like their root beer. Every couple weekends or so, there's a car show in Niles, so this place can get really crowded. Even during peak hours, it's crowded too. So if you're picking up, just head to the middle of the bar near the register and someone will get your order, otherwise you might be at the door for a while

Elaine Y.

I typically don't give bad reviews ever, but this place is so bad on so many fronts and it gave me a stomach ache later that I had to warn people. Service: Put our names on the list, waited 20 -30 minutes outside on the benches, no one called our name. We went back inside and found out they crossed off our name. Eventually seated us. Pizza: Flavorless crust, but puffy texture was decent. No oregano shakers available (it's a pizza place, seriously). Really mediocre pizza overall. Burger: My mom asked for a medium rare burger. Nope. Way overcooked. Hot wings: These were decent, but it came with a totally watered down white sauce (my guess ranch). We were literally trying to figure out the flavor and couldn't. Salad bar looked so depressing. I feel really gross after going here. I'd rather cook at home than have somebody pay for my meal here. Never again.

Todd Rezsnyak

The slices here are massive and very reasonably priced for the size. I've been here several times and the servers have all been very friendly and attentive. Orders are completed quickly, never had any issues. Plenty of topping options available.