Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace

37651 Niles Blvd #2947, Fremont
(510) 792-1070

Recent Reviews

James Wallace

I have been going here for years maybe 35+ years. Just a great place to meet up. Service always good and always friendly. A slice and a drink for a perfect meal. Sometimes a little crowded but they are fast. Great Central location when visiting Niles Fremont.

Drew Tomlinson

Good pizza. Good service. And great prices. Love the "slice" (pictured) which has to be at least the size of a small pizza and then everyone can get exactly what they want.

Kannan Nellaiappan

A very nice restaurant with an old school look. Their pizzas are really good. Starting at the Florence bar, having a few drinks, then walking all the way down to the restaurant for some pizza and then finally getting some ice cream from the store nearby is a good Friday night plan for people who don't want to travel or drive far but still want a laid back experience

Scot Granger

We ordered a cheese pizza and a large veggie with everything except onions and it was remarkably tasty. I would order both again for a vegetarian lunch party. A nice touch was the locally made cream soda.

Ruthie Schaeferle

I love this place. I love the pizza, the vibe, the location... downside is the service is very hit or miss. They've been super nice and quick at times and other times so slow we had to order takeout because there was no one to take our order. Then a lady wouldn't let us have water while we waited because we did take out. Someone else working took pity and gave us a glass of water.

andretti s

It reminded me my past when I visit pizza places with my family. Good taste and fast. You will teally enjoy a family time here

Martha L

Love Bronco Billy's and frequent it often. The pizza is great with a very hearty crust. The toppings are super. I particularly like "The Chuck Wagon"--all meat

Edw Ortez

Very disappointed with this place. I order Pizza for pick up and told it would take 20min. When I showed up I noticed the place was very crowded and dirty. I wated for the pizza, over all wait one hour. Finally got my pizza and when home. While we were eating at home I noticed French fires under the pizza. I initially order a combination and a cheese and pineapple. When I called the manager she did not think that it was a big deal. I decided to take the pizza back and got my money back. This was a bad experience,

Robert Y.

Best. Pizza. Ever. EVER. We ordered 3 "slices" togo and they were each about the size of a medium pizza. The crust had crunchy, chewy, toasty texture, and the toppings were fresh, tasty, and savory. We got the bbq chicken, chicken with garlic and ranch, and the tumbleweed. All were exquisite. Im drooling just thinking about them again.

Jeff K.

Good pizza, bad service! They hire a bunch of kids to work here, only problem is they don't acknowledge that you are here. I had several of these kids walk by me today as I sat at the bar, no eye contact, or hello can I help you, so I left, probably won't be back for a while.

Michelle G.

I walked in it was full of course cuz it was after 5 I actually got a parking in the front which was awesome I sat at the bar to wait to give my order and out of nowhere Risi comes with a big smile greeting me and she was so fast and friendly. Thank you besides awesome food that is what's going to keep me coming back.

Mindy H.

I come here nearly every single weekend after work. Today, realizing they are busy, really was a bad experience. I waited for nearly ten minutes without an acknowledgement and when I told a young man that I had been waiting, he said he would get right to me. Well, he didn't. I let him know I was leaving as I had been waiting and all I was told is that "there are two of us," no apologies, nothing. There are other establishments I can go to that would be more than happy to wait on me

Jillian S.

We ordered pizza from here after reading through the yelp reviews. Several of the reviews mentioned their heavy handled topping application. Our pizza was packed with cheese, lacked flavor, and had fewer pepperoni than expected. The ample cheese was great, but we would have preferred a flavorful crust and more pepperoni. Our pizza may have been ready upon arrival, however, it took a long time to get it. The line to pay was lengthy and several customers were paying for their meal (as opposed to picking up an order). To improve efficiency, a separate line or area to pick up carry out orders may be beneficial. We do not live in the area so will likely not return to this restaurant.

Joy H.

Not impressed!!! Got an overpriced, barely any toppings, burnt but soggy bottom pizza. Been to other Bronco's but this is the worst experience. Guys, it's only a Pepperoni pizza, how hard is it to make??? Will not come back.


Easy to order, pleasant staff and clean surroundings. Plenty of room for customers and games to keep children busy.

Nikole A.

This place has never let me down in 20 years! They are consistent AF. I will seriously cry my eyes out if they ever close down. My family and I love this place for many reasons, the least not of which reason is because their "slices" are bigger-than-my-face individual pizza pies that are literally loaded with the most heartiest helping of toppings you have ever seen in your life (it is practically the same size as their "small" size pizza). PRO TIP: No matter how many people are in your party, ALWAYS order individual slices so everyone gets EXACTLY what they want (and none of what they don't) AND so they can have leftovers to take home for another meal--their slices are so worth their very reasonable price considering the size and the amount of toppings they use--they are definitely NOT stingy with their meats--you won't be sorry! WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. They have the best pesto and their dough is sinful. Their sandwiches are superb as well (especially that pastrami!), and their wings are great too. They use the best ranch dressing and other quality ingredients. My only lamentation--I just wish there was a location in Santa Clara or San Jose. Nevertheless, it's so worth the 30 minute drive!

Cleveland Stoudenmire

a small local place that has a young quick staff.They were verry friendly and helpful in making a choice.also I loved the fact that they played good music... recommend the slice of pizza..worth it


My first experience here, we arrived and the place was packed. We were seated within 40 minutes, and took us another hour to get our food. The food and beer was delicious and cheap. We saw our waiter twice, he seemed to have forgotten about us. Canâ??t complain at these prices though. Average experience.

Marylou Manzo

Been coming here every year for the Niles city wide garage sale event for the past 5 years and this place never disappoints. The pizza is delicious, the staff is super chill, and beer. Would definitely recommend

Lindsay Morgan

One of the best pizzas Iâ??ve ever had. The slices are huge! Try the nonnies margarita pizza!!

angela a.

Pizza was good but woulda been better without so much grease. Salad bar was fair. Could have had more selection like tomatoes and cucumbers.

Louie Marquez

A dog friendly plàce. Very friendly staff, especially the boss lbe

Dominik Muggli

Very good pizza.

Jessica Y.

I would honestly not want to come back here again. We came on a Saturday night for dinner around 7pm and mind you this is our first time coming to this place. We already see a whole bunch of people waiting outside and know it's gonna be a while and check the list to see how long. There was only maybe 5 more people in front of us but we decided to take our orders to go. We go more towards the middle section to flag down one of the waiters or waitresses to place an order. The whole time we're standing over the bar area, we're wondering how this how process works. Their "menu board" doesn't show an actual menu or prices and their menus are not accessible for people to look at. We had to go onto yelp just to look at the menu. It maybe took us 20 mins just to be able to get our order in... We asked probably the manager (the old lady) to put our order in and everytime she would direct another one of the girls to do it but we stood there waiting and nobody helped us. And everytime that lady saw us still standing there she kept asking if her employees had taken our order yet, yet she would not freaking do it herself.....and the worse part about that lady, she makes the environment very hostile. She always has an angry look on her face and makes the workers seem uncomfortable to be there. She even fought with 2 customers because they may have not paid for their meal but you can just hear her mutter stuff cursing out customers or something rude everytime she passes. She even slams the front doors when she goes to the outside tables and she even just left the building altogether. When we finally were able to place an order, the waitress did not warn us that a "slice" of pizza is actually a small 6 or 8 inch pizza pie...we ended up ordering 2 "slices" each so 4 mini pies total and because of how expensive it is, was almost 40$. The other thing was she never told us how long the wait for our order would be so we ended up waiting 45 mins for our orders to be finished plus another maybe 20ish mins just waiting to order in the first place So a total of at least an hour wasted just waiting to get our food before we could even go back home to eat it... However for how expensive the pizza is, they are verryyyyyy generous with their toppings though. Although some of the toppings are burnt... and it seems like they just haphazardously just out the toppings on because I'll have maybe 4 to 5 pieces of sliced sausage on top of each other... But honestly I don't see why this place is so popular. The quality of the pizza itself tastes on par with any other pizza place. There wasn't anything that particularly stood out to me that makes it "oh yeah I'll definitely go through that hell again to get this pizza". I would rather honestly get the 5$ cheese pizza from Little Cesar's. Oh and also if you decide to be brave and actually eat at the restaurant, be ready to wait hella long too. This couple sat in the corner next to the salad bar and while we were waiting for our pizza, they never got their orders in. Not sure how long they waited because it was maybe 30 mins later when we finally got our pizza to when they sat down and they still hadn't ordered. So if you decide to come here be ready for: disorganized choas by both the customers not knowing how this works and workers forgetting about customers and not paying attention to anything really, rude manager or owner or w.e, longest wait of your life, and mediocore pizza for an expensive price.

Connie Garcia

I loved the combination pizza here. The meat was in big pieces. The crust was excellent. We did wait a long time to be seated because they were packed. It was on a Sunday afternoon. But after I ate the pizza I understood why they were so busy. I would 100% go back!! And I live 2 hours away. But next time I'm in town I definitely will be eating one of the best pizzas I have ever had!

Michelle A

The one in Niles have the best pizza ever! They always add a lot more toppings than the other Bronco Billy's! Great staff, very friendly.

Verna K.

I really like this location but trying to order or pick up is haphazard, a lot of waiting, just hoping for someone to notice you...geesh...if only there was a designated area specifically for order/pick up. Technically, it usually in the middle by the register but... Anyway, on to the pizza! I live that they have pesto option instead of all marinara, the Stagecoach is perfect for me, pesto, chicken, artichoke hearts and garlic! Bull Durham is ladened with meat! Crust is good but if you order an extra large, be prepared for it to be a thin crust, still yummy but put a tissue on your lap. Also if you're on a budget, a slice of pizza is huge, bigger than a small,just not round. Service is also haphazard, most are usually friendly but be warned, they can get pretty busy.

Ruth Hill

This has been our Family go-to pizza joint since I can remember.. Whenever we have a big group or family come over we would take them here.. The pizza is really good and for big parties it's bargain.. The staff is really nice and the owner even comes out and talks to us...I am biased to the chicken and artichoke pizza... They let us have half and half so we can have two different ones in a single pie... Did I mention the pies are huge?..when in south Fremont, this is a must... You're welcome America...

Dave L.

First off...scattered service. People seemingly running around all over with no one dedicated to being a busser/server/counter.... It was VERY close to being a great pizza. Hands down one of the most generous when it comes to toppings. But that might be where they go a bit wrong. The pizza, while cooked through, has an undercooked taste to it. Might be the flour they are using, as the crust has a very white look to it, almost like cake flour. Another 2-3 minutes in the oven might make this pizza 100% better.

Jamie Y.

I have heard about this place from friends and popped in on a week night - no waiting. Everything is what you expect for a casual pizza place. They have s few tables outside in the front of the restaurant. A decent beer selection but wine was just a low end choice but came in all the "colors" white, pink, red. The pizza here is s great value. Pictured is their idea of a slice and for $8.95. The pizza was pretty solid. Next time I might ask for extra pizza sauce.


I rather like the pizzas here. It can get pretty busy, and service slows down then. Worth the wait. Good beer selection. Fun atmosphere.

Daniel G.

Great service and super great pizza pie, I highly recommend that you treat yourself and go get some yummy pizza.

Shauna B.

I believe I have found my new favorite pizza! We were in Niles for Charlie Chaplin days and stumbled in to Bronco Billy's, boy am I glad we did. We had to wait to get a seat, it was well worth it. Highly recommend the ornery outlaw pizza. When we first sat down we looked around and wondered if the that busy all the time or if it was just because of the events in town, one bite of the pizza and knew they must be busy like this all the time!

Dustin F

My neighbor raved about this place. My problem with it was the pizza. If you like thick crust, insanely heavy cheese, and virtually no sauce- this is your place. The atmosphere is a bit lacking as well. If you go- be sure to customize your pizza to your liking. My preference would be to have it cooked longer than they normally do, light on the cheese, heavy on the sauce, and heavier on the veggies. (my pizza had meager toppings). Then you should be ok. I generally always like to support a local business so I will be back at some point to try it again.

Sara M

We reserved the banquet room for our event. It's nothing special, but it was nice enough for us. No one bothered us, and we were able to get our drinks.

Cali Girl

Omg the pizza was so amazing! It was so hot and fresh! Plus the dough was doughy it was perfect I havenâ??t had great pizza in so long! I will come back again! Plenty of seating and very clean! Plus staff was super friendly.

Bobby Israel

There are about 6 tables each seating 8 persons. But if there are only 2 people at a table no other couple is allowed to share that table even if all other tables are occupied.

Hafsah K.

Bronco Billy's always has the best pizza, always so fresh and delicious! I ordered one veggie pizza and cheese/ pineapple to go and in 15-20 minutes it was ready to pick up. This was my first time going to the Nile's location, it is small but nice! The pizza was still warm in the box, everyone loved it!

Gary C.

Pizza is absolutely 4, if you ask me, 5 star quality. Dining-in at this location (Niles District - Fremont) is great too. I have no grievance with their products or their dining-in service. HOWEVER, twice now, I've called to place a delivery order (live quite close) and elected to cancel the order due to lengthy delivery ETA. During peak hours, the delivery times can be quite lengthy, so on two occasions I've said "ok please cancel the order, we'll do something else for dinner." Both times. My card is charged (note: NOT "pending" but actually charged, as in funds deducted from my account). Both times I call & speak to the boss (Marlene, who is a kind lady & seems to do her best to deal with customers). Both times I'm told "it's just pending" or "it's just a hold on your card, only 48hrs". Two times now, I tell them that I've spoken to my bank (USAA)... Both times I make it unequivocally clear that it isn't merely a "pending" charge, it's a CHARGE. It's not "pending" or a "hold" my account was & is being charged. The first time (see attached) I was promised a refund, I was assured it was "just pending with your bank". Nope. Had to dispute the charge with my bank & wait several days to get a refund, from my bank not the business, for pizza that was never made nor delivered, as the order was cancelled. Bottom line - seems like they have a systematic issue with their point of sale device which processes charges. It's a systematic issue that hasn't been fixed & I hope they do. Will keep patronizing them, gave them 3 stars on account of overall quality, couldn't bring myself to make it 2 stars. I don't believe they're purposely charging bank cards for cancelled orders, just sharing for "FYI".

Amie F.

Delicious pizza! The individual size is perfect. We got 3 between four people and was just perfect. It can get pretty busy so be prepared to wait or call ahead and order before you get here.