Hunan Cuisine (四姐川湘) (四姐川湘)

6004 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont
(510) 687-1222

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Sarah Peters

Always have had excellent food, service and an all over great time here.

Elan K.

I drove from MTV to there. Fortunately, I noticed this is disgusting place and very weird once I got there and thence I didn't consumed any and left for its neighbor A La Shanghai where was much better and educated manner. Turn to Hunan, the owner manner extremely bad, and rude. I planed to spend 100-150/meal due to the distant of my driving, I hoped owner could gave me some introduce. However, She urged me to self check online menu. Once I tried further consult, she gave me her back. Poor educated. When I checked google reviews, I found how fair and objective assessment.

Xinyu L.

bad food, very small portion. They charged over 20 for a lunch special version pork belly. Definitely won't go again


best chinese restaurant in Bay area٩(๑´0`๑)۶

Amy V.

One of my favorite places to eat. They always get my order correct, so polite, and the food taste flavorful and fresh. I will always come back even though I now live 25 mins away

Dewayne P.

They have really good panfried cauliflower and tofu bean curd. As a vegan I love dishes like this at Chinese restaurants. I don't know why the reviews here are mediocre, they should be a lot higher.

Yifang N.

Hunan Cuisine used to be really good, and I have been here many times. But I got my $32.55 bullfrog & $20.76 lamb, disregarding size serving decreases, I found out the bullfrog must be LEFTOVER since it tasted really unfresh and hard to chew. They insisted this dish was made from fresh killed bullfrog and requested us to drive back to return it. Customers shouldn't be treated by leftover even though I understand currently COVID-19 is a hard time for many people.

Julian T.

Authentic spicy oil. If you ever need a taste of China, here is the spot. My face is heating just thinking about my meals.

Zeya X.

Very delicious Chinese food with affordable pricing. I picked up food a couple times during the covid-19 shelter in place and they are having a 12% discount for these pick up orders. Food was always ready when I showed up. My favorite is the sautéed string beans (干煸四季豆)

Jade D.

My husband and I drove to there ordered a few dishes around 8p.m. I dislike the fact that they used a table to keep you stand outside in the coldness to order. The waitress seems not willing to get close to us. She might think we caught COVID-19 or something. Sometimes can't even hear what she said. After finish ordering, we got back into our car waiting. What really pissed me off is that she could've called us when the order is ready for pick up. (My husband did key in his cell phone at the last step of ordering.) We were at the parking lot waiting at least 30 minutes already. So when we checked back with the waitress, she replied "I thought you guys are watching the door." I mean if you are not willing to serve customers during pandemic, don't even show up at work! Your attitude does matter especially working in the service industry.

Katherine T.

Delicious spicy food. Highly recommended for spicy steamed head fish with red chili oil. Staffs friendly. Will come back next time.

Memory A.

Each dishes for each type of food are paired different kind of containers. So impressive.

Yan Q.

Great food! I went there 10+ times. You can basically order from their menu blindly and it will be great

kiwi k.

Food was delicious and service was great, waitress was attentive from the beginning. We had our first mom's group gathering here and we all had good time.

Jordan Renovato

Excellent taste and friendly staff

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Hunan Cuisine (四姐川湘) (四姐川湘)

6004 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 687-1222