39150 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont
(510) 794-9494

Recent Reviews

Aparna R.

It said open until 10 pm. I reached there about 5:30 ish. Saw a couple of trucks with Mantraah name on it. But it was closed. When I called the number listed on yelp the person who took the call said come into Go Chaatz that is next State bank of India. I don't know why both Mantraah and Go chaatz are listed in yelp. Is the Mantraah truck a food truck that is occasionally opened?

Ken J.

I was going to go to this place... seen it and wondered. But read the reviews and noticed something.... MOST of the 5 star reviews came from people who had only 1 review or from people who only gave 5 star reviews. Makes me suspicious. I wish Yelp did a better job of vetting reviews... purging paid and suspicious reviews. Then I looked at the single star complaints.... It seemed people either loved (friends of owner) or hated (real customers) the place. I chose not to bother

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