Fritto Misto

316 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach
(310) 318-6098

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Deb C

A more casual restaurant than their Santa Monica spot. Short walk from Hermosa Beach. Sign on front days casual dining, no dress code. Booths and tables could accommodate WC and larger groups. The mixed fried appetizer plate of shrimp, calamari, squid, yams and artichokes big, crispy. Served with tartar and cocktail sauce. Variety of pastas, fish, chicken, vegetable. Could sub out the pasta for vegetable also. Our server Lauren very attentive, informative, friendly. Their desserts are made fresh every morning. We followed Lauren's suggestion and ordered the flour free chocolate cake . Served with fresh whipped cream, no regrets, very good,! Also ordered creme brulee which was equally good, provided good balance to the dense chocolate. Large portions, take home for another meal!Vegetarian options: Vegetables can be substituted for pasta. Meatless options. Also can request oil free prepared entreesKid-friendliness: Casual atmosphere.Parking: Street, meters. Lots of restaurants and other businesses, side streets residential. All sharing the street parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Easily seat WC at tablesDietary restrictions: Able to request oil free prep, gluten free, request veggies instead of pasta for low carb

Kristin Potchynok

Always a must for me. I love eating at Fritto Misto. The pillows with checa are a go to. Service is great and quick. Food is delicious.Food: 5/5

Erica Woods

The servers were lovely and warm humans and the food was DELICIOUS!!! It's a sweet spot, I'll definitely go back and highly recommend!Vegetarian options: There were quite a few vegetarian options.

Ms. Palomera

Party of 18 and yet, GREAT SERVICE! They were able to plan a pre-fixe menu beforehand and that worked out great.The pasta dishes were fantastic. The New Orlean pasta was the favorite by a long shot.Friendly staff, quick service, delicious food. What more can you ask for??FYI: parking is for 2 hours on the street

Jane B.

Love the food at this place! A really great surprise. Service, too, was outstanding. I'll be going back many times.

W P.

Nice menu with reasonable prices. We did the take out option and picked up a nice bottle of wine next door . Calamari was good and so was the pasta

Nina V.

Stopped by for late lunch on Saturday and everything was great. Service was quick and friendly, food was delicious, and dessert was the perfect sweet treat after. We ordered jumbo ravioli and short rib ravioli and it was all amazing. The short rib ravioli is super savory with a nice kick of heat, nothing overbearing. The jumbo ravioli had tons of prosciutto and a fair amount of sun dried tomatoes which balanced out the flavors really well. When we were finished with our ravioli I had to take our bread to sop up the leftover sauce cuz it was that delicious. We were offered a slice of chocolate lava cake with fresh whipped cream for dessert, and we happily obliged. It was surprisingly light and not too sweet. 10/10 would recommend

Kelly E.

This place is phenomenal. I've had their food at catered events twice and it was amazing. Coming here for myself was a delight. They have a very large menu, and a "make your own" pasta option where you can choose your toppings and sauce. I had the Shrimp and Artichoke Gnocchi, and the gnocchi is stuffed with Gorgonzola. It was amazing. My friend had the sweet potato ravioli with cream sauce and it was also delicious. For dessert we had the flourless chocolate cake and the tiramisu - both were great. Parking is a little tricky, but there's a public parking lot about a block away. They only take reservations for parties of six or more. We had a short wait on a Friday night, but I would have waited much longer to eat here. Highly recommend.

Susan U.

I've been here twice and I feel like I have to discover all their delicious food in the menu. Wow. I am so impressed once again. Rain did not stop us to get some fresh Italian. First,the staff were happy to serve. I love basil and its flavor so I chose this dish after a validation from one staff. Super tasty! Pairing it with a cab was truly satisfying. Highly recommended. This was worth the second try. The energy of the diners brought good vibes. It seems to me that some are frequent diners already. Amazing. Thinking of some Italian? This is a legit place. Thank me later

Peter M.

Food and service was great. The garlic shrimp and chicken Marsala were terrific. We will be back very soon

Jaclyn D.

Fritto Misto has an interesting take on Italian food. There are many "traditional" dishes where they clearly take their liberties and also have many other additions you wouldn't see on many other Italian restaurant menus. While some people would see this as a positive, I see it as a place that's trying to do too much to be able to execute it well. Their portion sizes are quite large, which I guess is a positive. Even though their menu is large, I struggled to find something that I would actually eat. Finally settled on the fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, which if you see the attached photo, it was quite dark. The meat was charred and the whole dish tasted burnt. Service was also pretty nonexistent. If you're looking for really good Italian food, I'd go else where.

Lyle O.

Unfortunately I don't have anything new to report about my experience during our takeout order pickup Christmas Day 2022. My expectation when ordering food from Fritto Misto is that you'll receive delicious food (Chicken Marsala was fire!) and we weren't disappointed. Service was excellent during the pick up and the gal behind the register was so friendly and nice, what a great asset to the business!

Pat Birch

Bread was good but the oliveoil is a hard pass. Using cheapingredients for oil and mozzarella.4000 wineries in CA and they have wine from Idaho. Sad.

Pat Birch

Overpromised on the menu, underdelivered on the food. Soggy overcooked spaghetti that tasted like it came from a hospital trash can, uninspired caprese salad without flavor.

Emily L.

I love small town places. I looked this place up for dinner and went in before they closed. They still sat us and the staff were all so sweet. So many different ethnicities working and they are worked seamlessly together. Everyone was so smiley! I loved the person who bussed our table. They kept making small talk and made me feel at home in hermosa. I really love this city and this is one of the very reasons I keep coming back! I had to get the fried pillows because they were so unique and I've never had anything like it. They were a bit dry but the interior was delicious. Good for a table of 3-4. I felt so wasteful not finishing the plate. Calamari was okay, but I love that they had 2 sizes! The portions are huge. I got a small and it was a lot! So many pastas and dishes to choose from, but me and the bf ended up with chicken parmesana hermosa and we were quite sad, but everything else made up for it. First, they do not offer breaded chicken here which is no big deal. I did not like that the noodles did not stick to the pasta sauce. It just kept slipping off of the meat sauce. I will be back to try other items. The drinks are cheap, but they aren't great. I had a hard time finishing the spritz. On a good end note, the bread was sooooo good. We ate probably 3 baskets, no shame!

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