Taco Bell

6060 N Figueroa St, Highland Park
(323) 258-9353

Recent Reviews

Oscar Gutierrez

Every once in awhile at 2 in the morning 3 in the morning and you're awake and you just don't want any more than a taco couple crispy tacos I can always depend on Taco Bell

Forrest Bridges

They serve large portions and for fair prices. very welcoming employees. Great work.

Lissette Lemus

The food is good. Service is fast. Very cortious too customers


Ok and you can GET out of there quick

Balir B.

Why did I just pay for my drink when everyone else is getting water cups for theirs? People suck!

Steph S.

The thin talk young man skimped me out on my nachos. I get it they were affordable but it only lm had like 5 chips and not to mention he had the worst attitude. Mind you I was not being rude at all. I ordered other things as well so it's not complaining but they need to have better customer service. I will not be coming to this Taco Bell location again.

Chere W.

It's no lie people, horrendous service. Clean interior but it's like pulling teeth to customize a simple fiesta bowl. Way too much back and forth. The young man taking order, bless his heart, but isn't good with details. Manager raised his voice at me . Just do drive thru if you must


LOCOS TACOS are being phased out. Each Taco Bell upon exhausting the LOCOS Taco Shells on hand; they no longer will be on the menu. This locatiom only had COOL RANCH & NACHO CHEESE?

Tasha W.

I came here today. I barely get fast food but I was in the area. I ordered a shredded chicken mini quesadilla which was delicious. I also ordered the cheesy bean and rice burrito which was gross. I normally get the bean and cheese which is really good but this thing blechhhk!!!! They didn't use real cheese like in all of the other things I've eaten it was some hot mushy pour on cheese. It was gross I took one bite and I was done. I asked if I could order something different in its place and was told, "ummm I don't think so," as she looked back, and then she just said no. She didn't ask the manager or anything clearly she wasn't sure and didn't check. Usually there's a list of what comes on a particular food item but not here or I would not have ordered it. I felt like I waisted my money and I'm not happy about it. This place left a bad taste in my mouth literally. My stomach doesn't feel the best either as I'm writing this. I'll spend my money elsewhere next time.

Mark Cortez

Comfort westernized-mexican food hands down.

Ricky Hurtado

I dont know if the teen staff just dont get simple instructions or not i ordered all my food with no tomato (allergic to it) and all my food has it... I told the cashier repeatedly I'm allergic he said ok and added it to my receipt but it was still on all my food.

Heidi Ramirez

Love their happy hour $1 drinks

Joaquin Gonzales

The food is pretty good although it's not really mexican...

erric hefflin

I only put a 3 star because this is not healthy at all! But they get a 5 star for simply satisfying me and my girlfriend's cravings everytime we cant think of anything else. Thank you taco bell. Lol

Grace Clark

They forgot to include a quesadilla but we called and when we went back they gave us two quesadillas and an order of cinnamon twists.

Sasha S.

Go home Bryan, if you don't want to.work. Your service sucks. Walking slowly, like you don't want to be there towards the cashier section, then walking back to go hide where you came from. How do you expect to move up in life if you can't handle this easy job at 7:30am?

Helen Hanson

Great location. Good food. Reasonably priced. Quiet.

Carolina Carcamo

Only reason why I'm not giving it 5 starts is because of the drive thru. Not one time that I've come does it not take so long. Food is good.

Cc Cuds

Super slow, took them 10 minutes to even acknowledge the line at the counter.

Jeanett S.

Was very disappointed with my order. I ordered an XXL BEEF burrito and yet no meat in my burrito. I was very upset and wish I could of gone back to show them, but was on my 30 min lunch. So much for getting a quick lunch, and expecting to enjoy it.

Helen Garcia

Everything I come in into this place. Its always dirty it never fails

Edward Vidan

Was good but they need to put more meat in the tacos i been getting skimpy ones and they need to take phone orders

Luz Javalera

I enjoy Taco bell. One of my favorites place to eat. I love that they have $5 box meals.

Jesus Garcia

Consistent and friendly cashier none the less. Food wise as expected from a fast food chain. Cheap meal and that is it. No complain just an occasional visit whenever the mood strikes.

Peter Solorio

Great people at counter fast service good food,

willy rodas

Easy to get in easy to get out. Lot of good people working.. Love The supreme burrito!!)

Mark D'Avignon

Yes-siree-bob always love my taco Bell number 1 Mexican food in the nation.

Jason Jack Beeber

I mean... It's Taco Bell. Why's it gotta be so good tho?

Barbara Banck

They're all the same semi edible food

Alyssa H.

taco bell is the one and only fast food love of my life, but im vegan and they gave me something non vegan after very clearly ordering no nacho cheese. taco bell is one of the only fast food restaurants that gives consideration to vegan customers, but this location was an exception. i only realized there was cheese in it halfway through. lame.

Mal V.

This place is run by, imbeciles, some are nice but so aloof they just don't get the orders right especially big orders useless human workers, I mean if they were volunteering then ok, but these ppl are getting paid and they just can't get it right, please check your order before leaving this store, and just so you know the managers always side w/their dumb workers.

Yessenia P.

Always so rude the ladies who work here need to take that stick up their ass out and maybe get laid cause tbh are bitch and hate their job but that's not the costumers fault I just want my food dont be rude gosh u can be emotional less I just want my food but dont be fucking rude .

Irving Ball

This is probably my favorite Taco Bell location. They hardly ever mess up my orders, and most every time I've got special orders, because my son doesn't like lettuce on his tacos. The dining area is usually clean and the sauces well stocked. Ever heard of The Woody Show on 98.7 FM? A year or so ago the crew got to go to the Taco Bell test kitchen, and Woody made a deep dish Mexican pizza. I liked the idea, so on my last visit, I attempted to replicate it! They played along, and it came out pretty legit! Could have gone deeper, but it was more than enough.

Ava W.

Like it Love it Gotta have my crunchwrap supreme :) :P Sub beef for beans, it's fun! :o)

Rick R.

Visited this location again. A good friend insisted on going to Taco Bell. Weary, I oblige. To my surprise this Taco Bell location seems to have renovated the interior. It looks a lot nicer and it is a lot cleaner than my last visit more than a year ago. The people behind the counter were a lot more efficient and my cruchwrap supreme was actually really tasty. Condiments were fully available and replenished at the condiments aisle. I am schocked at how much this location has improved.

Donovan L.

If I could I would give this place a 0. These employees are extremely rude and inconsiderate of their customers. I ordered a side of nach cheese through e drive-thru and I realized it wasn't in my bag. Therefore, I walked back to the window and the workers were laughing at me calling me racial slurs and making steering wheel hand gestures as if I didn't just go through the drive-thru literally seconds before. I will never be returning again and I am incredibly dissatisfied with their customer service.

Diana H.

This is the guy who always gives me a hard time. Every time anyone else rings me up through the drive thru if my card doesn't work he makes me get off the card and go inside when he could easily ring it up in the front so I can't be on my way. SOME TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE HU !!! I even gave him 3 card to try and he said his computer wasn't reading then how is that my fault. !!! Get your lazy ass up and go ring up my order in front like everyone else does !!!! I DONT FUCKING GET IT DONT WORK FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IF YOURE NOT GOJNG TO GIVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! BECAUSE OF USALS LIKE ME ARE THE REASON YOURE GETTING A FUCKING PAY CHECK !!!b I visit this Taco Bell every day. There doesn't go a day that Goes by that I don't stop by this Taco Bell for either lunch or dinner. The drive thru cash register for some reason doesn't read my card so the employees normally just ring me up in the front register which I appreciate so much due to the fact that If im on my lunch I only have 30 minutes to get there and eat my lunch. Like I said most employees are amazing for doing me that favor. But whenever the guy who claims to be the manager is there he tells his employees that there's nothing he can do that I need to get off and re order inside! Which I find pointless when they don't have any customers inside he could easily just ring up my order real quick and charge me rather than having his paying customer go look for parking get off re order just to get my food. That's the most pathetic this I've ever seen any manager ever do and when I try to explain to him that most of his employees just ring me up on the other register he talks over me and tells me NO! NO! You need to come inside and re order! I'll be calling corporate on him I just never got his name but tomorrow when I stop by I'll be sure to update this with his name Along with corporate this isn't right for him to be wasting a usual customers time who brings daily profit to his store! He gets ZERO STARS ! But his employees I would rate them a full 10 keep being awesome maybe you guys could teach your so called manager a thing or two

Bryant R.

i've lived right by this taco bell for ages and have been known cross the border from time to time despite this being my least favorite location. i don't know how else to put it, but the employees at this location operate at the speed of molasses compared to any other. there's often some confusion in the ordering process, either in terms of comprehension or register operation. i want to make sure i also say that absolutely none of the employees are rude or acting inappropriately, everyone seems nice they just feel untrained and/or unmotivated. the food is right on par with my expectations. i'm only in there once every few weeks and this experience is consistent, and asked myself today do they have a manager and are they seeing this too? i really don't have some wild standard for any taco bell so it's crazy to think i would be writing a review for such prestigious publication as yelp but as i'm eating my Power Menu Bowl instead of the Power Menu Burrito I ordered, i got inspired. shit.. while i'm here, here's a couple secondary complaints: - kick it spot for homeless & mentally ill - in-store menu hard to read due to location )ouch my neck) - vladamir putin meddled in the 2016 us election

Amy T.

They got my drive thru order wrong... asked for firey doritos tacos and got nacho instead.

Jase Crasin E.

this taco bell is underserving of such a low star rating. taco bell is my weakness and i patronize once every few months. as i wait for my food in the drive thru window i quickly scan the floors and whatever else in the kitchen that i can see and it is always immaculate. i usually eat a crunch wrap supreme. sometimes ill get cheesy fiesta potatoes i think only good things of this taco bell. love and light always