Taco Bell

6060 N Figueroa St, Highland Park
(323) 258-9353

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David Gutierrez

Best taco bell I've ever seen and I've been to like every restaurant in la , Norwalk has the worst

Mariah S.

If I could give them zero stars I would. Very rude customer service and I was in line for 15 minutes.

Katie J.

It's about time I write this review. I've been holding this in for the last year, and if I could rate this location a negative 3 I would! This Taco Bell location needs to be swapped with a whole new crew cause all those kids literally can care less; especially the night crew. This time, they forgot to give me one of my orders which I didn't realize till I got home. I of course drove back but tried calling before I arrived and of course no answer. I get to the window tell the guy what happened, he said not one word to me, gave me an annoyed face, didn't even apologize for the misunderstanding and to top it off he shut the window immediately after giving me my food. RUDE!! I work in retail, I understand mistakes happen but to not even show any type of empathy or say absolutely nothing was just unprofessionally rude. I wish I had gotten his name. And on top of that, the presentation of my food order was crap. My Crunchwrap had no meat, all my tacos were broken, and they still managed to skimp me on an order. DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION!

Anthony Marez

I love the crunchy tacos here even though they're almost $2 a pop #go lower the price of the tacos

Jay Co

Heartbroken... I am a truck driver and can't go through the drive thru. I was starving and craving taco bell, but they didn't offer takeout.

Mrs Erazo

Love taco bell especially the crunchwarps my favorite.. But why don't they give out the green sauce anymore .

HC Jensen

Very fast and courteous service. Leaving off two stars because TB has discontinued serving green sauce and the tostada salad, some of my faves. I don't know why they would not have the green sauce available, the red sauce is yucky. Disappointed!

Victor Escalona

Good for a quick bite. I'm glad it's under new management. Old manager was very unprofessional.

Tee Bone

Those $5.00 boxes are so good and so much food for $5.00...

Carlo V.

Third time they forget something. Ordered chips and CHEESE and no CHEESE. No straw. Paid the extra for nothing.

Maribel R.

Just went to this specific branch drive thru highland park This worker by the name of Gabriel Made this comment In Spanish: La gente se pasa deveras, ira esta se ve como terrorist mira felipe and of course felipe comes to the window to look at me this worker not knowing I am very fluent in Spanish says this.. I told him you know I understand Spanish and he just turned red and ignored the fact that I said I know Spanish. I called the on site manager and spoke with Brian and instead of him being helpful he was not very helpful he questioned me and asked are you sure he was speaking to you? Listening to him just made me sick . I'm a paying customer and I'm never attending this site again I would not recommend it . Very unprofessional, very wrong for someone to point things that you wear to protect your self from covid-19 it's very disappointing to run into very ignorant people like this specially at this time.

Your Favorite TL

Great service from the cashiers, always nice and respectful.

Eduardo Juarez

Nacho fries are a lie. Just powdered frozen fries not like the old ones.

Cynthia Sanders

Their dollar menu is great!!! Also happy hour dollar freezes are a great deal too, but that's only between 3-5.

Adriana Strothers

Great service, great tasting meals.

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