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Evelyn Ulloa

Went drive thru, asked for a sweet ice tea and a chicken sandwich with light mayo and got a unsweetened ice teaand a chicken sandwich with no mayo. I asked the girl gicing us the order if it was sweet ice tea and she said yes. When i told her it wasnt not sweet at all she didnt even bother to offer to get me a new drink. Just continued looking at her order screen. Way to ruin someone's night. Service at this McDonalds has sucked the past few times i have been there. ?

Jay Rojas

Horrible service. They removed my order from their dine-in pending orders screen and forgot to serve my order. When I asked them why my order was taking long , they replied “with what’s your order “.Typical unfocused leads at this location.

Eva Hernandez

I Visited the McDonald's in Maywood California. I never tried the hash browns, until Monday October 3, 2022. My mom loves them, and she has always offered me to taste it.. I ordered a McMuffin breakfast sausage with egg, and cheese. Delicious, however you need to eat the sandwich while it's hot, otherwise the flavor and texture lowers to a blah level.

Jennifer Silva

Worst McDonalds I’ve been to ! Didn’t have Mc flurry . Asked for ketchup and ranch employee ignored everybody . There was a 10 min hold for the food . Place is dirty and not clean

Chris Farias

No ice cream at 4 pm. Had to wait in that stupid long line just for fun. Waste of money and gas

Esmeralda Z.

HOW DOES MC DONALDS RUN OUT OF MUFFINS FOR A FEW DAYS? Made me wait in a long line just to find out through a small piece of paper that they're not serving a few items. Definitely should get an employee to go and inform all the people in the long lines what they don't have so people don't waste their time.

Anthony Rodriguez

Worse mcds ever. Never have frappes. Never have anything. The place looks nasty and there was flies when I saw through the window. It looks like they don't clean. Health inspector should be called.

Tony Rendon

They don't have no drinks at all , they have you order anything and still tell you combo, like why ask if I want a combo if they don't have no drinks at all!

Juan Peraza

Bad service, bad customer service, not good listeners, no AC at all its hot inside , and there's flys inside the building

Sophia T.

Rudest staff ever. I asked for sauces and they tried to charge me more, mind you- if I wouldn't have ordered nuggets I would've been okay with buying sauces but how are you going to charge me for my 2 sauces when you didn't give me any sauces AT ALL!? I wasn't going to sit at the drive thru and argue, that's ghetto- just like the night supervisor. According to her she didn't have time to hear a customer ask for sauces that they were never given. It's your job to hear customers! My fries, cold and old; asked for a large and they filled it up as if I requested a small. This is why I don't come here, I prefer to drive out knowing it's a the corner of my damn house. If you don't have time nor like your job, change it!

Deez N.

This McDonald's just keeps on sucking .. no nuggets , no sauces for the nuggets , frozen coke machine down ?? And this time that I went apparently they don't have large cups and they wanted to give me a medium cup and charge me the same prices wtf this McDonald's really sucks whoever management is here needs to get demoted asap or whoever is the manager of the manager of this store sucks too theyre not realizing other McDonald run flawlessly by job. I feel like I'm in Mexico where I already expect they don't have shit but here in la cmon McDonald's

Chris C.

This damned place never have orange juice , always have bums outside and hanging around.

Andres Espinoza

Went thru drive thru cashier was not friendly and very polite when ordering he asked me 6 time in a row ( Anything else ) i asked him if he was in a hurry and his answer was im jus asking if you are done ordering already. When i asked to speak to a manager he said there were no management on dutie and to google the company's info if i wanted to complain. Will never stop at this location ever again.

Gerardo Jimenez

hell yeah I would but I would definitely advise them to not eat too much of it or on a daily basis because I hear that the McDonald's food is very fattening I've seen a documentary on it and I was like flabbergasted for the simple fact that they did a research on about 200 people and a hundred people out of those 200 more than 40 lb within a 6-month period so yeah I would definitely recommend it though the food's very good good price fast service satisfying those golden arches.

Renshai 12

Um...dining room still closed? Really??? So no restrooms, and the place looked REALLY cluttered, no place to stand and wait for order..

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