2931 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park
(323) 585-7873

Recent Reviews

Diana Martins

Excellent service always fresh french fries and they always have the ice cream machine working not like at other locations love this place

Brenda Salas

We always buy coffee at 5am and tell me why we always have issues when we request 4sugar and 4milk on the side for 5 coffee's and they only put 12 of each ??? ?and when we request more they give attitude bla bla ?!!! Tooooo bad they open the one on alameda until 6am?

John Jedlick

I had the breakfast sausage and pancakes very good hot I enjoyed it good people like always

Lilly C

Over all, McD's ,when in the drive thru they are working so fast that who ever is prepping the order forgets to give the right drink. You tell them what you needAnd your half way home and they give you the wrong drink. Who want to the long line to get the right drink?


Bought my girls a meal combo, fries were full of grease and not cooked. Never coming back here. I'm calling corporate office.

Vickie E Martinez

Line was long, drive thru is slow, but fries and sweet tea were good

Rafael R.

I just came right now and ordered a 2 for 3 and they lied and it's now 3.50 I don't care but when I opened my bag and I seen the burgers they gave me a two single cheeseburgers instead of my McDouble I'm mad asf no lie , Didn't even give me a straw for my soda foo . Never coming back to this terrible staffed McDonald's.

Tina A.

Unfortunately I was disappointed on the management of an issue from the manager regarding a coupon code. I gave the cashier the code I received directly from the app. The coupon was for a purchase of a 20 piece chicken nuggets you receive 2 small fries. After paying for my purchase I noticed that the coupon wasn't applied. After notifying the employee at the pick-up window she told me she would call her manager. Manager just came to the window and brought up the initial cashier who told me I couldn't earn anything since I gave her the incorrect code. I showed her what I gave her and still told me that it was not what I had initially showed her which was incorrect as I still had the coupon opened. The manager never approached the window to apologize for any misunderstanding or to try and apply the coupon. We have been customers for many years and purchase our daily coffee in the mornings. Very disappointed that they were not willing to accommodate a discount for a long term paying customer.

Josue O.

As someone who worked at McDonalds in my High School daysI remember how important it was to be friendly and welcoming to the customer. Now I don't know if McDonalds has changed their approach to their customers but I cannot recall a time when the staff here has been welcoming or friendly. The staff in the drive thru always greet you with "what can I get you?" Or "can I take your order? And the staff at the pick up window hand you your items with no communication whatsoever...really,what type of customer service training are the employees at this McDonalds receiving?

Lorena C.

This morning, I had to repeat my order at the pick up window. I saw when my medium coffee was pouréd but did not see the sugar and creamer added...thinking they got this... and I still ask the girl was there and creamer and sugar poured, she assured me there was...I get home I have black medium coffee.

Jorge Rodriguez

Made the wrong burger ?not the first time i get a wrong order

Edgar Gonzales

Worst McDonald's ever alway missing items or Food cold when order Through Uber. They need to pay more attention

Sandra Rose

Drive thru line is always long, but team is very efficient and it moves rather quickly. If your order will take a few minutes they will ask you to move forward and wait in the pick up area. Don't worry this is quick as well.

Bethany Webber

Please speak English or elseI won’t be coming back to give you my hard earned money.

Leticia Bermudez

My husband bought me 2 crispy chicken sandwiches and they tasted horrible, the chicken patty's were cold and soggy they were uneatableThey always do that with fries also they get left on the counter verry unfresh and cold & when you go buy food there, they give it to you unfresh & cold N soggy too. I want my money back..

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