Rodeo Cafe

5164 Etiwanda Ave, Jurupa Valley
(951) 685-8292

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Ismerai H.

found this place on Yelp while looking for a breakfast spot. came in on a Sunday around 11AM and it was super busy which convinced me even more that the wait was worth it! friendly staff and food is delicious, definitely a new favorite

Tony L.

I have driven by this place for years. To be honest I never wanted to stop cause it seemed seedy. A nerd like myself could fall victim to bikers, narcos or just plain punks I thought. In looking for a different place for breakfast my wife happened across this place on Yelp and it had some good reviews so off we ventured. I approached with caution in case I had to make a quick exit. To my surprise we were greeted by a sweet young lady who led us to a table in what was a very full morning. Despite the crowd we were served quickly. I had the ham steak and eggs my wife had the chilaquiles. Both were excellent, my coffees cup was never empty and the prices were reasonable. Great family place that I now recommend to everyone. Never judge a diner by its appearance is the lesson here.

Dom G.

There is a reason this place is always packed full. Unbelievably good food. Don't let the small stature and looks fool you, this place pumps out great food that the whole family can find delicious.

Jeff C.

Everything here is pretty much on point! Definitely a local spot, everyone here is super chill! I would say the most popular dish here would be the chilaquiles. I personally prefer the breakfasts platter 3 pancakes, 2 sausage or bacon or ham, 2 eggs and a choice of potatoes or hash brown! (Potatoes the way to go!)

Gabby M.

The food was amazing! Had the chilaquiles verdes. They were amazing and crunchy. Priced well. Staff were very attentive and polite. Definitely coming back.

Armando Contreras

I ordered chicken fried steak with over easy eggs.The eggs were over cooked and the rodeo potatoes had a burnt taste to it.

Jackie P.

I was so disappointed at how bad the food was because I had been wanting to go for weeks! I specifically went because of the raving Yelp reviews. I got the chilaquiles with red sauce and I swear to you had zero flavor. I legit asked myself "what am I even eating right now?". The price of the plate was rather expensive too, contributing to my disappointment - bad AND expensive?? sheesh. Overall 2/10 - Glad I finally went, but won't be returning

Sharon S.

A small but amazing restaurant. We are so happy we have this place a chance! Food is INCREDIBLE, service is just as amazing. The steak is always cooked to perfection and everything is truly delicious. We ordered the chilaquiles special with a steak, eggs with potatoes and bone in ham and a side of pancakes, the server offered us to have our pancakes crispy, we were hesitant to try them but we are so glad we gave them a try , the pancakes were crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside, SO GOOD !!!

Shana B.

The breakfast was tasty although more than a few of the potatoes were undercooked. One more thing, if someone is standing in front of you getting ready to place an order acknowledge them quickly as opposed to after what seemed like several minutes. I ordered Fried Eggs over-medium, bacon, breakfast potatoes and toast. The toast was especially nice - really crunchy with a nice amount of butter.

Jeanett M.

Definitely an awesome place and the customer service went above and beyond my expectations and the food was delicious! The escargot here is served piping hot and full of butter and garlic. The steaks cooked to perfection and the pasta is on point. Large portions at a great price. Indoor and outdoor patio. I felt comfortable and right at home. Western theme with a touch of Hispanic flavors. I loved it. Highly recommend this spot!

Joey Metalski

A small cafe with a huge appetite. This is the definition of a hole in the wall that is a diamond in the rough. Large portions at a great price. Indoor and outdoor patio. I felt comfortable and right at home. Western theme with a touch of hispanic flavors. I loved it. Parking on gravel lot in back.

Jo W.

This restaurant is far one of the BEST places we frequent. I put a NO I would not recommend it because it gets too crowded as it is. But truthfully, YES YES I highly recommend this restaurant.

Belinda F.

Food is good however the pace of the restaurant feels rushed. They get you in ask for your order 3 min later and then bring you the bill almost as soon as they set down the plate. Your scarfing your food down because it's always packed

Christie P.

This small local spot has been serving the breakfast staples for a very long time, and they are always VERY BUSY. Biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, etc. The price is right, the food is filling, and tastes great!

Lucy D.

Nice little neighborhood breakfast spot. Friendly service,good food and they have the good coffee creames!

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