El Torito

5242 Lakewood Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 531-7460

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Ricardo Robles

Great service Authentic Mexican food. On the patio reason for 5 star is do to the fresh food. On having it's on lakewood and candlewood right next to the at&t

Carla D.

Yesterday was my first time having El Tortito, I was hesitant because I've heard not so good reviews on this place but, I was pleasantly surprised. The service was Amazing to say the least, Alexis sat us promptly and took our orders right away. The food was DELICIOUS! The drinks were also very good, I had a michelada which most places don't really know how to make. This place has gained a long time customer for sure. I recommend the mixed fajitas. #MustHave

Dan D.

Excellent food and great service. Covid-19 restrictions didn't inconvenience us at all.

Aaron Buck

Not great. If you want mexican food in LA I'm sure there are about 1000 better options. That being said the wait staff was incredible.

Richard Quidilla

love the flame.grilled chicken fajitas with shrimp and beef steak..

Valerie Gutierrez

great food n drinks staff was awesome.

J M.

Very disappointed with my take out meal last night. I ordered chicken nachos but when I got home, I opened the container and found nachos without chicken! And there was only a thin layer of beans, cheese, sauce, toppings. Once you eat the first 6 chips on top, it's only a bed of plain chips underneath. I did order the guac & sour cream on the side, which was in the bag. The kids kids chicken fajitas normally comes with guac and sour cream but it didn't this time. And the crispy beef taco was soggy. I specified grilled chicken breast when I placed the order online... at this location its hit or miss what kind of chicken they put on it. The staff tells you its grilled chicken breast that comes on it but there have been many times where its come with chicken machaca. The nachos are great when they do it right but I'm finding that they haven't been up to par lately. We gave them the benefit of the doubt while they were take out only because of covid... they've reopened their dining in so I'd hoped for better. When the waitress handed me the bag, I asked for a little more salsa. She walked away to get it but never came back. I waited a while but just walked out. Note... while I waited for my order to be brought out, I looked around to see what the new normal dining in looked like. I watched one worker "clean" the menus. She did wipe down the menu front to back. However, she was using the same rag for every menu. She wiped down about 10 menus while I was there but only sprayed the reused rag once. I'm sure this is more than they used to do pre covid but if there is one menu that was used by someone that was infected, it was spread to several other menus. What was also disturbing was that the girl wiping them down wasn't wearing gloves herself. Just for her own protection, that was shocking.

Katrina M.

El Torito is open for dine in Serving up their delicious food! (w/ social distancing precautions in place) I had the pleasure of dining in today - we have long waited to visit for their el pastor & carne asada taco plates! The service was over the top excellent as always (Shout Out to Juan who took great care of us making us feel comfortable and made excellent suggestions like the bacon wrapped shrimp) They used their time being closed wisely because they are now sporting updated paint, fixtures and dining tables - modern twist but still giving off a very authentic home vibe. I am glad we decided to make this stop they kept their distance while providing top quality service, they have implemented safety regulations and service am thankful that they are back.

Bernadette E.

This review is higher than what I'd like for it to be but the woman who helped with my curbside service had great customer service skills. Other than that, the food was cold. Not even room temperature- ice cold. I ordered the family fajita meal with steak and it was so disgusting! The meat was super chewy and wasn't even edible. It also came with raw onions and bell peppers. There were more veggies than meat and it was supposed to feed up to 4-6 people. I also ordered 2 taco plates (shrimp and fish). Again, both ICE COLD. I definitely wouldn't recommend El Torito to go.

Deborah K.

This was the worst service I have ever gotten. I ordered dinner for my family trying to help a local restaurant out. Obviously the wrong one. My order was missing items. I was charged for a pitcher of margaritas I got a pint container. The kids meals on there site say kids eat for $1 with an accompanying meal yeah not. 6.99 each meal. Worst $100 dollar dinner I have spent in a long time. Be advised before you patronize this establishment.

Michelle O.

Disappointed to say the least. 1. Curbside pickup was disorganized. They ought to take lessons from Denny's- they have it down!! 2. Food was cold. Not warm but actually cold. We were on time so I don't know how it could have gotten so cold unless they made it earlier in the day & just put it together. 3. Fajitas was all onion & chicken - seriously no other veggies! No flavor, no tortillas. 4. Finally there were barely any chips!!! In this competitive world, they really need to step it up. We won't be going back here again!

Kayla F.

I ordered Postmates from here because I did not want to go out and my order showed up earlier than expected. Thrilled that my food was here I began to dig in then started seeing that my order was wrong. I ordered chicken nachos and I received steak. The cheese was not even melted on the nachos, they were cold, and much of the steak was red and under cooked. Then I started to eat my flautas and they were missing the cream that goes on top so I just ate dry flautas. I don't understand how I'm supposed to be able to stay safe at home if these "essential workers" can't get my order right.

Lindsey F.

So it's COVID-19 and I want to support local businesses right??? Maybe corporate companies was a bad way to go....I ordered 2 to go margaritas that were basically virgins. $25 for house/$28 for flavored and there was BO ALCOHOL IN THESE. Also, they should account for 4 glasses....I had 2...not satisfied also not buzzed. If El Torito wants business they should act like it instead of running useless deals. Just saying, I had add my own quarantine stash of tequila (THAT'S A BIG DEAL).

Diane Sanchez

We've always LOVED El Torito! This particular establishment is our favorite! Since it's close to home♡ During these hard times I sincerely appreciate that they are giving out free kids meals for students without needing to buy anything! Despite this "Pandemic" it feels amazing to see our community stick together and help each other out!

Frequent D.

Took advantage of the free delivery of a family meal of carnitas. OMG it was phenomenal!! The meal arrived on time, was packaged well and warm. Everything could be warmed via a microwave. No worries. I'm a distance from the store. Door Dash was prompt, friendly, left my order on my doorstep, I hollered out the door my thanks and he replied with a smile and wave. Looking forward to enjoying a meal onsite soon. Wash your hands Stay home, Stay safe, Save Lives

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